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Admirable Animations #3: Brain Drain by SuperMarioFan65
Admirable Animations #3: Brain Drain
Meme belongs to :iconmrenter:

Kowalski's brain is down on this admirable review. Let's find out.

NOTE 1: S2 EP. means Season 2. Episode

NOTE 2: The Penguins of Madagascar is owned by DreamWorks Animation.

(In space, the heroes are flying while they were tired from the battle againist Vibuu)

  • Esequiel: We are going back to the Internet World.
  • Shippo: The one with the city is called the Internet Planet. We were there as our arrival.
  • Josesito: The city is the main one.
  • Vats: Esequiel, thank you for everything in my kind. I love you when you defeat a villain.
  • Esequiel: Yeah. Even like acting like a adelie penguin. A emperor can do what kind of it's species.
  • Shippo: I don't understand what you're talking about, but I'll take your word for it.
  • Vats: We will be landing on the moon shortly.
  • Shippo: Very good.
  • Esequiel: Oh, we will crash land here since we wasted a lot of power there.

(The heroes landed on the moon of the Internet World)

  • Josesito: Gosh.
  • Montay: Oh. The Internet World is there.
  • Vats: This is where me, Black and Blue live.
  • Esequiel: We should get back to the Internet Planet by now.
  • Montay: Our planet is right there where the Internet Heroes live.
  • Black: We should get back by now.
  • Montay: How should we get back to the Internet Planet?
  • Esequiel: We need a plan.
  • Montay: We're gonna have to jump together to get back to the Internet Planet.
  • Shippo: We do what we have to do.
  • Esequiel: Okay. We will do it.

(The heroes hold their fins and jumped together as they went back to the Internet Planet. At the White House, everyone is celebrating the defeat of Vibuu.)

  • Professor Digital: Our one and only hero who defeated Vibuu is Josesito. You guys helped him to stop this evil monster that tried to destroy the world. Black. You will be the new president.

(Everyone cheered for Black as he became the new president of the Internet Planet)

  • Black: Greetings my friends. Our world is safe. We're gonna have to cleam this place up and sent the virus monsters to the junkyard as they fall into the lava.

(Everyone cheered again. In a grass hill.)

  • Vats: Kids. We done it for all.
  • Esequiel: This is like the real world again. Vats. As a mentor to you. You're the best one i got.
  • Vats: I know. Everything is perfectly fine.

(Montay saw a broken satellite that Vats destroyed which is on the ground)

  • Montay: Guys. That the satellite we found!
  • Vats: No! Don't touch that.
  • Shippo: Virus and Vabuu are gone. We can fix it before going back to the Adélie Inventions Corp.
  • Esequiel: That the secret weapon Vabuu used to destroy the Internet World.
  • Vats: Ahhh. Fine. Keep it. We're gonna fix it to get your wi-fi back.
  • Shippo: We need that wi-fi.
  • Vats: We fix it.
  • Shippo: Let's get to it, then.
  • Esequiel: I'll take it to Professor Digital. He's a inventor like me.

(While Professor Digital is with Blue, Esequiel and the friends show up)

  • Professor Digital: Esequiel?
  • Esequiel: Fix this for me. We have to get back to the real world.
  • Professor Digital: Sure thing. We will do it together.
  • Esequiel: Alright.

(At Professor Digital's lab. Esequiel and Digital started working on the broken satellite as they fix it. One hour later, the satellite is new and fixed in a new look of style.)

  • Esequiel: Awazing.
  • Black: This is great.
  • Blue: Now the real world heroes can go back.
  • Vats: Esequiel. Take care.
  • Shippo: What about the wi-fi?
  • Professor Digital: Wi-Fi is fixed there.
  • Esequiel: Hey Vats. Coming with us?
  • Vats: No. I have my own home in my own game. I'm a villain of a main antagonist. But a protagonist with you guys.
  • Esequiel: You reformed to good?
  • Vats: Yes. I told you before at the beach.
  • FPP Robot: So? Can we take down the "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito" game?
  • Esequiel: No. Keep it.
  • FPP Robot: Okay. I hope, you guys come back someday.
  • Black: We will be waiting.
  • Esequiel: Goodbye guys.
  • Professor Digital: Goodbye Esequiel.

(The satellite begin to teleport Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito back to the Adélie Inventions Corp)

  • Esequiel: We're back!
  • Worker #1: Esequiel! You're back.
  • Worker #2: It been like 2 hours to come back with a new one.
  • Montay: We got our new satellite and we can get your power back.
  • Shippo: Oh yeah. The wi-fi is one of them.
  • Esequiel: Make it float.

(The satellite float and connect to the power as the wi-fi is now back at the corp)

  • Esequiel: Yes! My raddar works again.
  • Josesito: Now i can go back to work.
  • Montay: Hey Esequiel, will you take me and Shippo home?
  • Shippo: Our parents have been worried about us.
  • Esequiel: You have the ability to fly. We learn that together when we first got super powers.
  • Montay: Cool. I hope Vats can teach us about that.
  • Shippo: We're ready to go.
  • Esequiel: Alright kids. Take care. Be safe.
  • Montay: We will.

(Montay and Shippo teleported back to Cape Adare)

  • Montay: Mom! Dad! Cho Cho!
  • Fastino: Montay!
  • Hersila: We miss you.

(Arbert licked Montay like a dog)

  • Montay: Arbert.
  • Arbert: Oh Montay, it's so good to have you back.
  • Cho Cho: We have been looking for you.
  • Montay: Yeah. It been like a hour to get back here.
  • Hersila: Son. Since you were gone. I made you some fish.
  • Fastino: I decided to be the best cook on Earth.
  • Shippo: Really? We heard about that.
  • Montay: Even Phoenix cooks good.
  • Shippo: Goodbye Montay. I'll see you later.
  • Montay: You bet Shippo.

(Shippo teleports himself back to Snow Hill Island)

  • Shippo: It's good to be back.
  • Phoenix: Shippo!
  • Shippo: Dad!
  • Catherine: It's so good to have you back.
  • Shippo: The pool is closed because i miss it?
  • Phoenix: No. It's finally open. They made it bigger than a square.
  • Shippo: Cool. Now i can see all of my friends from school there.
  • Catherine: You have it. There you go.

(Shippo runs to the pool as Esequiel started to narrate)

  • Esequiel: Antarctica is safe for all. I saved the Internet World with everyone.

(At the Internet World, Black is doing paper work on his new job. Surge, Plug, Vats and FPP Robot are riding on the "Penguin Sliders" game, Blue is dancing with Ro-Ro at the Internet World Dance Club, the polices are fixing the Internet World Prison and the workers at the junkyard are sending the virus monsters to the big bucket of lava to kill them off)

  • Esequiel: Black is now doing paper work on his new job. Surge, Plug, Vats and FPP Robot are riding on the "Penguin Sliders" game we went, Blue is dancing with Ro-Ro at the Internet World Dance Club, because he is a huge fan of him, the polices are fixing the Internet World Prison just because that i saved my friends with Black before Virus come, and the workers at the junkyard are sending the virus monsters to the big bucket of lava to kill them off. Just because they don't work anymore. We have Montay's elementary school graduation.

(At Montay's elementary school graduation)

  • Principal: We will all miss you 5th graders and now you're moving on to 6th grade.

(Esequiel, Josesito, Erik and Shippo watched people taking pictures of Montay with his diploma)

  • Esequiel: Montay is getting pictures without us?
  • Erik: Maybe, we can join him.
  • Shippo: Yeah, that's a good idea.
  • Josesito: Come on, we need Montay's attention.

(Esequiel, Josesito, Erik and Shippo joins in with Montay)

  • Montay: Esequiel? What the hell are you doing here?
  • Esequiel: We want a picture together. Please? With your friends.
  • Montay: Um.....Fine. You're my best friend and idol Esequiel.
  • Esequiel: Thanks, we're getting ready to smile.

(Esequiel, Montay, Shippo, Josesito and Erik smiled together as the picture was taken)



(At Mrs. Monica's class)

  • Mrs. Monica: Montay, one of my best classmates. Gonna miss him. Wait. I live in Cape Adare and i will visit him someday.



EMSJ4: Into the Internet World Chapter 4/Epilogue
The last part is here. Goodbye Season 3. Season 4, i will see you in August.
EMSJ watching the fireworks by SuperMarioFan65
EMSJ watching the fireworks
Since it is the fourth of july, Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito are watching the fireworks at Paulet Island for the celebration.

Esequiel, Montay and Josesito are owned by me.

Shippo (the emperor penguin chick) is owned by :iconbird-lover25:

Happy Feet is owned by Warner Bros. and George Miller.

(As the heroes left to go after the white house, meanwhile, Virus was flying to go back into his lair)

  • Virus: Man. Every time i fight the penguins. I lose.
  • Vabuu: Virus. You're here.
  • Virus: Vibuu?
  • Vabuu: The secret weapon is here.
  • Virus: Oh, thanks. This is a perfect plan.

(The Alloy Penguins arrive back)

  • Red Alloy: We're back master.
  • Virus: Hello guys?
  • Vabuu: Alloys. Meet my little brother Virus.
  • Blue Alloy: Hello there.
  • Virus: Hi baby cakes.
  • Vabuu: Our new plan is to destroy the Internet World.
  • Virus: We will also free the locked Virus Monsters to destroy everything.
  • Vabuu: Good idea sir.
  • Red Alloy: This is wonderful.

(Outside of the White House)

  • Esequiel: This is like the white house from the real world.
  • Black: This is the Internet World. We live here.
  • Montay: This place?
  • Blue: No. We have homes.
  • Shippo: Um guys, I sense big trouble going to happen.
  • Montay: What?
  • Vats: I heard everything about Virus and Vabuu. They want us to come now.
  • Blue: Yeah. Professor Digital may be at the white house.
  • Black: Let's go.

(At the white house)

  • Blue: What a beautiful place.
  • Shippo: There is also a water fountain there.
  • Montay: Let's go. Find Professor Digital.

(At Professor Digital's Lab)

  • Black: He's there.
  • Esequiel: He has a lab at the white house?
  • Professor Digital: Hello my fellow boys. What do you need?
  • Blue: My rocket ship broke. Take us to Virus and Vabuu now.
  • Professor Digital: Oh no. Don't visit them. There's viruses.
  • Black: No. We are here to stop them.
  • Professor Digital: Very well. When i was your age. I failed on stopping them. You guys will stop them for good.
  • Esequiel: We will. We have the power to stop those guys. We will save the Internet World for all. We live in Antarctica and we have to get back there soon.
  • Montay: Esequiel is right. We got time left to do.
  • Josesito: We should learn.
  • Professor Digital: Correct. You guys will create a portal to Virus and Vabuu's lab.
  • Montay: We will. Let's do it.

(Vats create a power ball as Esequiel test it to form a portal)

  • Esequiel: I did it. We are here to stop Virus and Vabuu.
  • Professor Digital: You guys did it. Go after him.
  • Esequiel: Let's go.

(The penguins arrive at Virus and Vabuu's lair by entering the portal)

  • Virus: No! Not you!
  • Esequiel: We're here to stop you.
  • Vabuu: Fools.
  • Shippo: You and Virus are the fools!
  • Red Alloy: What about us?
  • Yellow Alloy: You remember us.
  • Esequiel: Virus. You're plan is over! It's time for you six to die.
  • Virus: You can never stop me.
  • Esequiel: You're a pain in the neck.
  • Vabuu: My wings are much powerful than all of you.
  • Vats: I will stop Vabuu.
  • Blue: We will get rid of these guys.
  • Black: We still need to stop the alloys.
  • Esequiel: Alright. It's time to battle.

(Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito begin to fight the alloy penguins as Black and Blue fight Virus. Vats is also fighting Vabuu.)

  • Vats: See how much that you can get?

(Vats use turbo blast on Vabuu as his wings came on and attack Vats)

  • Vats: Ow.
  • Vabuu: That what you get.

(Esequiel use fire punch on Red Alloy. Montay buttkick on Blue Alloy. Shippo uses his ice shards on Yellow Alloy.)

  • Yellow Alloy: Shift!

(Shippo slapped Yellow Alloy and Josesito slam into Green Alloy's head)

  • Green Alloy: Gosh.

(Black and Blue used their power ball attack on Virus)

  • Virus: God damn! Two monsters!
  • Black: This is for the internet.
  • Blue: This is for the real world.
  • Virus: You two are finished!

(Black and Blue power up and continue fighting Virus. Vats was fighting Vabuu too until his wings grow back.)

  • Vats: What the?
  • Vabuu: You will never stop me.

(Vats used lighting punch on Vabuu)

  • Vabuu: The wings will always protect me.

(Shippo used snowball punch on Yellow Alloy)

  • Yellow Alloy: NO! NO! NO!

(Montay use ice blast on Blue Alloy and hit it on Yellow Alloy)

  • Blue Alloy: No! No!
  • Montay: We done it for all.

(Esequiel was fire fighting Red Alloy)

  • Red Alloy: Ha, ha, ha. You can't stop me now.
  • Esequiel: Montay and Shippo. Stop him!

(Montay and Shippo fight againist Red Alloy)

  • Esequiel: Josesito!

(Esequiel punched Green Alloy's head)

  • Josesito: Thanks.
  • Shippo: Together we can win this!

(As they fight Red Alloy, Black and Blue used their ice spear on Virus)

  • Virus: Curse you Black!

(With Vats, he was fighting Vabuu until his chain of lights attacked him)

  • Vats: Ahh. Ow!
  • Vabuu: Side Spear! *use side spear and attacked Vats which landed on Red Alloy*
  • Esequiel: Vats?
  • Vats: You're enemy is dead. Defeat Vabuu now.

(Vabuu transform giant and used his duel eyes laser on the heroes)

  • Virus: Ha, ha, ha! That what you get!

(Black punched Virus' belly)

  • Virus: No!
  • Vabuu: *form back to his original form* Brother!
  • Virus: Stop those guys!

(Vabuu open his wings and attacked Black and Blue)

  • Black: His wings are powerful!
  • Vabuu: I will kill you now!

(Vats destroyed one of Vabuu's wings)

  • Vabuu: No!
  • Vats: You won't be using them anymore!
  • Virus: Vabuu, destroy the heroes!
  • Vabuu: No. You take charge of the secret weapon.
  • Virus: You go do it! I'll use the secret weapon to take over the world.
  • Vabuu: That's LATER!
  • Virus: NO, IT NOT!
  • Vabuu: Here this motherfisher!

(Vabuu uses his wings to kill Virus)

  • Vats: How come his wings grow back? I thought i destroyed them.
  • Shippo: They grew quicky.

(Virus faint to the floor with grey blood as metal)

  • Vabuu: I will fuse you and the alloys. We will be powerful than ever.
  • Vats: Vabuu, destroy your secret weapon now! Leave the Internet World in peace!
  • Vabuu: No! My time has come. You can't tell me what to do!
  • Shippo: Alright heroes, let's fuse!
  • Vats: No! Don't fuse anymore. We have to save the world by using our own powers.
  • Shippo: Look at the four of us, we're just children!
  • Vats: I know. We're a team.
  • Vabuu: Now, my secret weapon is revealed!

(The secret weapon was revealed to a satellite, which was upgraded to be a gun)

  • Vabuu: Fuse me now!

(The satellite gun lasers at Vabuu, Virus and the alloy penguins to fuse until a earthquake snifts at the lair)

  • Esequiel: Cover yourselfs!

(The entire lair transform into a battle stage and Vabuu is fused into Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: Yes! I am the most powerful virus of the Internet World!
  • Montay: I know who caused it. You DID!
  • Vibuu: Now i will take over the Internet World and release all of my virus monsters i created 100 years ago.
  • Black: My worst enemy. You will LOSE!
  • Vibuu: I will free the virus monsters.

(Vibuu use his satellite gun and shoot it at the digital-city like place. The glass cells are broken and the virus monsters are free to take over the Internet World.)

  • Vibuu: Now. I will destroy you all.

(Vats laser shot at the satellite gun and destroy it for good)

  • Esequiel: No! The satellite!
  • Vats: It's dangerous. I destroyed it!
  • Vibuu: My secret weapon. No!
  • Montay: Now we can't get the wi-fi back. All thanks to you Vibuu.
  • Vibuu: With my new powers, you can't stop me.
  • Esequiel: Guys. Destroy him!

(The heroes begin to fight Vibuu)

  • Black: Come on. Take all you want.

(Black and Blue use side spear on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: God! What have you done!
  • Montay: Ready to fight me.
  • Vibuu: Sure.

(Montay and Vibuu fight together)

  • Esequiel: Shippo, what can you do?
  • Shippo: Let team together.
  • Esequiel: Good idea.

(Esequiel and Shippo fight Vibuu)

  • Montay: Get him Shippo! You're the man.

(Vats uses chain of lights on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: No!
  • Shippo: Yes!
  • Vats: I didn't know you have the same as me.

(Vats continue to fight Vibuu)

  • Black: Blue take this!

(Black throw the bomb to Blue and hit it to Vibuu as it booms)

  • Vibuu: I knew it! It was you!
  • Black: We're caught.
  • Blue: Black, use something.

(Black uses his ice spear on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: You can never stop me!
  • Shippo: We can and we will!

(Back at the Internet World City)

  • Surge: Plug, any news for our new building?
  • Plug: We're making an apartment.
  • FPP Robot: This is where people will go and move there with their stuff.

(A group of Virus Monsters appear and attacking the people and city)

  • Surge: Oh no! Virus Monsters!
  • Plug: They are back! We have to do something!

(3 Virus monsters who are scorpions begin to attack the building)

  • Surge: I'll take care of this!

(Back at the battle with Vibuu)

  • Esequiel: *use ice punch on Vibuu*
  • Vibuu: You can never stop me.

(Vats, Black and Blue use fire blast on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: I hate you all!

(Montay used spin dash on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: Ow. God damn.

(Shippo uses his power blast on Vibuu)

  • Vats: Okay. I'll take charge.

(Vats power up and fight againist Vibuu)

  • Esequiel: Josesito. What will we do?
  • Josesito: We will break his wings.
  • Montay: His wings are powerful and there's too hard to break.
  • Shippo: *checking on Esequiel's raddar on the city* Um, guys? The virus monsters are out and attacking the people in the city.
  • Montay: Don't worry. They will get rid of them.

(Vibuu uses his dark cannon on Black)

  • Blue: Black!
  • Black: me.

(Vibuu uses his bullet rain and attack on the people of the city)

  • Vibuu: There.
  • Vats: Leave the people *power up* ALONE! 
  • Vibuu: Alright. We're gonna fight together.
  • Vats: You know when i'm ready.
  • Shippo: We heroes are always ready.
  • Esequiel: Montay, charge Black while we fight Vibuu.
  • Montay: Yes sir. I did the same problem to Carlos.

(Esequiel, Shippo and Josesito join in to fight Vibuu)

  • Montay: Black, you're gonna be alright.
  • Black: Thank you Montay. I'm happy about it.
  • Blue: Black. We're gonna continue fighting Vibuu as soon.

(At the fight, Josesito turned super saiyan and fight Vibuu harder)

  • Esequiel: Oh, i forgot. *turn super saiyan*

(Esequiel and Josesito use power blast on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: Esequiel! You're gonna die!
  • Esequiel: No. *turn super saiyan 2* This power is a sequel!

(Esequiel and Josesito fight Vibuu)

  • Shippo: Finish him up.
  • Montay: Come on. You can do it.
  • Blue: It's up to you!

(Esequiel use fire spin on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: No! Esequiel, you're gonna pay for it!
  • Esequiel: I have the power to defeat you.
  • Shippo: Go for it!

(Esequiel used his fire punch on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: You never defeat me.
  • Shippo: We'll see about that.
  • Esequiel: Vats, go and continue fighting Vibuu.
  • Vats: I will.
  • Shippo: We still have to take care of the virus monsters that are loose.
  • Vats: No. The heroes will stop them while we take him down.
  • Esequiel: That goes to you.

(Montay give Black some energy and power up with Blue and Montay)

  • Black: Let's go. Back to the fight.

(They all join in to fight Vibuu)

  • Esequiel: Alright. They're doing it.
  • Montay: We're stopping Vibuu!
  • Josesito: I'm gonna power up to stop Vibuu.
  • Shippo: Yeah! Go for it!

(Josesito power up while Esequiel, Montay and Shippo fights Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: You can never stop me now!

(Vibuu used chain of lights on Montay, hitting him everywhere)

  • Montay: Gosh, motherfisher.

(Shippo uses his power attacks on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: No! How could you!

(Vats used his lighting arrow and attacked on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: Vats. You monster.
  • Vats: You were trying to destroy the Internet World. Now, we are here to destroy you.

(Vats started to fight Vibuu in a final battle)

  • Josesito: I can see Vats' power level fighting Vibuu.
  • Esequiel: I know, we brought back Kid Carlos into Vats as a reincarnation. He is a good guy now.
  • Shippo: Yeah. I know.
  • Esequiel: I think, he met Carlos before during the fight at Antarctic Swimmers High School.

(In a flashback, Carlos was getting mad while the dark cloud formed to Evil Carlos)

  • Esequiel: Long time ago. Carlos and Vats were one in a same. This evil Carlos has brought up his energy together to a good Carlos with recreated.

(Flashbacks are seen with Carlos fighting Evil Carlos and another one with Evil Carlos forming into Super Carlos, forming to Demon Super Carlos and transform into Kid Carlos)

  • Esequiel: This family tree of a evil counterpart formed together in the forms of Evil Carlos.

(Kid Carlos images into Vats)

  • Esequiel: It was Vats. Born of the good inside.

(Flashback ends)

  • Shippo: So, have Carlos met Vats before?
  • Esequiel: No. We would bring Carlos and his friends someday to the Internet World and meet Vats. Carlos would love this guy more than his evil counterpart he faced.
  • Josesito: Alright. It's time to end this.

(They all turned into super saiyan 2 and fight Vibuu with Vats, Black and Blue)

  • Josesito: I'm making something to stop Vibuu.

(Josesito use energy punch on Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: OW! NO!
  • Black: Hey Vibuu. *punch Vibuu's head*
  • Vibuu: GOSH! YOU HURT ME!
  • Blue: He's never good. He's bad.
  • Shippo: You got that right.

(Vats punched Vibuu as Vibuu used his dark sphere on Vats and defeated him)

  • Esequiel: No!
  • Black: Vats!
  • Vats: Go..........finish him. Stop him for me.

(Black and Blue tried defeating Vibuu and killed them with his wings)

  • Josesito: We're losing heroes! I'm making a new power ball!

(Josesito powers up more as the heroes fight Vibuu. Meanwhile, the Internet World was going red and destroying everything by the virus monsters. Back in the Adélie Inventions Corp, a virus appeared on all screens)

  • Worker #1: There is a virus on our screen!
  • Worker #2: Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito was there. What did they do wrong?
  • Worker #3: EVERYONE! GO FIX THE WI-FI!

(Back at the battle stage)

  • Montay: Now, i-

(Vibuu killed Montay with the chain of lights)

  • Josesito: NO! NO!
  • Shippo: I'll get rid of him.
  • Josesito: I'm making a huge power ball than Esequiel used on Kid Carlos.

(Shippo hold Vibuu and his wings)

  • Vibuu: GET OFF ME NOW!
  • Esequiel: Now?

(Shippo tries biting Vibuu's wings to break free)

  • Josesito: Hey Esequiel. Power Ball isn't the real name.
  • Esequiel: What?
  • Josesito: One of the workers of the Adélie Inventions Corp said that the power ball is the Spirit Bomb.
  • Esequiel: Oh yeah. I heard of it since we were in 7th grade.
  • Josesito: I'm making a Universal Spirit Bomb to destroy Vibuu.
  • Esequiel: Yeah. We will destroy the most powerful villain since Demon Super Carlos.
  • Shippo: Come on. We can do it.
  • Vibuu: No. I'm done.

(Vibuu shapeshifts in another side of the battle and uses his dark spheres to defeat Josesito to the ground)

  • Esequiel: No!
  • Vibuu: You're friend is dead. I'm after Shippo next!
  • Josesito: Shippo. Do something.
  • Shippo: You got it!

(Shippo uses his power to fight Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: Ha. Never defeat me though.

(Shippo punched Vibuu's head and beak)

  • Vibuu: No! Damn monster!

(Esequiel kick Vibuu's wings)

  • Vibuu: Esequiel. You will pay for that!

(Vibuu knocked over Esequiel)

  • Shippo: Esequiel!
  • Vibuu: You have it. You earn it.

(Josesito was alive, floating with his Universal Spirit Bomb)

  • Esequiel: Josesito! You are back!
  • Shippo: He have a new power ball with his fins.
  • Josesito: It's the Universal Spirit Bomb. I need to talk with everyone.
  • Vibuu: No!

(Esequiel fight Vibuu in a final battle)

  • Shippo: Josesito. Any plans?
  • Josesito: Okay Shippo. To save the Internet. I will get everyone's attention while stopping the virus monsters.

(Josesito's voice is now heard everywhere of the Internet World)

  • Josesito: Hello everyone. There is a robotic emperor penguin monster that will destroy your universe. Give me all your energy!

(Everyone cheered as everyone is raising up their fins to give energy to Josesito. Back at the city.)

  • Surge: Hey. I know that voice.
  • Plug: It's Josesito. Give energy to him!
  • FPP Robot: I gave my energy to Josesito. I will destroy every last Virus Monster.

(FPP Robot rolls to destroy every virus monster as Professor Digital join in, killing them with a laser gun)

  • Professor Digital: Take that Virus Monsters!

(Back at the battle. Josesito's Universal Spirit Bomb is bigger than ever and ready to hit at Vibuu)

  • Vibuu: Now, i will defeat you.
  • Esequiel: For 100 years, you killed every hero from the Internet World and stole all of their power. I'm stealing your powers now!

(Esequiel punched Vibuu's heart and all of his power is removing and giving them to Shippo, Montay, Black, Blue and Vats as they got back up in the battle as powering up)

  • Esequiel: STAY FOREVER HERE!

(Esequiel destroyed Vibuu's heart and throw him to the ground)

  • Vibuu: NO!
  • Esequiel: Alright. I did it. We won.
  • Josesito: No! This is the real won.
  • Vibuu: Hm...... *used his negative karma ball on the Universal Spirit Bomb, but to no avail while it is powerful than ever*
  • Esequiel: I stole his power and got his memory. He killed all of the Internet World heroes 100 years ago.

(Flashback shows Virus and Vabuu fighting againist the Internet World Heroes, killing them and stealing their power)

  • Esequiel: Virus and Vabuu were fighting them and killing them at the same time until the new ones came from over 99 years.

(Flashback ends)

  • Esequiel: Now. Let's get the heck out of here. Josesito. Throw the bomb now.
  • Josesito: Sure. We can all go home. *throw the Universal Spirit Bomb to Vibuu*
  • Shippo: It works!
  • Vibuu: NO! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! HOW COULD I LOSE FOR THE FIRST TIME?! NO!!! ESEQUIEL! JOSESITO! YOU WILL PAY! *his wings got destroyed and got crushed by the Universal Spirit Bomb and dies*
  • Esequiel: Everyone get out!

(The heroes escaped the lair as the lair exploded to death. All of the virus monsters shut down and deactivating to death. Everyone cheers as the war is down and the sky turn blue again as the virus in Adélie Inventions Corp is finally gone in all screens.)

  • Worker #1: It's gone now.
  • Everyone: *cheers*

(Everyone in the Internet World City cheered when Vibuu is finally dead)

  • Surge: We did it! They done it all!
  • Plug: My wish has come true.
  • Professor Digital: The most dangerous virus is gone. All thanks to Josesito.
  • FPP Robot: All thanks to him.


EMSJ4: Into the Internet World Chapter 3
Our last...What? It's the third chapter of the Happy Feet-Internet Story. Enjoy.
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