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TFA, Montay and Cho Cho wishes U a Happy Halloween by SuperMarioFan65
TFA, Montay and Cho Cho wishes U a Happy Halloween

One of the main characters of the Happy Peep episode "Revenge of the Cape Adare Hut", Montay, Cho Cho, Ramón, Rinaldo, Raul, Lombardo and Nestor wishes you a Happy Halloween.

(Back with the skuas)

  • Boss Skua: Gosh, i want to go home.
  • Francesco: Maybe, we can use a time teleporter that this guy created.
  • Furry: Yeah.
  • Boss Skua: Good idea.

(The skuas got teleported back to Skua-Land)

  • Brokebeak: We're home!
  • Dino: Yes.
  • Boss Skua: That what i'm taking about.

(In Snowy Plains)

  • Mumble: Bye everyone, have a nice day.

(Everyone from Adelie-Land and Cape Adare returned home)

  • Mary: Man, this trip is fun.
  • Dorcena: Yeah.
  • Terry: I miss Temko a lot. He is still a good guy like Noah was.
  • Erik: And the Cho Cho Penguin too.

(Meanwhile in the Antarctic Headquarters)

  • Antarctic Ship Owner: I can't believe, that our Darksmoke creation is defeated.
  • Antarctic Ship Captain: Even if we have to get Beny back, we will win this fight another day.
  • Antarctic Ship Owner: That Mumble HappyFeet will lose for all.

(In Adélie Inventions Corp)

  • Esequiel: The time machine is fixed and wow, look at that.

(A tyrannosaurus exhibit is now open that was discovered by many penguins underwater)

  • Josesito: This is like the ones from the prehistory times.
  • Esequiel: Yeah.
  • Josesito: I hope, the Tyrannosaurus Leader is in this world as a fossil.
  • Esequiel: Remember, every fossil tells a story.

(Now at Esequiel's Tickle Lab)

  • Esequiel: Now that Leandro is gone again, i will put a celebration on my own.

(At night at Penguin-Land)

  • Mumble: Goodnight Erik.
  • Erik: Goodnight Dad.
  • Gloria: Goodnight everyone.
  • Bo: Goodnight to you.
  • Ashley: And everyone.

(Everyone goes to sleep)


TTF2SIP Chapter4/Epilogue
The shorted Happy Peep ending i have ever made in this episode.

(The next morning, Boss Skua, Dino, Frankie, Vinnie, Brokebeak, Francesco and Furry arrives at Penguin-Land to see what happening)

  • Boss Skua: Well, well, well. Where is that filpper boid now?
  • Dino: I don't know.
  • Francesco: He went on vacation to see the Amigos enemies we have.
  • Boss Skua: *slaps Francesco head* Shut up!
  • Francesco: Hey, it's Shut up, not Ted Up!
  • Boss Skua: I don't know who is that Ted skua is? We have to focuss on the penguins looking for us.
  • Brokebeak: Let's try that time machine they got.
  • Boss Skua: Ah ha!

(The 7 skuas land on Mumble's Time Machine spot)

  • Boss Skua: They can never stop us!
  • Vinnie: Come on, press the button.
  • Furry: I'm not doing it. Francesco do it.
  • Francesco: I won't!
  • Boss Skua: Do you think, your a fan of the Mighty Sven? *slaps Francesco again*
  • Francesco: Ow.
  • Boss Skua: You're an idiot. Do it.
  • Francesco: I try.

(Francesco press the green button of Mumble's Time Machine and teleport the skuas somewhere. Back at Temko's Village)

  • Temko: Good morning everyone!
  • Phoenix: My old enemies are in this land!
  • Temko: Don't worry about it. I kill them on my own.
  • Mumble: It's bad, your lying.
  • Shippo: Mr. Leandro and Darksmoke are on the loose.
  • Temko: I know, but we can do that after we kill the T-Rex pack.
  • Mumble: That demon Darksmoke has to go down.
  • Phoenix: Right.
  • Mendi: But Mumble, how are we gonna do that?
  • Tamón: Tell me about it.
  • Mumble: I will have to stop them on my own another day when we leave.
  • Temko: Those T-Rexs will be killed by me.
  • Ramón: There a bunch of demons around this land.
  • Limon: Like Ramón said, there are mean dinosaurs living on this land.
  • Rimon: You better watch out, and you better not cry.
  • Angelo: Like the little girls are saying.

(Meanwhile, a pack of deinosuchuses was swimming in a lake while the T-Rex pack was moving along, looking for Mumble and the whole village colony. Now back at Temko's Village)

  • Erik: I'm hoping that we are not gonna die.
  • Atticus: At least, we can get back on what we are doing.
  • Bo: Yeah.
  • Lauren: This is going to be interesting.
  • Shippo: I know.

(Meanwhile in Mr. Leandro's Flying Doomship, Robo Leandro and Darksmoke are starting up a plan)

  • Robo Leandro: Well, well, well. What can we do now?
  • Robo Darksmoke: I will kill the Emperor Nation and rule Antarctica and this place for all.
  • Robo Leandro: And even the dinosaurs have to kill the humans.
  • Robo Darksmoke: I believe, you survive Penguin Hell.
  • Robo Leandro: I know.

(In a flashback, Penguin Hell was starting its destruction when Leandro is finding his way out. He escaped though a portal in Antarctica and made it to Downpour Lake tiredy. Penguin Hell got destroyed while the flashback was about to end)

  • Robo Leandro: Esequiel is gonna die when he finds out.
  • Robo Darksmoke: I will destroy everyone in Prehistory and we can rule it together by sending the dark clouds over.

(The dark laser gun begin to shoot it at the clouds and begin to spead darkness into the sky)

  • Robo Darksmoke: That's the point.

(Many apatosauruses, triceratops, pteranodons, raptors, stegosauruses, ankylosauruses, and pachycephalosauruses were running away from the darkness chasing them and meanhwhile at the lake)

  • Mumble: This is like a beach to me.
  • Montay: Beaches are always borning.
  • Esequiel: Well, i'm studying it to show it to everyone at Adélie Inventions Corp.
  • Josesito: The time machine is down and i think, we should build a new one by using a broken one.
  • Montay: That's not how we can do that. Were heroes to stop the T-Rex pack.
  • Cho Cho: I'm guessing that the leader warn us to stop the T-Rex leader.
  • Erik: They must pay for all.

(Shippo notices something dark coming toward them)

  • Shippo: Um, guys, we have a new problem.
  • Montay: Darksmoke has a son?
  • Shippo: No, he already has kids, dinosaurs are running away!
  • Montay: What?
  • Mumble: We have to go.
  • Erik: I hope we can win this.
  • Phoenix: It's time and what can we do to past the salty water?

(A archelon was appearing to them)

  • Archelon: Hey guys, which place do you want to go?
  • Phoenix: To the battlefield plain that everyone going to.
  • Archelon: Okay guys. Hop in.
  • Shippo: All right!
  • Phoenix: Let's do this!
  • Montay: Those dinos will die!

(The archelon begin to take the penguins to the battlefield plain and meanwhile, the 7 skuas arrive by teleporting)

  • Boss Skua: Where are we?
  • Dino: I don't know.
  • Furry: Looking creepy.
  • Vinnie: What are we gonna do?
  • Boss Skua: I don't know.
  • Francesco: Just kill Mumble.
  • Brokebeak: No! We have to eat all the chicks.

(The dark clouds were covering the light as the shadow is starting to wind)

  • Boss Skua: What is that?
  • Frankie: I don't know.
  • Dino: Let's get outta here!
  • Vinnie: Fly away from the evil wind!
  • Furry: Were on it!

(The 7 skuas fly off to the battlefield plain and back to the penguins and a archelon)

  • Mumble: So, the end is near.
  • Archelon: I believe, darkness is coming to our home, the dinosaurs and animals are running away from this.
  • Erik: So, Darksmoke is like the one who is causing the dark clouds to stop it.
  • Shippo: I met Darkeo yesterday and he's teaming with a guy that we don't know who is named Leandro.
  • Mumble: Leandro. One of Esequiel's enemies.
  • Phoenix: I think, you're right. Esequiel has a bad memory about this.
  • Josesito: That was suppose to happen in a year ago.
  • Esequiel: I broke his Super Laser Gun 19000.
  • Josesito: Esequiel! You broke his Super Red Laser Gun 6780 as a weapon.
  • Esequiel: I know right. I didn't remember something.

(Back at the doomship)

  • Robo Leandro: It will be time. My name is Mr. Leandro and the prehistory universe is ours!
  • Robo Darksmoke: The T-Rexes are hoping to kill the penguins by now.
  • Robo Leandro: I would agree. Don't tell anyone.
  • Robo Darksmoke: Right master.

(Back at the village colony)

  • Temko: Let's go everyone, be prepared.
  • Noah the Elder: By the mother of guin. We must win for food.
  • Temko: So, everything is just a bit fine.

(Meanwhile, the archelon made it to the battlefield plain)

  • Mumble: Thanks again and we will miss you.
  • Archelon: Come back anytime you need.

(The archelon swims away)

  • Josesito: Man, he's cool.
  • Shippo: Guys, we don't have much time, The dinosaurs are going to run in a crowd in any second so we have to walk fast.
  • Mumble: Right my son.
  • Erik: Hey.
  • Shippo: Mumble is my uncle.
  • Mumble: I know Shippo.
  • Erik: Then, let's get movin'.

(Meanwhile at the battlefield plain, five males with one male leader and five females were arriving that are tyrannosauruses)

  • Temko: Hey you! You tried attacking my village for many years and you're going down!
  • Tyrannosauraus Leader: *growls*
  • Mumble: Oh yeah! And you tried killing our kids.
  • Tyrannosauraus Leader: *roars*
  • Temko: ATTACK!!!

(The penguins begin to war off againist the 10 tyrannosauruses)

  • Angelo: REVENGE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!

(Closer to the brushes, Oviraptors are seen planning to steal the chicks as they teamed up with the guanlongs)

  • Mumble: Dodge the big ones like playing a game of dodgeball.
  • Ramón: You got it amigo. I got it.
  • Enrique: Man, i don't like this game.
  • Esequiel: Now, where can we fix our time machine.
  • Josesito: Maybe on the doomship that the humans are going.
  • Esequiel: Wait a minute, there using Beny's Flying Doomship since last time.

(The doomship was pasting to them)

  • Esequiel: Mumble! Come with us to call the aliens. They need our help to find a way back to Antarctica.
  • Mumble: That's terrible. Theres a new villian we got on destroying things. Follow me.
  • Esequiel: We will.
  • Josesito: Let's go.

(As Mumble, Esequiel and Josesito are going to follow the doomship, they past by the mountains on going to the rocks)

  • Mumble: Gosh, too many broken rocks.
  • Esequiel: They shouldn't melt into magma.
  • Josesito: I hate this place!
  • Mumble: Past over the logs and jump on the mushrooms to get a boost on finding that doomship.
  • Esequiel: Okay.
  • Josesito: Let's do this.

(Mumble, Esequiel and Josesito past over the logs and jump on the mushrooms to get a boost on flying)

  • Mumble: Super Mumble!
  • Esequiel: This is awesome.
  • Josesito: I can't believe, i can fly!

(The three penguins land on the grass and saw the doomship landing next to the blocked volcano)

  • Mumble: I found them!
  • Josesito: Come on. We can not tell anyone a secret about this. Were talking to strangers for the first time.
  • Esequiel: I hope, there's no real aliens on this planet.

(On the Doomship side)

  • Robo Darksmoke: So, Leandro. Any problems?
  • Robo Leandro: No, the T-Rexes are just going war for the penguins.
  • Robo Darksmoke: And i can see my old enemies here including Erik and everyone.
  • Robo Leandro: Never heard of them.

(On the rock side)

  • Mumble: What is Darksmoke and that adelie is doing there?
  • Esequiel: Leandro is back? I am right about this.
  • Josesito: He also has his evil cloud creation there with his minions.
  • Esequiel: His name is Darksmoke. We have to stop them now.
  • Mumble: So Leandro is the penguin robot.

(On both sides)

  • Robo Leandro: Who goes here.
  • Robo Darksmoke I know there voices.

(Darksmoke uses his laser shot to break the rock at Mumble's side and found Esequiel and Josesito)

  • Robo Leandro: Ah! Esequiel and Josesito are here with their furry emperor monster.
  • Robo Darksmoke: I hope, it's Mumble there too.
  • Mumble: Darksmoke!
  • Esequiel: Leandro!
  • Robo Leandro: Hahahahaha. You know it's me Esequiel.
  • Mumble: Darksmoke, what do you think your doing in here?
  • Robo Darksmoke: I'm back for revenge on killing you.
  • Mumble: I'm glad that it is the fourth time that your doing this.
  • Josesito: Leandro, your secret weapon is gone and Esequiel destroyed it.
  • Robo Leandro: I don't care.
  • Mumble: I WILL SMASH YOU!

(Mumble begins to fight Robo Darksmoke as Esequiel and Josesito fights Leandro)

  • Darkeo: Is this a game or something?
  • Darkory: I believe in you Darkeo.

(Back in the war, The T-Rex leader was about to kill a villager)

  • Temko: Swordguin, your one of the heroes, kill that dino!
  • Swordguin: I'm one it.

(Swordguin uses his spear and kill the T-Rex leader tail)

  • Tyrannosaurus Leader: *roars*
  • Temko's Village Elders: *cheers*
  • Temko: Good job Swordguin.
  • Swordguin: Take that dino sucker!

(Back at the broken volcano side, Mumble was using his rocks to hit Darksmoke's head)

  • Robo Darksmoke: Take that!

(Darksmoke uses his laser shot at Mumble and dodge it)

  • Mumble: Ah ha!

(Esequiel punches Leandro as he punch off Darkboar and Darkory)

  • Josesito: Yeah! Cut it off.
  • Esequiel: Josesito, Let's go inside that Doomship and charge the time machine.
  • Josesito: Hurry since we don't have much time.
  • Mumble: You kill everyone on that dino trip!
  • Robo Darksmoke: I should end you now.
  • Mumble: *jumps on Darksmoke* MUMBLE PUNCH!

(As Mumble punches Darksmoke's belly, the broken volcano breaks all the rocks as he falls into the lava and dies)

  • Mumble: Yes!
  • Robo Leandro: Why you Mumble!?
  • Mumble: I don't know you but your going down!
  • Robo Leandro: Let's end your jumping feet for all.
  • ???: Take this!
  • Robo Leandro: Huh?

(A mystery penguin punches Leandro hard and almost send him back to the lava hole)

  • Mumble: What now Leandro?
  • Light: Don't worry Mumble, i got this.
  • Mumble: Light, is that you?
  • Light: Yeah, i came along to save you since that adelie monster is trying to hurt you down.
  • Robo Leandro: You won't get away with this.
  • Mumble: Oh yeah, you're just a cry baby.
  • Robo Leandro: I say that to Esequiel once when he was a chick.
  • Light: Take it down!

(Meanwhile at Mr. Leandro's Flying Doomship)

  • Esequiel: Man, Beny has so many stuff he had.
  • Josesito: Mumble defeated Beny the Penguin Capturer. Now, all we have to do is fix the time machine.
  • Esequiel: You got this.

(Back at the war, the Amigos are running away from the four male t-rexes chasing them)

  • Ramón: We're gonna die!
  • Raul: Run everyone, those beasts are chasing us.

(The Amigos hide into the cave as the T-Rexes are biting for them)

  • Rinaldo: We need someone that can save us.
  • Nestor: Man, there so tuff to me.
  • Lombardo: Than a elephant seal was.
  • Angelo: Hey you!

(The four males looked at Angelo)

  • Angelo: *uses his two fire sticks at them* FIRE UP!

(The four male T-Rexes started to chase Angelo)

  • Angelo: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ramón: That Sharptooth is going after him.
  • Raul: At least he save us.

(Meanwhile outside, Sven is finding out that four male T-Rexes are chasing Angelo)

  • Sven: Don't worry Angely. The Mighty Sven is coming at you!
  • Angelo: HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!
  • Sven: Angely, I am here for you!

(Sven headbutt the four male T-Rexes as they got defeated and fall into themselves down)

  • Sven: Yes.
  • Angelo: Thank you Sven.
  • Lovelace: Our battle is doing just fine.
  • Sven: If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.
  • Angelo: Thanks.
  • Ramón: We're back to the club Angelo.
  • Noah the Elder: Ahhhhh, what a great fight.
  • Roy the Elder: Yeah.
  • Xever the Elder: Even the darkness is coming right after us.

(Back at the battle side)

  • Robo Leandro: You shoudn't end me like this.

(The bubbles from the lava were about to pop)

  • Mumble: Oh no.
  • Light: This is terrible.
  • Mumble: Not again.

(Darksmoke pops out of the lava showing his true form as a Bug-guin Monster)

  • Darksmoke: I am not reincarnated, I AM ALSO THE TRUE DARKSMOKE!
  • Robo Leandro: Yeah, get them buddy.
  • Light: You're down!

(Light got defeated by Darksmoke's ice wind)

  • Mumble: Light!
  • Robo Leandro: Do you think that you can lose your friend by now?
  • Mumble: NO!
  • Robo Leandro: My grandfather used to do that when he was a chick.
  • Mumble: Try and catch me.

(Back inside the doomship)

  • Esequiel: Our time machine is upgraded.
  • Josesito: The battery percent can now raise up to 200% so we're the first ones to get a device that has 200% battery percent.
  • Darkeo: What are you doing?
  • Darklisa: Get them.
  • Darkeo: I'm on it sister.
  • Esequiel: We're doomed!

(Esequiel press the red button and the lighting strikes to make all the dark clouds gone except for Darksmoke)

  • Esequiel: Yes!
  • Josesito: We did it!
  • Esequiel: We kill them all.
  • Josesito: Let sent them back home for now.
  • Esequiel: Prepare the doomship.
  • Josesito: Alright!

(Back at the war, the 7 skuas were arriving with their leader Boss Skua on a tree branch)

  • Boss Skua: So, we can just eat the chicks.
  • Dino: I can see that they are fighting with the dinosaurs.
  • Frankie: I would be impossible for them to fight the bigger ones.
  • Vinnie: I know that.

(As darkness is rising, oviraptors and guanlongs begin to attack the penguins with the help of the T-Rex pack. Danielle and Nate were holding their spear to stop the three females, but they got defeated by the guanlongs, Seymour, Terry, Edwin and Phoenix were throwing rocks at the T-Rex leader but the oviraptor defeated them with his tail.)

  • Furry: Now everyone is losing.
  • Boss Skua: Yeah and we are going to win.

(Back at the battle side)

  • Mumble: You can't stop me!
  • Darksmoke: Oh yeah. I wanted your revenge.

(The doomship was moving along by Esequiel and Josesito as the ship begin to move out)

  • Robo Leandro: Hey, they going away.
  • Darksmoke: Let's stop them.

(Darksmoke holds Robo Leandro and reach to their doomship)

  • Mumble: Hey! You can't do that!

(The volcano was about to erupt)

  • Mumble: Oh no, i gotta tell anyone about this.

(Inside the doomship)

  • Esequiel: Oh yeah! The doomship is ours.
  • Josesito: Even since Beny was sent back to prison, we can do whatever we want.
  • Esequiel: Don't tell Temko about this.

(Darksmoke breaks the glass and arrive to stop Esequiel piloting the ship)

  • Josesito: Esequiel!
  • Robo Leandro: Sorry Josesito, he's mine.
  • Esequiel: *choking* Darksmoke?................your alive?
  • Darksmoke: I want REVENGE! REVENGE IS FOR FUN!
  • Esequiel:

(Back at the war)

  • Kathleen: Everyone, attack the guanlongs!
  • Maurice: Let's go!

(Michelle kick off the guanlongs' tails, Indigo and Catherine use their logs to roll over and make the oviraptors slip over and the Amigos with the Friends of 7 Penguins use their rocks to throw at the guanlongs)

  • Shippo: Take it off!
  • Montay: Put the chick down.

(The oviraptor egg stealer put Erik down and runs away)

  • Erik: Oh Shippo, i would never see you again.
  • Atticus: It's great to be back with you Erik.
  • Montay: Oh no, LOOK!

(Everyone is finding out that the doomship is using its laser shots to destroy part of the war)

  • Eggbert: Did you see that doomship destroying everything since last time?
  • Tyrannosaurus Leader: *growls at the doomship*

(Back inside the doomship)

  • Robo Leandro: You tried fooling us!
  • Josesito: *punches Leandro's head* NO.
  • Darksmoke: Now, it's my turn to kill you!
  • Josesito: Hold it!

(Josesito use a gun to shoot Darksmoke's eye and Darksmoke eyes are about to melt into water)

  • Darksmoke: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Esequiel: I'm alive!
  • Josesito: I never heard that Beny uses a gun to kill people.

(Back with Mumble)

  • Mumble: Light, are you okay?
  • Light: Yes, but you were holding me for minutes.
  • Mumble: If i would, you should walk by now.
  • Light: Thanks.

(The lava is seen bubbling and following Mumble and Light)

  • Mumble: We have to jump to escape.
  • Light: Right *hold Mumble's fin*.
  • Mumble: One, two, *jumps* three!

(Mumble and Light finally made it back to the rocky parts of the battlefield plain)

  • Mumble: Now, the doomship is going crazy than ever.

(Back inside the doomship)

  • Esequiel: Hey Leandro, i'm sending your doomship to the lava so it will never return again.
  • Robo Leandro: You fool!
  • Robo Leandro: I will do it to save the day. Oh no.

(The darkness is following the doomship causing to crash apart)

  • Esequiel: I HAVE TO MOVE IT QUICK!
  • Robo Leandro: YOU WON'T HANDLE IT!

(Esequiel and Leandro fight together on moving the wheel to move the doomship all over by heading over to the volcano)

  • Boss Skua: Fire!

(The fireball hits on the tree branch hitting Boss Skua's side with his minions as they fly off)

  • Boss Skua: Mumble HappyFeet, We will meet again!
  • Brokebeak: Let's get outta here!
  • Francesco: Right on.
  • Furry: We lost.

(Back at the war)

  • Temko: The darkness is going to end the whole world together if we don't stop the Tyrannosaurus Pack on one.
  • Carmen: We have to hurry quick.
  • Noah the Elder: Praise your penguin gods together.
  • Xever the Elder: Win the fight and save the day!
  • Swordguin: LET'S DO THIS!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Tyrannosaurus Leader: *roars*

(Mumble and Light jump together to reach the doomship crashing)

  • Robo Leandro: Oh no! Do something Josesito.
  • Robo Leandro: Fine! I will destroy the ship by my own.
  • Esequiel: Darksmoke, stop it!
  • Darksmoke: I CAN SEE NOW!
  • Mumble: Hey guys.
  • Josesito: Hi Mum-.
  • Robo Leandro: *cover Josesito's mouth* Ah ha! You can't listen to him. We're all gonna die here.
  • Light: I bet not.

(The doomship is landing on the lava of the volcano causing to break apart)

  • Mumble: Man, we have to get out of here!
  • Esequiel: This time machine can make us escape this ship.
  • Darksmoke: Give it to me, so i can eat it and take over the whole world!
  • Esequiel: NO! IT'S MINE NOW!
  • Robo Leandro: Really, i was eaten by three leopard seals in my real form.
  • Mumble: Like Atticus farting alot.
  • Light: Guys, what can we do?
  • Josesito: Let's escape except for Leandro and Darksmoke.
  • Mumble: Sure thing.
  • Robo Leandro: No you belly dragger! You're stayin'!
  • Esequiel: I don't care, goodbye!

(Mumble, Light, Esequiel and Josesito teleported back somewhere)

  • Darksmoke: I'm melting...................................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Robo Leandro: Darksmoke! You're gooey.

(The doomship made it inside the lava)

  • Robo Leandro: ESEQUIEL! YOU WILL PAY!

(Leandro dies when the doomship and the volcano explode)

  • Temko: Woah, what a crash.

(The darkness was finally gone when the remaining dinosaurs begin to live in peace, back at the war)

  • Temko: Hey you dino eaters! You tried destroying everything you had and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR FOR ANOTHER WAR WITH MORE ALLIES AND MORE FRIENDS. SHOOT! SHOOT!

(The oviraptors, guanlongs and the tyrannosauruses begin to run away including the tyrannosauruses pack. Mumble, Light, Esequiel and Josesito returned to the battlefield plain)

  • Mumble: The time machine is fixed, now we can go home and fix everything we got.
  • Temko: So Mumble, You defeated the enemies you had and our universe is safe.
  • Memphis: It been many years to have him back.
  • Maurice: Even that he is with us.
  • Hersila: Like our Montay boy was.
  • Montay: Mmm-hmm.
  • Feather: Man, your brother would be proud of you.
  • Hugh: You have everything you got since i lost my home back in the Chinstrap colony.
  • Mumble: Yeah.

(Back in Temko's Village, the village was finally rebuild with a pool included)

  • Light: Great place Temko.
  • Temko: Guys, meet one of our heroes Swordguin.
  • Mumble: Hi.
  • Swordguin: Nice to meet you teenage penguin.
  • Temko: Now, our world is safe and Earth will be safe forever when everything will come for the bridge of light.
  • Esequiel: We must return home by now.

(Esequiel created a portal between Antarctica and Light's future)

  • Light: My home! How did you do that?
  • Esequiel: I upgraded my time machine since it got older and older.
  • Josesito: He made it after Leandro die in the first place.
  • Noah the Elder: Now with real air, we should get going on my way.
  • Angelo: Goodbye Temko.
  • Temko: Goodbye everyone and come back anytime if you need.
  • Shippo: We are hoping to return another day or so.

(The Penguin colony and Light returned to their homes as the two portals closes)

  • Temko's Village Elder #1: You saved everything.
  • Temko's Village Elder #2: The pool should be warm by now.
  • Temko's Village Elder #3: Everything seems clean.
  • Temko: Yeah.


Tickle Torment Future 2: Stuck in Prehistory C3
Better than the first one, our war begin with Happy Feet characters included and also villians.
Evil Stickman destroying schools by SuperMarioFan65
Evil Stickman destroying schools
The Evil Stickman hate schools and one of Super Stickman's new enemies.
Angelo, Estefan and Enrique reaction to DOJPYITF by SuperMarioFan65
Angelo, Estefan and Enrique reaction to DOJPYITF
When there is a kickstarter page on the upcoming game Johnny Rocketfingers 3, in the rewards section, there is a picture of Johnny punching someone in the face when it became funny. So, i decided to make a picture of it showing Angelo, Estefan and Enrique from Happy Feet having a reaction to Drawing of Johnny Punching you in the face in the Johnny Rocketfingers 3 billboard. So, Angelo on the left is laughing hard, Estefan on the middle is laughing with his eyes close, and Enrique is laughing with his eyes on seeing a picture of Johnny punching someone.

Happy Birthday Nintendo. I really love your games like Mario and i can't wait for SSB on the 3DS.
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Hello Amigos, i am Terry the Penguin who lives in Emperor Village before moving to Penguin-Land. My real name is Axel and living in Florida.

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