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Miraculous Ladybug - Plagg Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Miraculous Ladybug - Plagg Stamp :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 0 0
Mario and Spyro: ATOPAD Chapter 8
(Back at the unknown place, Bombo is still rehealing Princess Peach on the mat)
Bombo: Almost there, you're getting close princess. You just need a little more time.Guard #1: Bombo, we have a jar of water for you. *place the jar of water to the ground*Bombo: Ah yes. What brings you here?Guard #2: We just came sir. Feel free to drink some.Bombo: Oh my, if i wish you. Someone need to pull up the flag out of Scorch.Guard #1: Yes sir.Guard #2: We're better off going.Bombo: Go on boys, look like it's a nice day to relax in the sun outside of the desert. Now where were we?
(Meanwhile in the palace temple training area, Agent Zero used one of his throwing stars at the targets. Greta and Handel throw some blades to the rhynocs cardboards as they finished training.)
Agent Zero: All clear boy and girl!Greta: We did it.Handel: How was it?Agent Zero: You have done well. Let's go back to Bombo and tell him that we done pretty well.Greta: Are you going to tell him that we done good?Handel: Did we do
:iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 1 0
Miraculous Ladybug - Giggle Marinette Icon by SuperMarioFan65 Miraculous Ladybug - Giggle Marinette Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 5 0 Monsters Inc. - Mike Icon by SuperMarioFan65 Monsters Inc. - Mike Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 4 1
TAP meets PAS 2 Chapter 9
(In Washington, D.C. at the White House, the helicopter came outside to pick up the president)
Pig Pilot: Mr. President, the ceremony is about to go on, we're waiting for you.President: *a few of his men came* Oh my, look like we're going to have a big speech today at the ceremony. Let's go men. *he and his few men enter the helicopter*Pig Pilot: Here we go. *fly into the ceremony*
(At the park, a ceremony is being held and set up by the panther chief)
Panther Chief: Where is the president?Turtle Cameraman: He will be here in just a minute.Lion Cameraman: Look, there he comes.
(The helicopter lands with the president coming out)
Panther Chief: Mr. President.President: My man.Panther Chief: Welcome back.President: How the robots doing?Panther Chief: They're all built. Look like we're ready to show it to the public. No more bad guys coming along.President: This is a start of a new era.Female Fox News Reporter: Mr. President, come up on the board.President: Yes sir. *come on board to make
:iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 1 0
TAP meets PAS 2 Chapter 8
(The next morning in the ocean at the boat, Brutox is sleeping on the chair as the horn sound distracked Brutox)
Brutox: What is that noise?!Selfish meerkat: It was me the whole time. I was trying to wake you up.Brutox: You, moron!Selfish meerkat: I'm sorry. Wakie wakie, time for school.Brutox: Too late. You are already up.Selfish meerkat: Let's continue to sail to the seas.Brutox: We need to find a place to get back home.Selfish meerkat: Come outside.Brutox: Wait, we were moving the boat the whole time.Selfish meerkat: A ship you pighead.Brutox: Ah ha. Now we can continue on looking for a state to park.Selfish meerkat: Let's go.
(At the hotel in room 305 in the night time, Timon is still sleeping and ended up daydreaming in a dry wasteland with a pink sky background with a bunch of friends sleeping in the ground)
Timon: Huh? Where are we? How did we ended up here? Brutox didn't wipe the Earth, didn't he?Stan: *wake up and look at Timon as a sausage in illusion* Sausage. *bite Timon*Ti
:iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 2 0
DuckTales 2017 - Darkwing Duck Icon by SuperMarioFan65 DuckTales 2017 - Darkwing Duck Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 7 2 Miraculous Ladybug - Trixx Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Miraculous Ladybug - Trixx Stamp :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 12 0 Pat and Stan - Afro Pat Icon by SuperMarioFan65 Pat and Stan - Afro Pat Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 4 0
CP and W: Friendship of Charms Chapter 4
(At night in the suburbs)
Gary: Okay everyone, lights out!Rookie: Are you sure we have to go to bed?Gary: Yes. We need to sleep now. We were outside for the whole day. Tomorrow it will be the brand new day.Rookie: Okay. Man, i feel tired like a sloth.Aunt Arctic: Rookie, go home. I don't want you wandering around.Rookie: Fine. Back to my house. *fly to his house*Gary: Do we have sewers underground?Aunt Arctic: Don't worry about it. These crocodiles won't recognize us when we're here.Gary: Man, they do creep me out, even in the wildlife.Aunt Arctic: We discuss more in the morning. Right now, go home and sleep.Gary: Okay. I'll be in touch tomorrow with the Jet Pack Guy.Aunt Arctic: Now i need to check on the map on where that polar bear is.
(At Roofhowse's house, the gang is sharing two rooms together. Roofhowse, Blizzard and Sydmull are sleeping in one room and Jangrah and Lorna are sleeping in one room together. At Roofhowse' room.)
Roofhowse: Man, i wonder when we are going to get out
:iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 3 0
Mario and Rayman: Daydreamer Heroes Chapter 1
(In a universe called the Glade of Dreams, we headed to a vast of space with cosmo rainbows and settings. The narrator is here to speak up for the story.)
Narrator: In the beginning of time, we faced dinosaurs and fairy tail creatures. Welcome to the Glade of Dreams, a universe where dreams come true in your heads. It is also called the Crossroads of Dreams, but who would ever cross a road if a chicken is able to cross the road like a duck. The world was created by me! Polokus the Bubble Dreamer. We dream of imagination who ever become a reality.
(We arrived at Polokus' tent with Murfy and Polokus discussing a bubble of universes around the multiverse)
Murfy: Aw, midnight already? It already been a year since the Nightmares are defeated.Polokus: I would have gotten a midnight snack in the first place. I wonder what Rayman is up to? *check a bubble of Rayman, Globox and Barbara sleeping in the long tree* Not again, lazy bums.Murfy: I see lazy bums everywhere. Mind if i can wake them up
:iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 3 6
TMNT 2012 - Pop Michelangelo Icon by SuperMarioFan65 TMNT 2012 - Pop Michelangelo Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 6 2 Miraculous Ladybug - Tikki by SuperMarioFan65 Miraculous Ladybug - Tikki :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 5 0 Deadpool 2 - Deadpool Icon by SuperMarioFan65 Deadpool 2 - Deadpool Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 4 0 Storks - Junior Icon by SuperMarioFan65 Storks - Junior Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 4 0 Shantae and Aladdin Arabian Dreams logo by SuperMarioFan65 Shantae and Aladdin Arabian Dreams logo :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 3 3
to my gallery! You can look up whatever you want to. As you may notice, there will be new 3 or 5 photos everyday whatever i'm having a busy day or i'm feeling a bit tired. One new pic would be okay. Also before you look up my art, DO NOT STEAL ANY PICS FROM ME AND DON'T BE AN ART THEFT!


The Best of 2016 by Rylade475 The Best of 2016 :iconrylade475:Rylade475 55 4 Not today LadyBug... by Iyzeekiil Not today LadyBug... :iconiyzeekiil:Iyzeekiil 27 8 :S: Why the Long face? by Iyzeekiil :S: Why the Long face? :iconiyzeekiil:Iyzeekiil 51 1 Shantae by Rainboom-Dash Shantae :iconrainboom-dash:Rainboom-Dash 20 1 Shantae by Ravagaard Shantae :iconravagaard:Ravagaard 53 8 Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero by SilverMovie Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero :iconsilvermovie:SilverMovie 4 2 Shantae! by IVOanimations Shantae! :iconivoanimations:IVOanimations 43 1 Tikki Stamp by Cheschire-Kaat Tikki Stamp :iconcheschire-kaat:Cheschire-Kaat 32 1 Plagg Stamp by Cheschire-Kaat Plagg Stamp :iconcheschire-kaat:Cheschire-Kaat 49 1 Two Little Mermaids by C5000-MakesStuff Two Little Mermaids :iconc5000-makesstuff:C5000-MakesStuff 45 7 Mermay2018 27 - Beth Smith by C5000-MakesStuff Mermay2018 27 - Beth Smith :iconc5000-makesstuff:C5000-MakesStuff 8 1 Mario by joaoppereiraus Mario :iconjoaoppereiraus:joaoppereiraus 64 23 It's lit by skull-bird It's lit :iconskull-bird:skull-bird 12 1 Rhino Tree by skull-bird Rhino Tree :iconskull-bird:skull-bird 3 2 Platformers - Let'sa Go! - Page 12 by Claire-Petal-Splash Platformers - Let'sa Go! - Page 12 :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 4 14 Poyo Poyo~ by Zach-USA Poyo Poyo~ :iconzach-usa:Zach-USA 12 11




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Miraculous Ladybug - Plagg Stamp
Here's Plagg from Miraculous Ladybug. Feel free to use.

Miraculous Ladybug (c) Zagtoon, Method Animation, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, AB Droits Audiovisuels, SK Broadband, De Agostini Editore

Credited to :iconwingless-butterfly55: for the stamp base.

(Back at the unknown place, Bombo is still rehealing Princess Peach on the mat)

  • Bombo: Almost there, you're getting close princess. You just need a little more time.
  • Guard #1: Bombo, we have a jar of water for you. *place the jar of water to the ground*
  • Bombo: Ah yes. What brings you here?
  • Guard #2: We just came sir. Feel free to drink some.
  • Bombo: Oh my, if i wish you. Someone need to pull up the flag out of Scorch.
  • Guard #1: Yes sir.
  • Guard #2: We're better off going.
  • Bombo: Go on boys, look like it's a nice day to relax in the sun outside of the desert. Now where were we?

(Meanwhile in the palace temple training area, Agent Zero used one of his throwing stars at the targets. Greta and Handel throw some blades to the rhynocs cardboards as they finished training.)

  • Agent Zero: All clear boy and girl!
  • Greta: We did it.
  • Handel: How was it?
  • Agent Zero: You have done well. Let's go back to Bombo and tell him that we done pretty well.
  • Greta: Are you going to tell him that we done good?
  • Handel: Did we do well?
  • Agent Zero: Yes. You done pretty well. Let's go check on Bombo right now on the princess. *open the door to Scorch*

(Back at the temple of Scorch, Bombo is still rehealing Princess Peach)

  • Bombo: Young, beautiful, show me some love.
  • Agent Zero: Bombo.
  • Bombo: Hey. I want some quietness. Why do you have to disturb?
  • Agent Zero: The kids are done with training.
  • Bombo: Oh my, i can see.
  • Agent Zero: Pretty well done over here.
  • Bombo: Clear. Look like the princess is fully healed.
  • Princess Peach: *wakes up* Where am i?
  • Bombo: I saved you by the time Ripto was trying to destroy Spyro. I shouldn't done it for myself.
  • Princess Peach: Who are you suppose to be?
  • Bombo: I'm a genie for myself.
  • Agent Zero: I'm a agent and these kids are in training to become super spies.
  • Greta: Yes we are.
  • Handel: I can't wait to be one.
  • Agent Zero: Where are you from?
  • Princess Peach: I'm from the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Agent Zero: So you are from the Mushroom Kingdom then.
  • Princess Peach: Yes i am. Is there a way to get back home.
  • Bombo: I can still reheal you more with some new powers.
  • Princess Peach: Hurry up. I still need to get back to the castle immediately.
  • Bombo: Okay. Close your eyes and i will still reheal you more.
  • Princess Peach: Okay. *close her eyes*
  • Bombo: Here we go. *reheal Peach's with new powers*

(Meanwhile, the gnorc minions of Red found the castle to Chateau Ripto)

  • Gnorc #1: There it is.
  • Gnorc #2: Let's go.
  • Gnorc #3: Right on.
  • Gnorc #4: Okie dokie.

(The gnorcs sneak in into Chateau Ripto)

  • Gnorc #1: What is the plan?
  • Gnorc #2: Get his attention?
  • Gnorc #3: No, something seem to be coincidence.
  • Gnorc #4: What?
  • Gnorc #1: Shh. Someone's coming. Everyone hit on the sheets.
  • Gnorc #2: Hide in.

(The Two X-Nauts walked in to check on the room)

  • X-Naut #1: What do we have in here?
  • X-Naut #2: Look like Ripto's throne look perfect for takeover.
  • X-Naut #1: It seems that we will be ruling the world together with King Ripto.
  • Lord Crump: *came in the room* Boys, what is going on here? Who are you talking to?
  • X-Naut #1: Oh nothing lord.
  • X-Naut #2: Just checking Ripto's future throne.
  • Lord Crump: Ah yes. Once we take over, the Earth will be ours.
  • X-Naut #1: Interesting.
  • X-Naut #2: Let's go check how the other guys are doing.
  • Lord Crump: Come on.
  • Gnorc #1: I think we should break in.
  • Lord Crump: What? Who goes there?
  • Gnasty Gnorc: What is going on.
  • X-Naut #1: The thefts break in.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Who goes there?
  • Lord Crump: Come out now, let me see your faces.
  • Gnorc #1: Um, hi.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Huh?
  • Lord Crump: Who's that?
  • Gnasty Gnorc: My minions!
  • Gnorc #2: Oh Gnasty Gnorc, we didn't see you there.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Welcome back my boys, how did you find me here?
  • Gnorc #3: Red send us to look for you.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Red, my friend of mine.
  • Lord Crump: The red plumber?
  • Gnasty Gnorc: No. He is a fallen dragon elder who wanted us to spread the dark gems.
  • Lord Crump: How are we going to do that? I thought we were going to destroy the world together.
  • Gnorc #4: He asked you to do it.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: I got an better idea. We will plan a war and put an end to both worlds together. If we failed, i'll tell Red to start spreading dark gems in the worlds. This is a better plan i set up.
  • Lord Crump: Interesting. We gotta tell Ripto about this. He should learn some of this.

(Back at Summer Forest, Spyro, Yoshi and the gang are having lunch at the table, eating some burgers)

  • Spyro: Not bad for a dragon.
  • Yoshi: Yummy.
  • Hunter: Ah, fresh from the grill.
  • Spyro: I wish it was spicy enough.
  • Yoshi: Oh boy.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Not bad for a penguin. Interesting.
  • Sparx: What these tiny things on the bun?
  • Moneybags: Oh, those are seeds. They are keep to taste the good of the burger.
  • Sparx: I don't eat seeds. I thought dragonflies could eat only the bugs and stuff.
  • Moneybags: I bet i could fry a lobster for lunch myself.
  • Professor: Hey guys, please report back to my lab.
  • Spyro: Huh?

(Back at the Professor's lab)

  • Professor: In order to stop the X-Nauts, we need someone to retrieve over the orbs.
  • Sparx: Who could it be?
  • Professor: I hope Blink and Agent 9 can join us in order to get the orbs back.
  • Spyro: That's fine by me.
  • Yoshi: Who is this Blink and Agent 9?
  • Professor: Blink is my nephew and Agent 9 is a space monkey i work with.
  • Yoshi: A space monkey?
  • Professor: Yes. He didn't come from space, he went to space once to go on the moon.
  • Spyro: Where should these guy be?
  • Professor: Blink is searching for light gems in the underground mine and Agent 9 is at his lab, shooting some targets for training.
  • Hunter: He's a pretty fast hunter.
  • Bianca: I've seen him before.
  • Professor: Spyro, go get Agent 9 and Yoshi, go get Blink for me.
  • Yoshi: Not a problem.
  • Spyro: We promise to get those guys here.
  • Professor: *turn on the two portals* Look like you're ready to go.
  • Spyro: Time to hop in. *jump into the portal*
  • Yoshi: Yay. *jump into the portal*
  • Professor: Oh, i made coffee for any of you guys if you want.

(At the underground mine, Blink is searching for the light gems. He throw a bomb at the rocks and explodes, collecting the hidden gems in the ground.)

  • Blink: Well well well. You're coming home with me.
  • Yoshi: *jumped out of the portal* Uh...hi?
  • Blink: Whoa. You riptoc. Who are you?
  • Yoshi: I am not a riptoc. I'm a Yoshi.
  • Blink: A Yoshi?
  • Yoshi: Yeah, the name's Yoshi.
  • Blink: But you are a Yoshi. Do you have a sort of a real name?
  • Yoshi: No. Just Yoshi. I am called that way.
  • Blink: Okay. The name's Blink. Blink the Mole.
  • Yoshi: You're a mole? Nice.
  • Blink: I am collecting light gems hidden in the ground. Wanna help?
  • Yoshi: I was going to ask you to come and see the Professor.
  • Blink: Wait a minute, he's my uncle.
  • Yoshi: You know about him?
  • Blink: Yeah. His brother just drop me off to search for the light gems so the gnorcs don't steal it for taking over the world.
  • Yoshi: Come along. The Professor needs you for something.
  • Blink: Okay.
  • Yoshi: Here we go. *hold Blink and jumped into the portal to Summer Forest*

(At Agent 9's lab, a space monkey is at the training, shooting some floating targets by side by side)

  • Agent 9: *shoot the targets* Yeah! Who's gonna make a egg now? Do you wanna cry to your daddy, huh?
  • Spyro: *jumped out of the portal* Agent 9!
  • Agent 9: Hey Spyro! Nice to meet you again.
  • Spyro: Whoa. *burn the target*
  • Agent 9: Fresh off the hook.
  • Spyro: Heya, the Professor need you for something.
  • Agent 9: What the Professor want from me?
  • Spyro: He need you over at Summer Forest. There's a bunch of X-guys planning to destroy the universe. I know who you are and i'm going to join you by my side.
  • Agent 9: Join you for what?
  • Spyro: Join me by my side.
  • Agent 9: Alright purple dragon. The fun is about to continue. So let's go.
  • Spyro: Okie dokie. Here we go again. *jumped into the portal with Agent 9 to Summer Forest*

(Back at Summer Forest, Yoshi and Blink jumped from the portal as Spyro and Agent 9 jumped from the portal)

  • Yoshi, Blink, Spyro and Agent 9: We're back!
  • Professor: Welcome back my boys.
  • Blink: Professor.
  • Professor: Blink.
  • Spyro: Oh, i didn't know you have a nephew.
  • Blink: Oh hey there, i have heard everything about you.
  • Agent 9: Wait, you know this guy?
  • Blink: Yes. The Professor told me about his past adventures back at Avalar.
  • Yoshi: Both of our worlds are in danger and Mario and Luigi hasn't come back in a single hour.
  • Hunter: How long are they training for?
  • Sparx: Did they went to the bathroom for the whole hour?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Sparx.
  • Sparx: Um....sorry. My mistake.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: We need to figure out if Mario and Luigi are still around the planet.
  • Agent 9: Mario and Luigi? What's a Mario and Luigi?
  • Yoshi: Mario and Luigi are the people i raised.
  • Agent 9: You raised them as babies? Ha, someone could lose a parent behind.
  • Yoshi: Hey.
  • Blink: Cut it off, someone could use a great sidekick... if it weren't for my fresh-air-a-phobia.
  • Sparx: Hello? You're giving me the goosebumps already.
  • Blink: A have a fear of being trapped underground and getting biten by spiders.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: I have a fear of predators like skuas and leopard seals.
  • Yoshi: I thought the Yoshis would eat all the Goombas in which the Goombas' predators are our species.
  • Bianca: Guys, we don't have time to chit chat. If you guys want to stop the X-Nauts, we need to figure out how to get Mario and Luigi back.
  • Yoshi: Teleport us.
  • Spyro: We need to find him now.
  • Bianca: Okay. You only have five minutes to get back.
  • Spyro: Deal.
  • Yoshi: We bet.
  • Bianca: Go. Make it as fast as you can. *teleport Yoshi and Spyro to Ice Citadel*

(Back at Ice Citadel in Astor's prison cave cell, Mario and Luigi are still training with Astor)

  • Astor: Hya! *kick Luigi to the wall*
  • Mario: *jumped and hit Astor to the ground*
  • Astor: *get up flying and kick Mario* This place is too small for a dragon to train!
  • Mario: This training stuff is harder than i thought.
  • Astor: Come on red boy, grow up!
  • Mario: I can't do it. We have been training for only a hour now.
  • Astor: If you want to stop the X-Nauts, you need to focus on the training system!
  • Mario: I am trying.
  • Luigi: The end is almost here. We still have time to train.
  • Astor: I don't think you have ADD.
  • Mario: ADD?
  • Astor: Attention Deficit Disorder, a mental deficiency that makes it hard for people to pay attention.
  • Luigi: But we alway pay attention. What is wrong with that?
  • Astor: I thought you were better fighters than dragons. I shouldn't be one in the first place.
  • Mario: Don't worry Astor, we'll stop the X-Nauts in time.
  • Astor: Go ahead brothers, look like training is done for the day.
  • Luigi: Really?
  • Astor: Yes. Go on, find yourself a pond of water to give yourself a bath.
  • Luigi: Look like we're ready to go.
  • Mario: Come on brother, i think we should stop the X-Nauts by now.
  • Luigi: Okay. *teleport*
  • Mario: Do you mind coming to the final battle with us?
  • Astor: No. I'll rather stay in my prison than Red caughting me in a jailbreak.
  • Mario: Okay. See you later. *teleports*
  • Astor: We only have hope left before the world ends.

(Mario and Luigi arrives outside of Ice Citadel)

  • Mario: That was close.
  • Luigi: That elder is still rude to this day.
  • Mario: Yeah brother, look like we're still brothers, right?
  • Luigi: Yes. Brothers forever.

(Yoshi and Spyro arrives from teleporting)

  • Yoshi: Mario, Luigi!
  • Spyro: We were so worried about this.
  • Mario: We were training with the other elders.
  • Spyro: Whoa, you met all the dragon elders just to get you trained for the war?
  • Luigi: Yes we did.
  • Mario: Now we're strong and powerful like real men.
  • YoshI: Real men does all of that strong stuff like fixing the toilet in the bathroom.
  • Spyro: Gross. Someone clogged the toilet last year at the Professor's laboratory.
  • Luigi: *facepalm* Shoot. Bad news.
  • Mario: How did you find us here?
  • Spyro: Bianca told you that you were missing for the whole hour.
  • Mario: What?
  • Luigi: Did the X-Nauts start destroying everything while we were gone?
  • Spyro: No. They didn't start destroying the world yet. We have to get you guys back at Summer Forest. It's really important.
  • Luigi: Time for us to go.
  • Spyro: *look up in the sky* Bianca! Can you hear us? We found them and we need to go back to the Summer Forest!

(At Summer Forest, Bianca is hearing a sense from Spyro)

  • Bianca: It's them. I need to teleport now. *teleport to Ice Citadel*
  • Hunter: Huh?

(Bianca arrives at Ice Citadel)

  • Bianca: It's you guys.
  • Spyro: Bianca, i'm so glad you made it in time.
  • Yoshi: That was a minute ago.
  • Luigi: The training's done. Time to go save the world.
  • Mario: It's about time.
  • Bianca: Okay, hold on. *teleport herself and the group to Summer Forest*

(Back at Summer Forest, Bianca arrives back from teleporting with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Spyro)

  • Bianca: We are back Professor.
  • Professor: Welcome back Mario and Luigi, we were so worried about you.
  • Mario: Too much training.
  • Luigi: I think we're ready to stop the X-Nauts.
  • Professor: My friends, it has been a honor since you came to this world.
  • Luigi: Who is this monkey?
  • Agent 9: Are you talking to me? I'm Agent 9!
  • Professor: My friends, we know what the X-Nauts are up to now? You guys must go to Chateau Ripto to stop the X-Nauts from destroying the world. We are counting on you guys.
  • Mario: We will save the world.
  • Spyro: Look like the dragon is about to lead the way.
  • Luigi: Hey.
  • Sparx: I keep an eye on you Spyro.
  • Yoshi: Are you guys coming along?
  • Hunter: I rather stay and go on a date with Bianca.
  • Yoshi: Ah man.
  • Elora: Oh Professor, sorry if i came late, i just wanna to show you where these X-Guys are doing right now on my radar.
  • Spyro: Elora?
  • Elora: Spyro, it's you. I haven't seen you for a long time.
  • Mario: Who is this goat?
  • Elora: Excuse me? I'm a faun you dork.
  • Mario: A faun?
  • Elora: Don't you get it, i'm a mix of a human and horse alike.
  • Bianca: So you must be Elora.
  • Elora: Oh, you must be Bianca.
  • Professor: Now i need to locate where the X-Nauts are.
  • Mario: You just said it! We're going to Chateau Ripto right away.
  • Professor: Okay Mario, now send your group into the portal to stop those guys.
  • Blink: I'm coming along.
  • Hunter: Does anyone know where Bentley and Sheila are?
  • Professor: Oh my, i didn't come along.
  • Mario: I just him eariler.
  • Spyro: I know you did. Bianca, go find Sheila and Bentley while we're gone.
  • Bianca: Sure thing. Not a problem. *teleports*
  • Spyro: Professor, open the portal to Chateau Ripto.
  • Professor: Not a problem. It's about time my boys. You may go at last. *open the portal to Chateau Ripto*
  • Mario: Let's go.
  • Luigi: Okie dokie.
  • Spyro: Now we are ready to stop the X-Nauts at last.
  • Sparx: Here we go again.

(The gang enter the portal to Chateau Ripto. Back at the Mushroom Kingdom in the forest where Bowser and Kammy are searching for the Toad Town.)

  • Bowser: I can't believe our airship broke and we have to walk all the way here.
  • Kammy: It's not my fault i didn't use that much gallons in the ship.
  • Bowser: Where is the Toad Town?! Where is it?!
  • Kammy: We're almost there.
  • Bowser: Ah yes. Now i need fresh air.
  • Kammy: Come on in.

(At Toad Town, a place where Toads go out to shop and hang out, Bowser and Kammy sneaked in to the vase)

  • Bowser: I hate that this town has useless stuff.
  • Kammy: Properly it's old and a waste of trash.
  • Bowser: What's this?
  • Kammy: It's a clinic.
  • Bowser: I know where can i get Mario and Luigi's location from.
  • Kammy: Um Boss. This is a clinic, not a transport place to go out in the Mushroom Kingdom like Paris.
  • Bowser: Gah. Well, i need answers from someone.

(Inside of the Toadley Clinic)

  • Bowser: Gosh, the line is long. Maybe we wait until tomorrow for some good news like when the day hits on a Sunday.
  • Toad #1: Bowser?!
  • Toad #2: Ah. It's him!

(The toads scramble and run away from Bowser)

  • Female Intern: Next.
  • Bowser: Hello, i would like to see the doctor.
  • Female Intern: Do you have a very important meeting with Dr. Toadley?
  • Bowser: No. I'm not sick or have a bad cold.
  • Kammy: Me either.
  • Female Intern: Are you sure?
  • Bowser: No. Well, i mean yes.
  • Female Intern: Go see him right now.
  • Bowser: Thank you.

(At Dr. Toadley's room)

  • Bowser: Are you Dr. Toadley?
  • Dr. Toadley: *looking back* Yes i am.
  • Bowser: I am right here. Look at me with Kammy.
  • Dr. Toadley: *look at Bowser and Kammy* Bowseritis!
  • Bowser: Much better than the last one.
  • Kammy: Do you know where Mario and Luigi are?
  • Dr. Toadley: Mario and Luigi? I have no sign of these two brothers.
  • Bowser: Where are they? Did they warp out of the Mushroom Kingdom to go back in time in 1985?
  • Dr. Toadley: No. Someone's is having grave illness at the other room. Where do you want to go?
  • Bowser: I'm not going anywhere until you locate Mario and Luigi's location.
  • Dr. Toadley: Birdley, come over here!
  • Birdley: FYI! FYI! FYI! FYI! FYI!
  • Bowser: For your information?!
  • Kammy: Tell us where?
  • Dr. Toadley: I was a scientist once on studying dimensions. Here my friend is where they are right now. *locate at Chateau Ripto*
  • Bowser: It look like a territory. Where's the Mario Brothers?
  • Birdley: Uh........
  • Kammy: Uh? What?
  • Dr. Toadley: You may want to warp into the castle so you could act like the villains.
  • Bowser: Not all people who live in a castle are villains! Someone is trying to mess the timeline up and it's you!
  • Dr. Toadley: Oh well, i have a few people waiting in line and you're wasting my time to give you answers. Scam off and ciao.
  • Kammy: But what about teleporting?
  • Dr. Toadley: I forgot. Goodbye for me. *use his magical powers to warp Bowser and Kammy to Chateau Ripto*
  • Bowser: What's happening to me?
  • Kammy: Are....we....disappearing?

(Bowser and Kammy poofed and disappear, warping to Chateau Ripto)

  • Dr. Toadley: Ah, now the case is cleared.

(At Chateau Ripto in the closet room, Bowser and Kammy arrive from teleporting from the Toadley Clinic)

  • Bowser: Where are we?
  • Kammy: I think we're in the castle.
  • Bowser: Grrrr. That Toad is going to pay for this. Is this what the castle looks like?
  • Kammy: I think it's the closet.
  • Bowser: *move stuff out of the way* Gosh, why people throw many stuff in the castle. *tries opening the door* It's locked. Who locked us up?!
  • Kammy: But we just got here a second ago.
  • Bowser: I'm not trying to ask when we first came here, who move the wrong side of the door where the knob is pointing at for the key?

(In the throne room)

  • Gnasty Gnorc: Ripto, i have more minions by my side.
  • Ripto: Ah yes. Get ready, it's about time we take over the world.
  • Sir Grodus: We shouldn't be standing, we should be celebrating the end of the world.
  • Lord Crump: I cannot wait.
  • Ripto: We brought everyone back to life. But if someone dies, we can revive more X-Nauts by the time we beat Spyro and his friends.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: I like the sound of it. Red would be happy about this.
  • Sir Grodus: Come on Ripto, it's your chance.
  • Gulp: Yeah, do it. Do it for the munches.
  • Ripto: Shut up! I'm not talking to you.
  • Crush: Well, anyone want fruit punch before the world ends?
  • Ripto: No thanks. Now it's our time to destroy the universe.

(Bowser break the door on the way out of the closet, leaving disturbance to the rest of the group)

  • Sir Grodus: What was that?
  • Lord Crump: Someone sneaked into the castle.
  • Ripto: Who is it? What does he want from us?
  • Bowser: You, what is this place?!
  • Ripto: You are now in my castle.
  • Sir Grodus: Bowser?!
  • Lord Crump: It's him.
  • Kammy: It's the X-Nauts.
  • Bowser: The X-Nauts, i knew you guys moved all the way from the Moon to the castle with that ogre and short dinosaur.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: I'm not a ogre. I'm a gnorc.
  • Bowser: A gnorc?
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Yes. What do you want from us?
  • Ripto: We are planning to destroy that dragon named Spyro. Wanna join?
  • Bowser: I wanna to destroy the Mario brothers, not that dragon pest named Spyro.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Oh, we saw those brothers earlier.
  • Bowser: You guys met the Mario brothers?
  • Ripto: Yes we did. They teamed up with the purple dragon.
  • Bowser: Look like it's double killing for me.
  • Kammy: We need to team up.
  • Lord Crump: Perfect plan, i'll get the X-Nauts and Riptocs to come along.
  • Ripto: Don't forget to bring my Rhynocs with me. The Sorceress left out a bunch of armies of Rhynoc to take over with since the dragons got their eggs back from the Year of the Dragon.
  • Bowser: I'll be smashing like rocks.
  • Crush: I'll crush those heroes first.
  • Gulp: I'll gobble them up like a veggie.
  • Kammy: No need to fight boys. Get back to work.
  • Bowser: Fine.
  • Sir Grodus: We should be heading outside. The heroes are expect to arrive soon.
  • Ripto: That must be Spyro and his friends.

(At the grave grounds, Mario and the heroes arrive)

  • Mario: Whoa, what is this place.
  • Luigi: So many dead dragon skeletons on the ground. Whoever did it must be the X-Nauts.
  • Spyro: That must be Ripto who caused all of this. Shame on that short dinosaur. He's going to pay for everything he done in the pass.
  • Blink: Oh my, i see dead skulls of moles in the ground. That monster was a sorcerer.
  • Hunter: He's going to be dead meat after all.
  • Agent 9: Are we suppose to war in his castle, or throw some coffee beans at his face?
  • Spyro: We're suppose to burn him up. We can't let him live forever anymore like a god. My destiny is to burn that shorty up.
  • Yoshi: We're counting on you.
  • Sparx: We're all going together.
  • Spyro: Yep. Let's make our move to the castle.
  • Mario: Let's a go.

(The X-Nauts sneaked into the window to spy on the group)

  • Sir Grodus: That must be the Mario brothers.
  • Bowser: No. It's them.
  • Ripto: They teamed up with the dragon.
  • Kammy: We better get going. We can't stay here to spy on the heroes.
  • Crush: Lets crush those babies up.
  • Gulp: Lunch time!
  • Lord Crump: Wait for us.
  • Ripto: Wait you whooping scumbag!

(With the heroes)

  • Spyro: Where those X-Nauts are?
  • Luigi: I have a bad feeling about this.....deja vu.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Deja vu?
  • Luigi: Yes. The bad feeling that suppose to come right now.
  • Blink: Ah, who cares. Let make the fun start for those X-Freaks right now.

(The X-Nauts came out of the door of Chateau Ripto)

  • Agent 9: Oh boy, they're here!
  • Mario: Oh no, now they have Bowser on their side.
  • Spyro: And Gnasty Gnorc! This is bad. Really bad.
  • Sir Grodus: So it isn't the Mario brothers, they teamed up with the dragon.
  • Bowser: Ha ha ha. It's baby Mario.
  • Yoshi: Where is the princess?
  • Bowser: What princess?
  • Ripto: Oh, by the way, we breaked into the princess' castle this morning and capture the princess. But we lost her.
  • Ripto: *use his dark spell on Bowser and move him to the rocky grounds*
  • Kammy: Bowser!
  • Crush: *hit Kammy with his bat and throw her to the rocky grounds with Bowser* We didn't know that they were after the princess.
  • Sir Grodus: Such fools. Now where we were? Ha ha ha, it's so good to see you guys.
  • Spyro: Where are the orbs?
  • Gulp: I ate them all. I love every last bite of them like a candy.
  • Ripto: YOU ATE THE ORBS!
  • Lord Crump: You fat pig hog! We were suppose to take over the world with the orbs. This is all your fault!
  • Ripto: By the way, we're going to take over the Mushroom Kingdom instead. But first, we're gonna kill you first.
  • Mario: *run to Ripto and fight him*
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Hey green guy, time to die!
  • Luigi: Ah!
  • Gnasty Gnorc: *fight Luigi*
  • Luigi: *kick Gnasty Gnorc to the belly*
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Ooh.
  • Spyro: Crush, you're going down. *fly to Crush and fight him*
  • Hunter: We'll watch and see.
  • Blink: Yeah. Oh no, i forgot the popcorn.
  • Hunter: It's okay. Not everyone bring their food to watch the show.
  • Blink: Think of a plan while we watch the heroes fight.
  • Hunter: I had an idea. *whisper on Blink's ear*
  • Gulp: I smell.......RAPTOR MEAT! *run to Yoshi*
  • Yoshi: But i'm not a raptor. Ah! *run*
  • Gulp: Give me a hamburger with bacon and cheese on it!
  • Agent 9: Alright Lord Grodus. Time to lose.
  • Sir Grodus: Huh? I am Sir Grodus and he is Lord Crump.
  • Lord Crump: Nice Captain Obvious.
  • Sir Grodus: Die! *use his scepter to shoot Agent 9*
  • Agent 9: *shoot the attack from Sir Grodus*
  • Sir Grodus: Darn it.
  • Lord Crump: *run to the castle* I have to go back to get my special weapon.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *fly to chase Lord Crump* Hey, you're not going anywhere. No no no.
  • Mario: *karate kick on Ripto*
  • Ripto: *punch Mario*
  • Mario: Ooh.
  • Ripto: *hit Mario with his scepter*
  • Mario: You were suppose to hit Bowser, not fight us.
  • Ripto: I did. Gnasty Gnorc destroyed his airship in the morning eariler. *shoot Mario in the belly*
  • Mario: Ooh. *power up to his wizard form*
  • Ripto: What the?
  • Mario: HYAAA! *punch the ground and electric Ripto*
  • Ripto: Ahh! The light.
  • Mario: It's thunder you moron.
  • Ripto: Fire! *fire his scepter on Mario*
  • Mario: *smash the attack*
  • Ripto: Huh?
  • Mario: *fireball on Ripto*
  • Ripto: *get hit by the fireball* Ouch!
  • Mario: Sorry Ripto, but your days are over.
  • Crush: *hit Spyro and crush Mario*
  • Spyro: No!
  • Ripto: Thank you Crush. Now let's kill the dragon next.
  • Spyro: No. *shoot on the bat of Crush's*
  • Crush: My bat's on fire!
  • Ripto: Smash him like a baseball.
  • Crush: You are finished!
  • Spyro: *fire againist Crush*
  • Crush: *hit every single fire attack*
  • Spyro: *keep shooting fireballs on Crush's bat* Need help over here?
  • Agent 9: Yes sir. *shoot on Sir Grodus' face*
  • Sir Grodus: Ow. I can't see a thing.
  • Agent 9: Prepare for some action! *shoot on Crush*
  • Crush: Ahh. My wings.
  • Agent 9: You leave my friend along or else.
  • Crush: HYAAAAAAAA!
  • Agent 9: *shoot on Crush on the belly*
  • Crush: *faint down*
  • Agent 9: Yes. One down and several more to go.

(Sgt. James Byrd is chasing Lord Crump in the castle in the hallway)

  • Lord Crump: Gnorcs, Riptocs and Rhynocs, capture that bird!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Not today sir. *fire some rockets to the gnorcs, riptocs and rhynocs*
  • Lord Crump: I'll be back with my secret weapon! *enter the lab*
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *fly and punch every single gnorc, riptoc and rhynoc* Big army of mutants. Wow.

(Lord Crump enter his secret lab with his Magnus Von Grapple charging up on display)

  • Lord Crump: It's time to destroy the heroes real easy and piece of cake.

(While Sgt. James Byrd is fighting the gnorcs, riptocs and rhynocs, Lord Crump arrive with his Magnus Von Grapple and knock over a group of rhynocs)

  • Lord Crump: Ha ha ha ha ha! So you think you can defeat me? Now i'm bigger than ever!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Oh no.
  • Lord Crump: X-Nauts, attack!

(A army of X-Nauts came and fight Sgt. James Byrd)

  • Lord Crump: Ho ho ha ha ha. Time for playtime.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *fire bullets on the X-Nauts*
  • Lord Crump: Johnson, look out!
  • Johnson: Uh oh. *get killed by a bullet*
  • Lord Crump: Not again. Such a idiot of the group.
  • Elite X-Naut #1: Let's shoot some rockets!
  • Elite X-Naut #2: Fire!

(The elite X-Nauts fire on Sgt. James Byrd as the penguin dodge the shoot on the gnorcs)

  • Elite X-Naut #1: Huh?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *punch every single elite X-Naut* Boo-yah!
  • X-Naut PhD #1: We are failling. Throw the bombs now!
  • X-Naut PhD #2: A la peanut butter sandwiches! *throw the bombs at Sgt. James Byrd*
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Oh poop. *fire the rockets and destroy the bomb*
  • Lord Crump: No!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *fire on the X-Naut PhDs*
  • Lord Crump: They're not smart enough. Think, think, think. Ah ha. Boomer Gangers, let's eat the penguin for punch. Kill him like he's a flying chicken.

(A gang of X-Nauts and Yux go after Sgt. James Byrd)

  • Sgt. James Byrd: I need to find the orbs now!
  • Lord Crump: *break the wall and chase after Sgt. James Byrd* You can't escape me. You cannot go after the orbs.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: How many rooms are in this castle?!

(Back outside in the battle, Mario is still fighting Ripto as Luigi is still fighting Gnasty Gnorc, but knocked by his club)

  • Luigi: Ow.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Any last words?
  • Luigi: No. I have another form to share with. *transform into a wizard*
  • Gnasty Gnorc: No! Not a wizard.
  • Luigi: Time for you to lose. *fight Gnasty Gnorc*
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Crush crush crush! *use club to hit Luigi* Boom!
  • Luigi: *hold the club*
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Huh?
  • Luigi: It's not over yet. *use his lightning powers to zap on Gnasty Gnorc and punch him to the ground in defeat*
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Ow.
  • Luigi: Hm.

(Gulp is still chasing Yoshi)

  • Yoshi: Ahhhhh!
  • Gulp: Meat, steak and hamburger! Coming right up.
  • Luigi: *touch the ground to spread lightning and zap on Gulp*
  • Gulp: *get electrocuted and Luigi punch him to the ground in defeat*
  • Luigi: Stop!
  • Yoshi: *stop running* Huh?
  • Luigi: You're safe.
  • Yoshi: Let's go save Mario from that short dinosaur.
  • Luigi: Right back at you.

(Mario is still fighting Ripto)

  • Mario: *fireball at Ripto*
  • Ripto: Ouch! Watch your step.
  • Mario: I'm ain't stepping on anything.
  • Ripto: Such a fool.
  • Luigi: *arrive to eletric Ripto*
  • Ripto: Ow. You again?
  • Luigi: Oh yeah. We came to rescue Mario.
  • Mario: Wow.

(Spyro is still fighting Sir Grodus with Agent 9 as Agent 9 shoot on Sir Grodus' head)

  • Sir Grodus: Ahh! My brain.
  • Agent 9: I didn't know his brain is robotic.
  • Hunter: Don't worry, let me shoot at it. *use his bow arrow and shoot the arrow on Sir Grodus' head*
  • Sir Grodus: No! This isn't the end.
  • Agent 9: Now Spyro.
  • Spyro: *run and kick Sir Grodus to the castle*
  • Sir Grodus: *crash to the castle and land on the floor* It hurts....the bricks....way more hurt.
  • Spyro: Yes!
  • Hunter: Easy battle, huh?
  • Ripto: No! You little twigs, you defeated all of my friends. Now you have to face all of my minions.
  • Mario: Minions? There are no minions of yours.
  • Ripto: Oh yes they are. They're inside of the castle.
  • Spyro: Look like Shorty is the last one left to go.
  • Luigi: Okay Ripto, show us what you got.
  • Ripto: I am the most powerful dinosaur of all time. You can't never defeat me with my scepter.
  • Mario: *charge and powerful up*
  • Luigi: Reduce! *power up*
  • Blink: I'm setting up the time for the bomb. Look like the castle is gonna blow up like a tower.
  • Hunter: Make it quick.
  • Blink: This should do the trick. *go inside of the castle*

(Back with Sgt. James Byrd in Chateau Ripto, he found the orbs in the lab)

  • Sgt. James Byrd: The orbs! That Gulp is a big liar. Who ever eat the orbs is a waste of time.
  • Lord Crump: *break the wall* Hi penguin, i'm not gonna hurt you, i'm gonna smash you!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: The orbs are right in the machine.
  • Lord Crump: Men, hold your weapons and shoot the penguin now.
  • X-Nauts: *hold their guns and point at the penguin*
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Oh boy, you want me to watch and learn.
  • Lord Crump: No. I'm not going to play your stupid games. I'm just wanting to kill you like a chicken.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: It ain't over yet. *shoot the rockets at Lord Crump*
  • Lord Crump: No! The glass is breaking.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Powerful than a window, huh?
  • Lord Crump: I need the orbs now!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *go into the machine to hijack it* Time to hijack the machine and get the orbs to safety.

(Meanwhile at Summer Forest in the grasslands where the dragonflies are, the portal wall is about to close)

  • Flash: What is going on?
  • Nina: Everyone, head back to the other world!

(The dragonflies quickly go into the portal as Flash and Nina went into portal wall before it closes. The dragonflies are now back at Artisans in the grasslands.)

  • Flash: Shoot. That was a close one.
  • Nina: Is it me, or someone is trying to mix the worlds apart.
  • Flash: It happens sometime. It's just like looking into the mirror and falling into the water while looking into your reflections.
  • Nina: What a twist.

(At the Dragon Village, the portal wall is about to close, making the dragons gasp)

  • Cho Lei: What is going on?
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Is the world ending?
  • Ragnar: No! That wall which turn out to be a portal is closing. Look like we're all free at last instead of warping back and forth to another dimension.
  • Cho Lei: It did close.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: What will happen to the village now?
  • Ragnar: Nothing wrong will happen. No egg theft will come to steal our eggs, or even the gnorcs.
  • Cho Lei: Nah, the gnorcs doesn't matter. They're all exiled a few years ago, or i should say hundreds.
  • Flame: I think Gnasty Gnorc is the ugliest dragon in the world.
  • Ember: Ugh, he never clean his face, brush his teeth and spray perfume all over himself.
  • Ragnar: All the gnorcs are nasty! They never took a bath like a normal dragon.

(Back at Chateau Ripto in the castle, Blink is finding a way to put the bomb in the castle)

  • Blink: Come on Blink, think. Think of something to blow the castle up. Ah ha, the bathroom. The bathroom is alway the private place in the world. *go to the bathroom and open the toilet up* Yuck, someone must have pee into the water like always. Look like this bomb is gonna do the trick. *set the time for the bomb and throw it in the water* This will destroy everything apart.

(Back with Sgt. James Byrd)

  • Sgt. James Byrd: Eureka. Now i need to take out the orbs.
  • Lord Crump: No! You're not taking out the orbs.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: These orbs belong to the Super Portal!
  • Lord Crump: I'll break them all!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Oh no you don't.
  • Lord Crump: Get him!

(A army of X-Nauts came to fight Sgt. James Byrd as Blink arrive to throw bombs at the X-Nauts)

  • Blink: Don't worry penguin buddy, Blink is here to the rescue!
  • Lord Crump: No! Not the mole.
  • Blink: Whoa, what are those?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: *blast the rockets to the X-Nauts* No time to explain, just get the orbs.
  • Blink: *get the orbs out of the machine* Alright, this will come in handy.
  • Lord Crump: No.
  • Blink: Huh? *punch the Magnus Von Grapple from Lord Crump*
  • Lord Crump: Ouch.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Too many hooded people to fight.
  • Blink: *knock every X-Naut out* There's too many of them. They're strong to defeat.

(Back outside, Mario is still fighting Ripto as Luigi use his thunder shock on Ripto)

  • Ripto: Ow! My horn!
  • Luigi: Take this! *kick Ripto to the rock wall*
  • Spyro: Ah ha.
  • Hunter: We did it.
  • Yoshi: Now we need to get Blink and James out of here.
  • Sir Grodus: *get up* No. This isn't the end.
  • Agent 9: He's up again.
  • Sparx: Oh no.
  • Spyro: Now what?
  • Sir Grodus: You will never defeat me. Come and get me now.
  • Mario: Spyro, go get Blink and James while i'll stop Ripto.
  • Spyro: Count on me. *fly to the castle*
  • Mario: Guys, deal with Sir Grodus, i'll stop Ripto on my own,
  • Luigi: Go for it brother.
  • Mario: Okie dokie. *fly to the rock wall*

(At the rock wall cliff, Ripto get up from the battle as Mario stops by to face a little glare on him)

  • Ripto: Mario.
  • Mario: I knew it.
  • Ripto: You wouldn't except to come over a single battle from me.
  • Mario: *punch the wall*
  • Ripto: *dodge the attack* Ha!
  • Mario: *punch the ground*
  • Ripto: Nice try fatso.
  • Mario: *thunder shock on Ripto*
  • Ripto: Ow. Stupid.
  • Mario: Hyaaaa! *punch Ripto*
  • Ripto: Ooh. Mommy.
  • Mario: No one is here to save you now. *punch Ripto to the sky*

(In the sky)

  • Ripto: Curse you red plumber, the world is mine!
  • Mario: *fight Ripto in the sky* It's a too late. I got you now.
  • Ripto: No. *punch Mario*
  • Mario: *punch Ripto in the head*
  • Ripto: Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh, ahh.
  • Mario: I'm still the strongest of all.
  • Ripto: Now i hate humans even more than dragons!
  • Mario: Nice one short dinosaur.
  • Ripto: Not another insult.

(Back at the castle, Spyro arrive to flame on the X-Nauts)

  • Lord Crump: Not the purple dragon!
  • Spyro: *fireball and destroy the machine*
  • Blink: Spyro!
  • Spyro: There was no other way to get the orbs from destroying our worlds.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: The orbs are floating in the sky!
  • Lord Crump: *fly with his machine bot* They're mine!
  • Spyro: *fly over to the orbs and absorb them to his body to power up*
  • Lord Crump: No!
  • Spyro: *lightning shock on Lord Crump*
  • Lord Crump: Ow! *try using the driller on Spyro*
  • Spyro: *cover his wings to dodge the driller attack*
  • Lord Crump: Huh?
  • Spyro: *pop his wings to defeat Lord Crump into the ground*
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Hold my feet. We're out of here.
  • Blink: Okay. *grab on to the penguin's feet and escape outside*
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Spyro, let's stop Sir Grodus.
  • Spyro: With the orbs inside me, now it's our chance. *fly into Sir Grodus and punch him to the rock*

(The bomb explodes and destroy the castle, killing Lord Crump off with a few X-Nauts and minions of Ripto alike)

  • Luigi: Whoa.
  • Sir Grodus: No!
  • Hunter: You forgot the orbs!
  • Spyro: Don't worry, they're all inside me. I alway collect the orbs in my body while in quests.
  • Hunter: Good one Spyro.
  • Agent 9: That castle was a hard wreck.
  • Sir Grodus: You destroy the castle. Now i'll destroy you. *charge at Spyro*
  • Spyro: *charge his lightning powers to Sir Grodus' staff*
  • Sir Grodus: No!
  • Spyro: Sorry folk, your days are over.
  • Yoshi: Yay, go on Spyro.
  • Spyro: *power attack on Sir Grodus*
  • Sir Grodus: No. I was winning!
  • Spyro: So tell us where the red gem is?
  • Sir Grodus:
  • Hunter: What is it?
  • Sir Grodus: Ripto took the red dimaond and hide it in the closet. You destroyed it back at the castle you destroyed!
  • Spyro: What?!
  • Luigi: No! It's gone.
  • Agent 9: Blink forgot to save it.
  • Hunter: That red diamond includes a special power to open a portal up.
  • Spyro: It's also a crystal. This is all your fault Blink!
  • Blink: Um, we can go back in time and get the diamond to safety.
  • Spyro: No. There is no other way to go back in time to rescue the red crystal.
  • Hunter: Can we go back in time where my birthday is set and we can steal the red crystal to save the world.
  • Spyro: No. You know what happen next? The world will be ruined.
  • Sir Grodus: Now this is my chance to win.
  • Spyro: *destroy Sir Grodus' staff with his lightning powers*
  • Sir Grodus: Hey.
  • Luigi: What are you doing?
  • Spyro: We need to save the future. We can't have a darker future in the next 20 years.
  • Yoshi: Finish him off.
  • Spyro: Grodus! *fight Sir Grodus*
  • Hunter: I don't know what to say when the Professor finds out.

(Back in the sky, Mario and Ripto are fighting together as Mario throw Ripto to the ground)

  • Ripto: Ow.
  • Mario: I got you now.
  • Ripto: You will pay for this.
  • Mario: Oh yeah, i got something for you. *hold Ripto's necklace*
  • Ripto: What are you doing?
  • Mario: You were trying to destroy the world, are you?
  • Ripto: This is part of my place. *power up and destroy the mountains*
  • Mario: *float* Whoa.
  • Ripto: A plumber can fly? Why?
  • Mario: *transform into a powerful wizard* I am the most powerful wizard in the world!
  • Ripto: Bring it on. You are going to die.

(Back at the battle with Sir Grodus)

  • Spyro: *shoot fireballs at Sir Grodus*
  • Sir Grodus: Ow. Ooh, hot.
  • Hunter: *shoot bow arrows on Sir Grodus*
  • Sir Grodus: No! My body.
  • Luigi: *punch Sir Grodus to the high cliff*
  • Sir Grodus: *put his hand to the cliff and destroy it in ashes*
  • Luigi: Uh oh.
  • Sir Grodus: *power his staff up* Now let the darkness rise.
  • Luigi: I thought we destroy the glass in your staff.
  • Sir Grodus: Now it is the time to take over the world. Bring me darkness and bring me evil! *put his staff to the sky and the power came to the sky*
  • Yoshi: Oh no.
  • Hunter: I think we failed.
  • Blink: I shouldn't get that red crystal in the first place before the castle blew up.

(The darkness was spreading all over the land as Mario and Ripto are watching the sky being turned into purple clouds)

  • Mario: What happen?
  • Ripto: It's working. The world is ending.
  • Mario: The red crystal is gone and this is all your fault.
  • Ripto: Why would it be my fault to do that? I started all of this when i was planning to rule Avalar.
  • Mario: Avalar isn't your home. *punch Ripto to the ground*
  • Ripto: Ow.
  • Mario: *punch Ripto with lightning*
  • Ripto: Ouch.
  • Mario: Take this!
  • Ripto: *use his scepter to control Mario*
  • Mario: Ahh. No.
  • Ripto: Yes! The darkness is working. Now it is my chance to rule the world for myself. *evil laugh*
  • Mario: *grunting while controling his mind in darkness*
  • Ripto: What's the matter baby Mario? You can't move or walk? Ha! Now i am a powerful genius.
  • Mario: Come on, get out of there. Control in anger, control in darkness.


Mario and Spyro: ATOPAD Chapter 8
Full title: Mario and Spyro: A Tale of Plumber and Dragon (Chapter 8)

The battle of Chateau Ripto is about to start.

Super Mario (c) Nintendo

Spyro the Dragon (c) Sony, Activision

(At the destroyed Princess Peach's Castle, Bowser and Kammy walked into a mess of rocks and see the injured Toadsworth)

  • Bowser: Toadsworth, where is the princess?
  • Toadsworth: She's....have....been....kidnapped.
  • Bowser: What?! Who?
  • Toadsworth: The X-Nauts have returned. They got the princess....this...time.
  • Bowser: Those thefts! I will get my revenge on them and capture the princess. I will find them and kill them all.
  • Toad: Whatever you do, don't be shy.
  • Bowser: I'm not shy! I am the king of the koopas and that's final.
  • Kammy: Anyone know a way to find the princess?
  • Toadette: I think they headed to Goomba Village where the party was held.
  • Bowser: A party? How come?
  • Merlon: Mario and Luigi are there. Just go to the party and pick them up.
  • Bowser: But i hate them.
  • Merlon: Just go. Get out. Warn them about the kidnapping.
  • Bowser: I will. I'm out. Let's go Kammy.
  • Kammy: Right lord.

(Bowser and Kammy left the castle as Yoshi arrived to see the mess that the X-Nauts done)

  • Yoshi: Oh no. What happen to the castle?
  • Merlon: Yoshi, you're late. The castle was destroyed by the X-Nauts. I'm sorry to hear you coming. You guard the castle and didn't you see the thefts come along to destroy us?
  • Yoshi: No. I was busy.
  • Merlon: They capture the princess.
  • Yoshi: I saw Bowser walk by without the princess.
  • Merlon: Not just Bowser. A group of X-Nauts.
  • Yoshi: X-Nauts? I will go after them.
  • Merlon: Go to the warp pipe room, you know how to get to them.
  • Yoshi: I will, i will try. I will not fail you.
  • Merlon: You got it. Now go now and stop the X-Nauts.
  • Yoshi: I will master.
  • Merlon: Good luck.

(In the warp pipe room)

  • Yoshi: Man, where can i find a warp pipe? Ah ha. *found the warp pipe and jump on it* This will take me to the world where the X-Nauts are. *jump into the warp pipe*

(At the Dragon Valley in the baby shower)

  • Mrs. Shoutfire: There we are. Welcome to the Baby Shower.
  • Tomas: Ah yes, what a wonderful day with a lot of baby dragons around playing with their dragonflies.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: I love the sound of it.
  • Tomas: It does feel good to be in a party like this. I am just going to take a seat.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Oh, sure thing.
  • Tomas: Look at the kids, are they having fun playing in a playground like this?
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: It's just a little playground for baby dragons.
  • Tomas: Baby dragons. Even kids too.
  • Cho Lei: Oh hey Tomas.
  • Tomas: Cho Lei, you finally came.
  • Cho Lei: Yes. Glad you could show up. Where are the rest of the elders?
  • Tomas: They didn't show up. Titan tried to come, but he's too far from Cloudy Domain. He can't even hear a single word in his life.
  • Cho Lei: What's wrong with that?
  • Tomas: When you started to get old, you can't hear nothing but the people inside you.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Oh, what about Astor and Magnus?
  • Tomas: Astor is locked up in prison. Magnus is too busy training with his dragon students to fight the enemies.
  • Cho Lei: Teenagers you say?
  • Tomas: Yes. Teens are more. I was a teen once in my high school days.
  • Cho Lei: That doesn't matter what school you go to. Let's go and grab some lunch.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Oh yeah. I heard that Moneybags made some great burgers for everyone to try.
  • Moneybags: Come and get your burgers. 10 gems each for each burger.
  • Tomas: Let's grab one with our gems.
  • Cho Lei: Sure thing elder.
  • Moneybags: One each my friends.
  • Tomas: I'll take it from here.
  • Moneybags: Grab one.
  • Tomas: *give gems to Moneybags* There you go.
  • Moneybags: Gems. You just made my day.
  • Tomas: Come on ladies, let's grab some lunch.

(At the lunch table)

  • Cho Lei: Does it feel good to have some burgers?
  • Tomas: Yeah. I thought there were lizards on the size of the meat.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: It tasted like fry.
  • Tomas: But i like to toast my bread a bit crispy like a chip.
  • Cho Lei: Taste like a rib.
  • Tomas: I miss eating those ribs. Good old days as a child.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Make me want to bake those pies again.

(A giant pipe pops in and Yoshi lands on the ground from the pipe)

  • Yoshi: Hello?
  • Dragon Elder #1: A dinosaur is on the loose!
  • Dragon Elder #2: What are you doing here?
  • Yoshi: Don't hurt me. I'm not looking for trouble. I'm here to help.
  • Dragon Elder #3: For help? In the conflict of Ripto?
  • Yoshi: Ripto? Is he turn out to be a bad guy, i'm going after him.
  • Dragon Elder #1: Okay. I trusted you for this.
  • Yoshi: Thank you.
  • Tomas: Oh hey, what is going around here.
  • Dragon Elder #1: Tomas, we got a new person on the village.
  • Tomas: He seem a bit friendly.
  • Yoshi: By the way, i'm Yoshi.
  • Tomas: Yoshi? That name sound like something that came out of Japan.
  • Yoshi: Well thanks.
  • Dragon Elder #2: Do you want something to eat? We have hamburgers by the way.
  • Yoshi: I'm not hungry. I'm looking for Mario and Luigi. I've been looking everywhere for them. Until i saw the castle destroyed back at my world.
  • Tomas: Mario and Luigi? Are they your brothers?
  • Yoshi: I raised them when they were babies back at my island. I have to go find my sons.
  • Tomas: Sons? You have kids?
  • Yoshi: Well, i adopted them by the time they were babies. The stork deliever them to their real parents after the defeat of Bowser. Tell me where my sons are?
  • Tomas: I don't know. I don't have a mind sense to locate around the universe.
  • Dragon Elder #3: Try checking Avalar. It's another world that Spyro alway to go.
  • Yoshi: Spyro?
  • Tomas: You know Spyro. He might be at the Winter Tundra if you pass by the grassfields where the dragonflies are.
  • Yoshi: I will look for them.
  • Tomas: Good. Now go find your boys in time.
  • Yoshi: I will. I will not cause after trouble.
  • Tomas: Need a ride on the bus?
  • Yoshi: No thanks. I'm good. I can fly on my own.
  • Dragon Elder #1: Wait, you can fly?
  • Yoshi: I hurry in running fast in the sky.
  • Tomas: That's okay by me.
  • Dragon Elder #2: Look out for enemies out there. They may want to hurt you.
  • Yoshi: I will stay safe.
  • Tomas: Good luck.
  • Yoshi: Okie dokie.

(Back at Winter Tundra, Mario, Spyro and Sparx are still at the broken super portal, waiting for someone to come. Luigi is still frozen in stone as he turned back into his normal self.)

  • Luigi: Gosh, how long i was inside of the stone.
  • Mario: Brother.
  • Luigi: What happen?
  • Sparx: You were turned into a stone by Gnasty Gnorc. Glad you broked out of the curse.
  • Luigi: I'm okay now.
  • Spyro: It's good to have you back.
  • Luigi: Man, what is taking so long?
  • Mario: Can you hold us to get back to your homeland?
  • Spyro: No. The only problem is that Sparx is tiny and he cannot hold hard things with him.
  • Sparx: Hey. Who you calling small?
  • Spyro: Sorry. We don't have a plane to get back home.
  • Mario: Aw man. We're stuck forever.
  • Luigi: I hate my life. This is all your fault Mario! We got trapped in a place like never before. Stuck behind a cliff, you ruined everything!
  • Mario: I didn't started all of this.
  • Luigi: Yes you did. You trusted the Dragon Elder to get us to this stupid kind of world with some dumb kind of creatures. How are we going to get out?!
  • Spyro: Guys! There is only a way to get out of here.
  • Sparx: Hey. Why don't they try the portals like we did before.
  • Spyro: We can't. The Professor shut all of them down after the defeat of Ripto when we first came here. The Professor shut all of them down in favor of Ripto coming back to destroy the worlds.
  • Luigi: Somebody help me.
  • Mario: Don't worry Luigi, i hope someone can get us out of here.
  • Luigi: We're so close to the cliff. We can't we climb down here.
  • Spyro: We can't. I don't want none of you guys to get hurt.
  • Luigi: Aw man.
  • Spyro: Down here is foggy. That's the only problem we have.
  • Mario: No food, no water, no anything.
  • Luigi: We're all out of mushrooms. I didn't bring a few from the party.
  • Spyro: What party?
  • Luigi: Oh, that was our friend Goombario who has a birthday today.
  • Spyro: Wow.
  • Luigi: Don't worry Princess Peach. We will be home in no time.
  • ???: Hello. Do you guys hear me?
  • Luigi: What was that?
  • Spyro: That voice sound familiar.
  • ???: Don't worry guys, i will get the princess for a minute.
  • Mario: We can't see him. He's invisible.
  • ???: I will be back with the princess. *teleport Princess Peach somewhere*
  • Mario: The princess!
  • Luigi: Oh no.
  • Spyro: Don't worry. He will be back with the princess.
  • Luigi: That ghost took the princess away from us. It's magic! Evil magic!
  • Sparx: Hey! Relax, we don't have time to panic like five year old babies.
  • Luigi: I'm relax. You can't tell me what to do.
  • Spyro: Guys, stop. We all want to go home. But we got to have patience.
  • Luigi: Fine, whatever. You win.
  • Mario: Hey look, i see a bird.
  • Spyro: Wait, that's not a bird, it's a flying penguin!
  • Luigi: But is a bird.
  • Spyro: James! Over here!

(Sgt. James Byrd was seen flying in the sky until he hear a call from Spyro)

  • Spyro: James!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Whoa. What in the fish sakes is that?
  • Spyro: Over here!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: I'm coming!

(Sgt. James Byrd land on Winter Tundra in which he meet Mario and Luigi)

  • Luigi: Oh goodness, we're safed.
  • Mario: A flying penguin.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Greetings everyone, i am here to save you.
  • Mario: We need to get out here. All of the portals have been shut down and one is still broken.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Oh my, need a lift?
  • Mario: Yes.
  • Luigi: Spyro, you will hold me.
  • Spyro: Ok. Thank goodness, we're out of here.
  • Luigi: Woo hoo. We're free.
  • Mario: Not a bad quest after all.
  • Sparx: Now we can go. Anyone ready?
  • Mario: Yes. Hold me on penguin.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Yes sir plumber. Hold to my feet.
  • Mario: I was going to hold you. But that's okay. *hold to James' feet*
  • Spyro: Hold on Luigi.
  • Luigi: Okie dokie. *hold to Spyro*
  • Spyro: Alright. Let's get our butts out of here.
  • Mario: Here we go!
  • Luigi: Yeah! We are safe once again.

(Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the group leave Winter Tundra to head to the fields. Back at the Mushroom Kingdom at Goomba Village, the party was over and one last slice of cake was seen for Mario and Luigi.)

  • Goombario: Aw man, Mario and Luigi miss almost everything.
  • Kooper: Yeah, they should have been back by now.
  • Goombaria: Can i have the last slice of cake?
  • Goombario: No. It's for Mario and Luigi. They're sharing this cake together.
  • Kooper: Why share the cake? It's not a restaurant like The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Goombario: Ah, cheesecake.
  • Bowser: *arrives and roar*
  • Goompapa: Bowser!
  • Goompa: What are you doing here?
  • Bowser: Tell me where the Mario brothers are? I know you have them.
  • Goompa: Party's over man. You miss it. They left for another adventure with a green dragon.
  • Bowser: What?! They left? Grrrrrr! They forget to invite me to the party.
  • Goompapa: You weren't invited for bad boys like you.
  • Bowser: What? No! Grrrr! They forgot to invite me over.
  • Kammy: I think we done bad things once.
  • Bowser: Shut up. I'm trying to listen.
  • Goompa: Hey hey hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to chill out.
  • Bowser: Don't me tell what to do. I will find that one person i could trust to get into the next dimension.
  • Goompapa: Jr. Troopa knows. You find him in the forest.
  • Bowser: I better tell him now about the X-Nauts. I will burn them all into pieces.
  • Goompa: Now get out of here or i'll call the guards to arrest you.
  • Bowser: Fine. Let's go Kammy. *jump off the cliff*
  • Kammy: *fly over to Bowser* Wait for me!*
  • Goompa: What a koopa.
  • Kooper: What was Bowser doing? How did he sneak into the party like that?
  • Gooma: Because he miss it. That what he gets.
  • Goomama: He almost burn us to death.
  • Goombario: I wouldn't be burn without that.
  • Kooper: Can we eat lunch now?
  • Goompa: What? You just have a birthday buffet already.
  • Kooper: Oh, i forgot.

(Back at Chateau Ripto, the X-Nauts returned with the Orbs)

  • Ripto: Finally, we are back with the orbs.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Oh yes, they are now ours. We're going to be rich.
  • Sir Grodus: This is not money. They are used to destroy the entire world. We're gonna do it by the time we fight Mario and Spyro.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: We will destroy them by the time we destroy the whole world.
  • Crush: Look like we did alright.
  • Gulp: Yep. Gulp and munch.
  • Ripto: You didn't chew on the orb you green hornhead.
  • Gulp: A hornhead? Why would i?
  • Lord Crump: Hey. No fighting. There's no need to fight.
  • Ripto: Fine. Now all we gotta go is bring the members of the X-Nauts back to life.
  • Sir Grodus: Our plan will be a sucess. Then we will destroy both Mushroom Kingdom and Avalar together.
  • Ripto: You said it like many times. Can we get it over already!
  • Sir Grodus: Fine Lord Ripto. You call it for today.
  • Ripto: Exactly. Now let's get back to work together. We need to work on the Orb concept now.

(In the grassy field in the hills of Summer Forest)

  • Spyro: We're back home.
  • Mario: Okie dokie.
  • Luigi: Wow.
  • Sparx: Oh, this is where you see all the dragonflies there.
  • Luigi: Dragonflies?
  • Sparx: Yes. There's a lot of them. Even my parents are there.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: If these penguins didn't like the warm, they like the cold.
  • Sparx: Good for you.
  • Mario: *land on the grass* Ah yeah.
  • Luigi: *land on the grass* Ah, paradise.
  • Spyro: This feel good.
  • Sparx: Come on everyone, there's a lot of dragonflies waiting for us.
  • Mario: Let's go.
  • Luigi: Ah, they're everywhere!
  • Sgt. James Byrd: They won't bite you.
  • Luigi: They alway land on my cap.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: They won't bite you silly.
  • Luigi: Oh.
  • Sparx: See? Bees and mosquitos alway bite.
  • Luigi: Glad i'm not having a fear.
  • Sparx: Me and my swarm migrate all over the world. I hope my parents are somewhere.
  • Spyro: Your parents?
  • Sparx: Yes. Come on guys, feel the fun of the dragonflies.
  • Luigi: More like fireflies.
  • Sparx: Fireflies are just for the night, watch how the song will go.
  • Mario: Like what? Sing a song?
  • Sparx: Yes. Now watch this. *spin around*
  • Mario: Wow.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: I did that once in my homeland.
  • Sparx: Oh cool, now in song form. *singing*

You would not believe your eyes

If ten million dragonflies

Lit up the world as I fell asleep

'Cause they'd fill the open air

And leave tear drops everywhere

You'd think me rude

But I would just stand and stare

  • Spyro:

I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

Cause everything is never as it seems

  • Sparx:

Cause I'd get a thousand hugs

From ten thousand lightning bugs

As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head

A sock hop beneath my hill

The disco ball is just hanging by a thread

  • Luigi: Thread, thread...
  • Spyro:

I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

Cause everything is never as it seems

  • Luigi: When I fall asleep.
  • Sparx: Leave my door open just a crack.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Please take me away from here.
  • Spyro: Cause I feel like such an insomniac.
  • Mario: Please take me away from here.
  • Luigi: Why do I tire of counting sheep?
  • Sparx: Please take me away from here.
  • Mario: When I'm far too tired to fall asleep.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Ha-ha.
  • Sparx:

To ten million dragonflies

I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes

I got misty eyes as they said farewell

  • Mario: Said farewell.
  • Sparx:

But I'll know where several are

If my dreams get real bizarre

'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

  • Luigi: Jar, jar, jar...
  • Sparx:

I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

'Cause everything is never as it seems

  • Spyro: When I fall asleep.
  • Sparx:

I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

(The song ended with a swarm of dragonflies in love)

  • Mario: Whoa. They're making a love of dragonflies.
  • Luigi: Look like a line of hearts.
  • Sparx: Ah, my homeland.
  • Spyro: Are you sure you were born in the Dragon Realms at first?
  • Sparx: Yes. Ever since we were babies, my parents took me to the place in Avalar where there's a lot of dragonflies.
  • Spyro: Hey. I knew you went to Avalar all the way before the Ripto incident.
  • Sparx: My swarm travel across dimensions.
  • Luigi: They warp from another to another?
  • Sparx: More like a vacation trip.
  • Mario: But why are we here? We were suppose to look for the Professor, not enjoy over a hill.
  • Spyro: This isn't a field trip you know. This is a mission to stop the X-Nauts for you guys from destroying the universe.
  • Mario: I know. I wonder where the warp pipe could be?
  • Luigi: I don't know. It's kinda hard to think with all of this type of music from the song we played today.
  • Spyro: It's a melody.
  • Mario: A melody?
  • Spyro: Yes. It's the rhythm of a song to play into a line of notes.
  • Luigi: Ah ha, i knew what music is all about since 2000.
  • Mario: Let's go rolling on the hill.
  • Spyro: Why would you roll on a hill like a hamster? This is a mission, not a fun fun kiddy thing to do.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Guys, i'm sensing a new encounter far from the forest.
  • Mario: What is it?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: A green dinosaur is on the way.
  • Mario: Yoshi?
  • Luigi: That must be him. How did he get into all the way here?
  • Mario: Maybe he was warped from the warp pipe. I think a warp pipe is somewhere around this universe.
  • Spyro: Lucky you. We got you home.
  • Luigi: Come on, i think he's coming this way.
  • Sparx: Are you sure about this?
  • Luigi: Yes. Thank goodness the nightmare is over.
  • Spyro: You're not lying to us, are you?
  • Mario: Nope.
  • Spyro: We trusted you on this. We also wanted you to make sure you're not bad guys.
  • Mario: That's not the point of the quest.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: There must be a gnorc problem around this world.
  • Luigi: Don't tell me that Gnasty Gnorc is back.
  • Spyro: It's not Gnasty Gnorc. It's some kind of dinosaur with the red shell on his back.
  • Mario: It may be coming from here.

(Back at Chateau Ripto, Sir Grodus is trying to work on the orb machine to warp dimensions)

  • Sir Grodus: Please make it work.
  • Ripto: I can't believe this.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: What can we do with the orbs?
  • Ripto: Just stick them you moron.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Don't call me a moron!
  • Ripto: Why you little?
  • Gulp: Are these orbs used to eat?
  • Crush: No! They are not candy!
  • Sir Grodus: Quiet you whooping horns. I'm trying to concentrate on the machine.
  • Crush: Come on guys, stick these orbs now.
  • Ripto: Fine. You wouldn't ask so far. *stick the orb to the machine*
  • Lord Crump: *stick the orb to the machine* There you go sweetheart.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: *stick the orb to the machine* Perfect-o.
  • Ripto: Now what is the next step?
  • Sir Grodus: Place all of them to the machine.
  • Ripto: Fine. Have it your way mister. *place all the orbs in the machine*
  • Sir Grodus: Rise the light up. Start to open portals everywhere in these worlds.
  • Lord Crump: Turn it up now.
  • Sir Grodus: It's time. *turn on the portals*

(The portals started to turn on in both Dragon Village and Summer Forest, Avalar)

  • Ripto: It's working.
  • Sir Grodus: Perfect. Now both Mario and Spyro will face us on our way here. You better get the orbs back you fools.

(Back in the grass hills)

  • Mario: What is going on?
  • Luigi: It bubbles.
  • Spyro: No it don't. It feel blurry now.
  • Sparx: Is the sky changing?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: No. I hear a report that someone is trying to merge these worlds together.
  • Sparx: No. It can't be.
  • Spyro: How is this happening?
  • Spyro: I'm not capable of seeing this blurry happen.
  • Luigi: You almost baffle me.
  • Spyro: I didn't start all of this.

(In another world, Yoshi is trying to reach to the sky until a portal open)

  • Yoshi: What the? *enter the portal to Summer Forest*

(Back at Chateau Ripto)

  • Ripto: Oops. Stop the machine!
  • Crush: *turn off the orb machine* It's not working right. It's blocking places in order to go to a different dimension.
  • Gulp: Can we eat the orbs now?
  • Ripto: No you food hog. Wail til' dinner time.
  • Gulp: Aw man. It feel worse than eating pasta.

(Yoshi enter Summer Forest from a strange portal)

  • Spyro: What was that?
  • Sparx: It stopped blurrying the image.
  • Mario: Yoshi!
  • Yoshi: *wake up* Where am i?
  • Luigi: Yoshi, it's us.
  • Yoshi: Mario, Luigi. You arrived.
  • Mario: Yes we did.
  • Luigi: We came along.
  • Spyro: Hey, look who we have here?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Kill the enemy?
  • Mario: No. Don't kill him. He's our best friend.
  • Yoshi: I raised them as babies. I'm like a daddy to them.
  • Sparx: He's a pet and a father? Unbelieveable.
  • Spyro: Well, that shouldn't happen.
  • Mario: Guys, stop. He's the one i was looking for. He watch over the castle and he live on his own island with his friends.
  • Yoshi: There's no need to be mean.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Who are you suppose to be? A turtle dragon?
  • Yoshi: I'm more of a dragon and a dinosaur. But i'm a Yoshi.
  • Spyro: Just like your name.
  • Sparx: Wow.
  • Mario: See? He's not that-a bad.
  • Luigi: You prove them Mario.
  • Yoshi: Thank goodness. We're back together.
  • Sparx: Look like we can go and meet our parents on our way here.
  • Spyro: Come on guys, we got a lot of things to do.
  • Mario: Let's a go.
  • Luigi: Okie dokie.
  • Yoshi: Yay.

(Back at Chateau Ripto)

  • Ripto: Darn it! We tried for minutes to get everything warped. Is warping a bad idea?
  • Sir Grodus: No. If you put much effort in it, it will work properly.
  • Lord Crump: It will get Mario and Spyro into your castle in our intelligence.
  • Crush: We forgot the princess!
  • Ripto: Blast those brain brats, i will fried them into meat tonight.
  • Gulp: Oh yeah, i would like a nacho chicken for sale.
  • Ripto: No dinner! You have a big breakfast last week.
  • Gulp: Uh oh. It goes down the drain.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: How about we try again?
  • Ripto: Exactly. Let do that again.

(Back at the hills, Sparx and the group meet up with the dragonflies)

  • Spyro: Wow. So many of them.
  • Luigi: In hundreds, in thousands, in millions.
  • Mario: Look at that.
  • Yoshi: Feel like a happy family.
  • Sparx: Oh, my parents are on the other side, follow me.
  • Mario: Here we go.

(At the lake)

  • Sparx: Are you seeing what i'm seeing?
  • Luigi: Is that a river?
  • Mario: It's a lake.
  • Luigi: Whoa, look at the fishes.
  • Spyro: Does it feel good to pop out?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Penguins alway eat fish. Back home, we used to eat every single fish in the world.
  • Spyro: You eat shrimp and krill?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Sometimes. But not all the time.
  • Sparx: There it is. Let's go.
  • Spyro: Come on guys.
  • Mario: Okie dokie.
  • Sparx: Hey mom and dad.
  • Nina: Oh, there my boy Sparx.
  • Flash: Looking sharp.
  • Sparx: Mom, dad, meet Spyro, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Sgt. James Byrd.
  • Flash: Hi everyone, up for a trip?
  • Luigi: We're not on a field trip. We're trying to look for the orbs.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Luigi is right. We're looking for the orbs sir.
  • Flash: That be fine.
  • Spyro: Hey, didn't you tell me that you crawled on my egg when you were a baby?
  • Sparx: Yeah. My mom lay a egg when i was inside next to your egg. The colony was trying to escape in the wrath of Gnasty Gnorc.
  • Spyro: That's why we're getting revenge on him.
  • Mario: There's nothing to hold us back down.
  • Flash: Are you guys brothers? You two look alike.
  • Mario: Yes. Me and Luigi are brothers. See the letters on our symbols in the caps?
  • Flash: Oh yes.
  • Nina: We like it.
  • Yoshi: I wish i have a cap.
  • Spyro: Look like there's trouble going on in these worlds.
  • Flash: That seem bad. Who causing it?
  • Mario: It must be the X-Nauts.
  • Nina: The X-Nauts?
  • Spyro: Yes. They're causing trouble around the world and we have to stop them from taking over the world.
  • Flash: That's why they're causing all the trouble.
  • Spyro: Yeah. I will burn them all to pieces.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: With my rockets, they will be dead and gone.
  • Flash: Are you guys ready to save the world?
  • Mario: Oh yes.
  • Luigi: We are going to save the world.
  • Yoshi: Yahoo.
  • Nina: Go after those X-Nauts now. We're counting on you.
  • Mario: Let's go, there have to be a way to get to the Professor.
  • Spyro: Here we go again.
  • Sparx: Bye mom and dad. I hope i be back by night time.
  • Flash: Stay safe son.
  • Sparx: I will.

(Back at Chateau Ripto)

  • Ripto: What should we do now?
  • Sir Grodus: Let's try again, we're warping them to the village.
  • Ripto: Interesting, now there would be a chance to kill all of the dragons in the village together.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Oh boy, i love to kill dragons.
  • Gulp: Come on, let's do it.
  • All: GULP!
  • Gulp: Oh, sorry.
  • Ripto: Now!
  • Sir Grodus: Yes sir. *press the portal button*
  • Ripto: Please make it work.

(The portal started to open up again in the hills of Summer Forest)

  • Spyro: What's going on?
  • Luigi: Not again.
  • Mario: What's this?
  • Yoshi: Let's try.
  • Sparx: Whoa, where are you heading kiddo?
  • Yoshi: Um....?
  • Sparx: No Um. I'm just asking you something.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: He sound like one.
  • Luigi: Don't say that.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Oops.
  • Luigi: Come on, let's go in.
  • Mario: Okie dokie. *enter the portal*
  • Luigi: Not bad. *enter the portal*
  • Spyro: Did they just enter the portal? Let's go.
  • Yoshi: Okay.

(Yoshi, Sparx, Spyro and Sgt. James Byrd enter the portal. Back at Chateau Ripto, the X-Nauts were cheering for the portal plan.)

  • Ripto: Yes!
  • Sir Grodus: I love it.
  • Lord Crump: They got inside.
  • Ripto: New plan. Let's bring back the rest of the X-Nauts back to life.
  • Crush: Good idea chomp.
  • Gulp: Woo hoo.
  • Ripto: Crush, you're a genius, i will bring them all back.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Ah ha, he approve.
  • Sir Grodus: Perfect. Make it work.
  • Ripto: Now to bring the X-Nauts back to life.
  • Sir Grodus: Finally, let's do it.
  • Ripto: Here it goes. *turn on the machine*

(The machine started to work)

  • Sir Grodus: Bring all of my members back to life.
  • Lord Crump: This is going to be a good one.

(The X-Nauts are revealed back to life with the power of the orbs)

  • Ripto: Wow.
  • Crush: So many of them.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Holy cream.
  • Gulp: More lunch!
  • Ripto: Yes, yes! It's working.
  • Sir Grodus: Welcome back my friends, your leader here is back with a normal body. Now this will be the chance to take over the world and no one can stop us now!
  • Lord Crump: Alright Sir Grodus, get ready.
  • Sir Grodus: This will take some time to get everyone back to life. Everything will be mine. *evil laugh*

(Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Spyro, Sparx and Sgt. James Byrd arrive to the Dragon Village from a portal)

  • Mario: Whoa.
  • Yoshi: Back here again?
  • Spyro: Look like a fun place. I've been there before.
  • Sparx: This feel like a town.
  • Yoshi: This is a dragon town?
  • Spyro: Everyone can be one.
  • Yoshi: I'm a dragon.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Where are your wings?
  • Yoshi: Oh my, i think the Final Smash is used for one of my forms.
  • Sparx: He's not a dragon?
  • Luigi: He's a dinosaur.
  • Spyro: I never met you before. You knew the timeline is going right with the portal we warped in.
  • Yoshi: Oh yeah.
  • Spyro: We'll see about that.

(The portal closes from Dragon Village. Back at Chateau Ripto.)

  • Sir Grodus: Welcome back everyone, i really really miss you guys so much after the explosion in the fortress at the moon.
  • Lord Crump: Oh, is there a chance of bringing TEC-XX back to life?
  • Sir Grodus: No. TEC-XX is dead already. The lab is already blowed up to pieces.
  • Lord Crump: Right sir. All of our members are revived.
  • Ripto: It's so good to be in your group.
  • Crush: Kudos to you.
  • Gulp: Yep. I feel like eating a chicken sandwich already.
  • Ripto: No time for chicken sandwiches and burgers you food man!
  • Gulp: Uh oh.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: With a bigger army, we need to get the Riptocs and the Gnorcs together for the big war. The Mushroom Kingdom is the only target we got.
  • Ripto: Excellent. That's what i need.
  • Sir Grodus: Gnasty Gnorc, go to your castle and invite some of your gnorcs to the castle for a bigger army of the X-Nauts.
  • Gnasty Gnorc: Right away master.
  • Sir Grodus: And make it quick. We're going to make an announcement soon. Even a bigger one than a meeting...
  • Lord Crump: Sir Grodus, do you have plans to rebuild my Magnus Von Grapple?
  • Sir Grodus: Oh yes, that be part of it.
  • Lord Crump: Yes. We will be powerful and no one can stop us now.
  • Sir Grodus: Everything will be destroyed by morning.

(Back at the Mushroom Kingdom in Acorn Plains, Waddlewings are seen flying to the Acorn Tree as the Goombas are walking into the lake. Bowser and Kammy are walking to the forest in search of the Mario Brothers.)

  • Bowser: First we went to the castle, then we went to the Goomba Village, and now we're in the Acorn Plains for nothing! What are we doing here?
  • Kammy: We're looking for Mario and Luigi. We should see Dr. Toadley for the help.
  • Bowser: Why Dr. Toadley? I don't need his help. I can find them on my own. I'm not a baby like my son is.

(A baby koopa in a egg sneaked into the bush to spy on Bowser and Kammy)

  • Kammy: He know where Mario and Luigi is.
  • Bowser: No one than Dr. Toadley can find Mario and Luigi. He's in another dimension right now!
  • Jr. Troopa: *pop out of the bush* Ah ha!
  • Bowser: Jr. Troopa? What are you doing here?
  • Jr. Troopa: Who's standing in my spot?
  • Bowser: There is no spot for you to hide.
  • Kammy: Relax kid, it been ages since we met.
  • Jr. Troopa: Trying to pass me? Now i'm going to fight you.
  • Bowser: Huh? I didn't do anything wrong.
  • Jr. Troopa: That's it, you asked for it. 3, 2, 1. *run and punch Bowser fast in the feet*
  • Bowser: What are you doing?
  • Jr. Troopa: What do i look like i'm doing? Punching in the feer?
  • Bowser: Can you stop talking for one minute?!
  • Jr. Troopa: Ooh, the King of the Koopas know how to shut up like a Goomba.
  • Bowser: *move Jr. Troopa to the right* Out of the way.
  • Jr. Troopa: Hey, you can't take my place from me.
  • Kammy: Beat it kid.
  • Bowser: Go find a place for you to hide.
  • Jr. Troopa: Fine! You win, but next time if you come close to my newer home, i will crush your shell with a hammer.
  • Bowser: I'll burn your nest around.
  • Jr. Troopa: What a dinosaur.

(Back with Mario's group at the Dragon Village)

  • Mario: Where are we heading?
  • Spyro: We should catch me with the Professor by now.
  • Ember: Oh hi Spyro.
  • Spyro: Ember? What are you doing here?
  • Ember: I just wanted to come and say hi.
  • Spyro: I don't have time to hang out now. I have a mission to do.
  • Ember: A mission? What type of mission? A rescue mission?
  • Spyro: No. We need to get the orbs back from Ripto and the X-Nauts.
  • Yoshi: Is she your sister?
  • Spyro: She's not my sister. I never had a sister in my life.
  • Ember: You look like one, cause you like me.
  • Luigi: Aww, let the romance begins.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Hey.
  • Luigi: What did you do that for?
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Just leave him alone.
  • Luigi: Fine.
  • Mario: Wanna join us?
  • Spyro: Don't say that.
  • Sparx: Oh look, here come Flame.
  • Flame: Hey guys, how it's going.
  • Spyro: Whoa, look who decided to show up.
  • Flame: My buddy Spyro. You still have that dragonfly friend with you?
  • Spyro: Yeah, he has been around since childhood.
  • Flame: Looking good purple boy. Hey, we should play tag together after the meeting.
  • Ember: I was going to hang out with Spyro.
  • Spyro: Hey.
  • Mario: What's a going on around here?
  • Luigi: Is he your twin brother?
  • Spyro: He's my friend. He sure do look like me except with the nose.
  • Flame: Up for a game of tag?
  • Spyro: No thanks. I have a journey to go to.
  • Mario: It's more of a quest.
  • Flame: Well ok. Catch you up later on the other side kiddo. *leave*
  • Ember: I catch you up later Spyro. I hope we can go on a date to Town Square later on.
  • Spyro: A date? Why?
  • Ember: I know you like me. *leave*
  • Luigi: That was close.
  • Spyro: Yeah, she alway catches up with me.
  • Sparx: She would have gotten a dragonfly in the first place.
  • Spyro: Uh huh. I don't have to be bothered ever again.
  • Mario: Can we continue on the quest?
  • Spyro: Oh sure, let's keep on going.
  • Mario: Okie dokie.
  • Luigi: Let's go.

(Meanwhile, Princess Peach is teleported to a unknown hidden place as the genie shows up in front of Peach)

  • Bombo: Well, well, well, what do we have here?
  • Handel: I don't know. Why did you bring a princess there?
  • Greta: Is she pretty with pigtails?
  • Bombo: She's not wearing one. One of the riptocs have returned and i'm trying to reheal her powers in order to get back into the group with the red plumber. Don't worry, this will take some time to reheal. *reheal Princess Peach with his powers*
  • Handel: What should we do now?
  • Bombo: Go on kids, go see Agent Zero for some spy training.
  • Handel: Okay Bombo.
  • Greta: We'll be back soon.
  • Bombo: Gosh, what a day.

(At the Cloudy Domain, a yellow-gold dragon elder who goes by the name Titan is sensing across the world, finding out about the Mario brothers)

  • Titan: *eyes close while sensing* Oh my, the brothers came along with a purple dragon. Even a green dinosaur is there.

(Back at the Dragon Village)

  • Mario: Are we going to enter the stores?
  • Spyro: No. Everytime i enter, Moneybags show up like crazy.
  • Luigi: Wait, he dashes everywhere he go?
  • Spyro: I enter a store once and he did show up like a jackrabbit. No way i'm going there.
  • Sparx: That's bad.
  • Yoshi: Uh oh.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Time alway tell.
  • Sparx: Is there anything to go?
  • Yoshi: No.
  • Spyro: Listen pal, you came here and you can do anything you want. It's you and me pal.
  • Yoshi: Oh.
  • Spyro: How about a little song for you.
  • Yoshi: A song?
  • Spyro: I'll tell the band next to us and play a song together.
  • Yoshi: Why? Why would i sing in front of people?
  • Spyro: Cause i feel like it. You gotta feel the power of it like the 90's.
  • Yoshi: Okie dokie.
  • Luigi: Not another one.
  • Mario: Relax brother, we don't live here and we don't make the rules here.
  • Spyro: *meet up with the dragon band* Hey guys, mind as well if you can play a little song?
  • Band Member #1: Oh sure.
  • Band Member #2: I do it for you.
  • Yoshi: Hello.
  • Spyro: Let's hit it.
  • Band Member #3: Okie dokie. *play the song*
  • Yoshi: Wow.
  • Spyro: Alright my man, we just met. This is how it goes. *singing*

I'm not surprised, not everything lasts

I've broken my heart so many times I stopped keeping track

Talk myself in, I talk myself out

I get all worked up then I let myself down

  • Sparx:

I tried so very hard not to lose it

I came up with a million excuses

I thought, I thought of every possibility

  • Yoshi:

And I know some day that it'll all turn out

You'll make me work so we can work to work it out

And I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I get

I just haven't met you yet

  • Luigi: Hmm... hmm.
  • Mario: What you think of?
  • Luigi: Pasta and pizza.
  • Mario: Pasta and pizza? Yummy.
  • Spyro:

I might have to wait, I'll never give up

I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck

Wherever you are, whenever it's right

You'll come out of nowhere and into my life

  • Sparx:

And I know that we can be so amazing

And dinosaur your day is gonna change me

And now I can see every possibility

  • Yoshi:

Somehow I know that it'll all turn out

You'll make me work so we can work to work it out

And promise you kid I'll give so much more than I get

I just haven't met you yet

  • Sgt. James Byrd:

They say all's fair in love and war

But I won't need to fight it

We'll get it right and we'll be united

  • Luigi: Everyone come, Yoshi and Spyro are about to sing! Everyone come!
  • Mario: Luigi!
  • Everyone: *cheer for Yoshi and Spyro by running to them*
  • Mario: Luigi!
  • Luigi: Sorry, i brought the fangirls in.

(The village started to be crowded, in which Tomas and Mrs. Shoutfire are on the way to the place)

  • Tomas: What is going on?
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Is that a green dinosaur?
  • Tomas: I see Spyro and the green boy jumping over to the top of the building.

(At the top of the building where Yoshi and Spyro are)

  • Yoshi:

And I know that we can be so amazing

And being in your life is gonna change me

And now I can see every single possibility

  • Spyro:

And someday I know it'll all turn out

And I'll work to work it out

Promise you kid I'll give more than I get, than I get, than I get, than I get

  • Yoshi:

Oh you know it'll all turn out

And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out

And promise you kid to give so much more than I get yeah

I just haven't met you yet

  • Spyro: *fly down to the ground*
  • Yoshi: *jump to the ground*
  • Spyro:

I just haven't met you yet

Oh promise you kid to give so much more than I get

  • The Chorus: *hold hands and sing* We said love love love love love love love.
  • Yoshi: I just haven't met you yet.
  • Sparx: Yeah, I just haven't met you yet.

(Everyone cheered for Yoshi and Spyro with Luigi clapping hard on Yoshi with Mario being impressed)

  • Luigi: Bravo! Bravo! This is the best song yet of the 20's!
  • Mario: 1920 you say?
  • Luigi: No. 2004.
  • Mario: Oh.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Man, they sing very good.
  • Tomas: Alright everyone, what do we have here.
  • Yoshi: Uh oh.
  • Spyro: Elder Tomas!
  • Tomas: Spyro, you came.
  • Spyro: You sure did.
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Who is that green dinosaur?
  • Spyro: Oh, his name is Yoshi. We brought him to this world along with his owners Mario and Luigi.
  • Mario: Hola.
  • Luigi: Um...hi?
  • Mrs. Shoutfire: Hi there. You are welcome to be here.
  • Luigi: We're not in trouble?
  • Tomas: No. You're not in trouble. What brings you here?
  • Spyro: I need to warn you. There is a group of X-Nauts planning to dominate the whole world. It could destroy both the Mushroom Kingdom and the Dragon Kingdom together. We need these guys to train in order to stop the X-Nauts.
  • Mario: What?
  • Luigi: Why did you ask?
  • Tomas: Oh, good morning my new students. You are going to be with me as your new lesson.
  • Mario: How long will we be here for?
  • Tomas: A month until you stop the X-Nauts.
  • Luigi: A month? But we have a castle to take care.
  • Mario: We can't dump Princess Peach just to be captured by Bowser.
  • Tomas: Don't worry about danger things coming to your world, i need you to come over to my house for some training.
  • Luigi: Fine Tomas, you win.
  • Mario: Let's a go.
  • Sgt. James Byrd: Come on everyone, look like school is about to start.
  • Spyro: I hope Ember and Flame didn't find out about the song. I bet they didn't give me hugs on my way here.
  • Sparx: I bet they heard. You see what happen.
  • Spyro: Oh shush it dragonfly. You're alway a companion to me.
  • Sparx: Best of friends, you are alway a friend to me.
  • Spyro: Other than Hunter, everyone loves me and they even know my name from other worlds.


Mario and Spyro: ATOPAD Chapter 5
Full title: Mario and Spyro: A Tale of Plumber and Dragon (Chapter 5)

Now this is the part where it become a musical! Oh, Dragonflies is a parody of Fireflies by Owl City. Enjoy the next chapter.....finally!

Super Mario (c) Nintendo

Spyro the Dragon (c) Sony, Activision
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Go practice on your own. by SuperMarioFan65 art stamp. by xkidsgotstars What My Gallery Isn't by Caria Mario Kart Wii Stamp by Nintendo-WF-Club Stamp - Pizza and Coke by zurisu Angry Birds Toons stamp by SheiksDWeirdo Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Stamp breakfast by Galaxy-Tomoko Stamp ice-cream by Galaxy-Tomoko Stamp starbucks by Galaxy-Tomoko Stamp sushi by Galaxy-Tomoko STAMP - Mr. Game and Watch by SpontaniousCombustio .~MarioxPeach Stamp V~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess Disney Stamp - Aladdin 014 by hanakt For Games by SuperMarioFan65 For Movies and Shows by SuperMarioFan65 I said they should die and I got blocked WAHH WAHH by Little-rolling-bean Super Smash Stamp by Kyllian Colorful Stamp by TheRoyalDonkey Stamp: No To Homeworks by TranceFair cake pop stamp by sinnamonstamps Bases Seriously? by XNightMelody Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt Gushers by LaundrySoapman Webkinz need more love! by SuperMarioFan65 Johnny Rocketfingers Stamp by Speed-Up Henry Stickmin series Stamp by MixelTime support dancing penguins stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 Kill yourself, I am too nice to kill you myself. by Little-rolling-bean I Support Mario RPG Characters Stamp by Fawfulthegreat64 'I'M GONNA BE AN ASS TO THIS RANDOM PERSON!' by World-Hero21 Pervy Globox Stamp by xAl-Artsx Star Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang I can't believe I have to explain this to people by Roseyicywolf spyro stamp by egraut C-3PO Stamp by Shaiger R2-D2 Stamp by Shaiger Kung Fu Panda Stamp by tu-tu-pa Rio Blu Jewel Stamp by Kevfin Dragon Ball Z stamp by Bourbons3 .:Earthworm Jim (SNES):. by Mitochondria-Raine 'New' Stamp by Wierdtails Thor Ragnarok - Korg Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Art Theft Stamp by sammich Learn The Rules People by MamaBearShiva comment by Sandgroan I love Walruses by WishmasterAlchemist Rayman Stamp by b0untyhunters Mario Stamp by DIA-TLOA Super Mario Maker Stamp by SuperMarioEmblem Mario Stamp by yukidarkfan Mario Kart 8 stamp by Officer-Luke Super Mario Bros Stamp by laprasking Super Mario Bros 2 Stamp by laprasking Super Mario Bros 3 Stamp by laprasking Super Mario Series Stamps : Super Mario World by Kevfin Happy Feet and Surf's Up need more love by SuperMarioFan65 The Avengers Stamp by QueenJulien Superman Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Spiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980 X-Men Stamp by nakashimariku Ant Man Stamp by Vander-Decken-lX Toy Story Stamp by AtashiChan Shrek Stamp by winter-ame Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Stamp by LoudNoises Club Penguin - Smile Penguin Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Chilly Willy Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 The Pebble and the Penguin - Hubie Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Surf's Up - Cody Maverick Stamp by SuperMarioFan65

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P.S: I am surrounded by all the DA users with "MarioFan" XD.



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