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Stick Figure Nosebleed by SuperMarioFan65
Stick Figure Nosebleed
After getting beated up by bullies from 8th Grade, he ended up getting a nosebleed from his enemies as the P.E Locker Rooms were broken and cannot find a bathroom to clean his nose before the tardy bell starts.

(Days passed after Atticus stopped his farting all over Antarctica, in Downpour Lake, Beny's Flying Doomship was abandoned when Mr. Leandro was there escaping)

  • Mr. Leandro: Finally! I'm back home from Penguin Hell!

(Leandro fainted and meanwhile around the sea of Antarctica, black goo was everywhere around the ocean)

  • Antarctic Ship Owner: Guys look! It Darksmoke's goo!

(Fisher mens were able to get the goo out of the sea and release it on a plastic bag)

  • Antarctic Ship Owner: I found him on the sea many months ago as a eggball from outer space. I will reborn overfishing forever!

(In the lab room, they re-created Darksmoke and Darksmoke has been reincarnated into his robo form like a robot)

  • Antarctic Ship Captain: He's finally done.
  • Antarctic Ship Owner: Darksmoke!
  • Robo Darksmoke: Hahahahahahhahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am forever!

(Minutes later, they created a script board for Robo Darksmoke in which plans he will do to stop Mumble)

  • Antarctic Ship Owner: Dear Darksmoke, you have failed to stop that Emperor penguin named Mumble.
  • Robo Darksmoke: Yeah, everyone wanted the fish back, but now, i need someone that can stop him and Esequiel.
  • Antarctic Ship Owner: As off you go, you will create a lot of dark clouds on your side and take over Antarctica like you did last time.
  • Robo Darksmoke: I will. Mumble and Esequiel are going to die by me.
  • Antarctic Ship Captain: Have fun.

(Robo Darksmoke finally left the ship as he flys all over the clouds hearing his evil laugh voice disturbing Paulet Island)

  • Josesito: Hello? Anyone here?
  • Esequiel: I am here. Something has returned for years?
  • Josesito: Leandro is back! I thought he was eaten by leopard seals but no matter what, he return as a robot.
  • Esequiel: This is bad. This can't be happening.
  • Elder 1: Yeah, everyone worked all day when you guys were chicks.

(Robo Darksmoke arrives at Downpour Lake when he saw Leandro being fainted)

  • Robo Darksmoke: Your coming with me now Esequiel.

(Inside of the flying doomship, Robo Darksmoke fix up Leandro and return as Robo Leandro)

  • Robo Leandro: Who are you? You must be Darksmoke who was guarding all the bad penguins of Penguin Hell.
  • Robo Darksmoke: Of course, it's me. I thought you were Esequiel's buddy.
  • Robo Leandro: I'm not Esequiel friend! I am his enemy.
  • Robo Darksmoke: But what about Mumble HappyFeet?
  • Robo Leandro: I don't know what that is? But we have to go.
  • Robo Darksmoke: Take over some time is a good plan.

(Beny's Flying Doomship has been re-worked again by flying)

  • Robo Darksmoke: Let's get this party started.

(Robo Darksmoke create a lot of dark clouds on his side and started a evil laugh as Leandro press the laser portal button and shoot it to make a portal)

  • Robo Leandro: LET'S ALL GO!

(The flying doomship begin to enter the portal as it started to close by itself. Meanwhile at Penguin-Land)

  • Erik: Hey Atticus, wanna play a game of hide or seek?
  • Atticus: Yeah.
  • Shippo: That would be fun.
  • Erik: Okay, You and Shippo will be hiding as i count to 20.
  • Atticus: Okay.
  • Erik: Okay, 1..2..3.
  • Atticus: Let's hide.
  • Shippo: Okay.

(Atticus hided on the cave puddle while Shippo hide on the igloo Erik has made before)

  • Erik: 15..16..17..18..19..20. Ready or Not. Here i come.
  • Atticus: Oh no.
  • Shippo: It's time?
  • Erik: Got you.
  • Shippo: Darn it.
  • Atticus: I gotta run fast as i can. I made it.
  • Erik: Oooohhhh. Atticus is the winner.
  • Shippo: Yeah.

(Mumble and Gloria looked at the kids playing)

  • Mumble: Gloria?
  • Gloria: Yeah Mumble.
  • Mumble: I loved, how my son is doing even if he was a hero of this nation.
  • Gloria: That would sound nice but, he had to graduate first.
  • Mumble: I know that.
  • Gloria: Yeah.

(Back at Paulet Island)

  • Esequiel: What a nice day at the beach.
  • Josesito: Pretty fun on Sundays.
  • Esequiel: Let me swim for gold.
  • Josesito: Alright and we can be even rich!
  • Esequiel: Let me go first.
  • Josesito: If you wish, is yes.
  • Esequiel: Here i go.

(Esequiel swims in the water to find some gold. Far away from the island, Esequiel found a Tyrannosaurus skull that he had never found before)

  • Esequiel: What is this? That's just the head.

(Esequiel brings the skull to Paulet Island and show it to Josesito)

  • Josesito: It's my- Whoa! That's so awesome! Where did you find that?
  • Esequiel: Under the deep.
  • Josesito: Can i have it?
  • Esequiel: No. That's just for me.
  • Josesito: But i just saw it first!
  • Esequiel: No, this is mine. I have it.
  • Josesito: But, it not YOURS!
  • Esequiel: I KNOW IT NOT!
  • Elder 1: GUYS! WHAT IS- Ooooohhhhhh, Check this out Elders.
  • Elder 2: Where did you find that?
  • Elder 3: The best of the best.
  • Elder 4: Give it to me!
  • Elder 5: That's a cool one.
  • Elder 6: Everyone will love it.
  • Esequiel: THAT'S MINE AND- HEY!
  • Josesito: I GOT IT FIRST! YES!
  • Esequiel: GIVE ME BACK MY SKULL!
  • Elder 1: Blah, Blah, Blah. He own anything about scrap.
  • Elder 2: Yeah.

(As Esequiel runs to get his skull back from Josesito, meanwhile at Adelie-Land)

  • Ramón: Hey bae, do you have something for me?
  • Carmen: Well darling, i have not found anything around the world.
  • Ramón: What?
  • Raul: At least, you won something.
  • Nestor: Yeah.
  • Mumble: Hey Ramón.
  • Ramón: Tallboy?
  • Mumble: It's me, your friend Mumble.
  • Ramón: I knew it.
  • Phoenix: Come on, let's go to Paulet Island to see Esequiel. He told us yesterday about this awazing Adélie Inventions Corp when he was a chick.
  • Ramón: Ummmmmmmm, yeah.
  • Mumble: Alright! Bring the Amigos with you and Carmen.
  • Ramón: Correct, but not the Adelie Chicas.
  • Lombardo: Were all going.
  • Nestor: It has to be epic.
  • Rinaldo: And not baby-ish.
  • Carmen: We should get going.
  • Phoenix: Alright! Let's go!
  • The Amigos: WE GOT IT!
  • Mumble: Woo!

(Mumble, Phoenix, Carmen and the Amigos are off to Paulet Island and meanwhile at Adélie Inventions Corp)

  • Josesito: I got it first! You found it at the ocean.
  • Announcer: Well, well, well. What do we got?
  • Esequiel: I don't know.
  • Josesito: Me and Esequiel are looking and fighting with that skull.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Josesito: See?
  • Esequiel: I knew we were going to be enemies again.
  • Announcer: Now, In Boss for a Day, you will get to do anything you want.
  • Esequiel: Yes.
  • Josesito: No more babies coming and taking to me.
  • Esequiel: Come on, let's use the Video Mover 3000 to watch some funny videos.
  • Josesito: But that Cristopher's stuff. You can't touch his stuff like you did to Leandro's once.
  • Esequiel: But he's dead. I miss this guy alot since he created the Video Mover 3000.
  • Josesito: Well?

(As Esequiel change the channels from the Dancing Adélie Penguin Chick, Moving Adélie Penguin Toy, Katy Snowstir in Antarctica's Superstar Penguin, A lazy polar bear sleeping, and a real emperor penguin video about emperor chicks, Esequiel says, "Why there is so many stupid channels to watch in the first place?")

  • Josesito: I believe, the world is not going to end like this?
  • Esequiel: DARN!

(Mumble, Phoenix, Carmen and the Amigos have arrive at Paulet Island)

  • Mumble: We made it.
  • Raul: Yes.
  • Carmen: That what the place looks like.
  • Phoenix: So where taking about the Adélie Inventions Corp place.
  • Rinaldo: Come on, i know the way, you follow me.
  • Mumble: Alright.

(The penguins has found the place Rinaldo was looking for)

  • Rinaldo: There it is.
  • Mumble: So everyone from Penguin-Land, Adelie-Land and Cape Adare are going on a trip to something?
  • Raul: Yeah, Shad will be with us at least he had to go all the way to Antarctica from the Rainbow World.
  • Mumble: WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY!?
  • Phoenix: Your joking.
  • Ramón: No, He's real.
  • Raul: He will come from the Penguin Airport to see us just like last time during the ultimate snowball fight.
  • Phoenix: Okay. I remember that, but not to worry, that we have to go.
  • Carmen: Why everyone here, care about something?

(Esequiel and Josesito left from Adélie Inventions Corp)

  • Esequiel: If your telling that this thing is from somewhere, it's from another dimension.
  • Josesito: Esequiel? Are these the creatures that your taking about?
  • Esequiel: No, it's Mumble, Phoenix, Carmen, Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo, Nestor and Lombardo.
  • Josesito: Hello guys, nice to meet you.
  • Phoenix: You again?
  • Josesito: I know you from somewhere.
  • Mumble: Ummmmm, this is my brother Phoenix.
  • Josesito: Phoenix the Fire Bird?
  • Phoenix: No, It's Phoenix the Emperor Penguin. My father gave me that name when i was born.
  • Esequiel: So guys, you are invited to go on a trip to the Prehistotic times.
  • Mumble: Really?
  • Phoenix: I hope, there no skuas in it.
  • Esequiel: And you can bring any of your friends from the other penguin-lands they have.
  • Carmen: Oooh, my friends are gonna love it.
  • Mumble: Does Lovelace and Sven had to come?
  • Esequiel: Yes. Sven is okay since he is a puffin.
  • Josesito: It's starting tomorrow so be prepare to tell anyone about it and Carmen, tell Roy that we are going to the Prehistotic times tomorrow.
  • Carmen: I will.
  • Esequiel: We see you there.
  • Josesito: Don't forget.
  • Mumble: I will.
  • Ramón: I will never forget.

(Meanwhile in the Future Time World, Beny's Flying Doomship was flying somewhere)

  • Robo Darksmoke: How long will we TAKE!?
  • Robo Leandro: I don't know.
  • Robo Darksmoke: It's kinda stupid to know everything.
  • Robo Leandro: Beny's Flying Doomship? It's Mr. Leandro's Flying Doomship!
  • Robo Darksmoke: Correct! He's dead anyways.
  • Robo Leandro: Our stop is at the past from 145–66 million years ago at the Cretaceous dimension.
  • Robo Darksmoke: Then, Let's.......Go!

(The flying doomship moves fast as the next day was about to begin at Penguin Airport. Perxio, Rio, Feather and Hugh arrives at the ceremony)

  • Hugh: Wow, we were a little late.
  • Rio: Come on, Phoenix should be somewhere.
  • Feather: Let's get movin'.
  • Perxio: Alright.

(In the crowd)

  • Vivien: This is going to be a fun trip.
  • Erik: Yeah.
  • Atticus: This is going to be more like it.
  • Mumble: I'm waiting for the awesome Shad to come.
  • Phoenix: Yeah.
  • Perxio: Hey Phoenix.
  • Phoenix: Hey guys.
  • Hugh: How it's going?
  • Phoenix: Pretty good.
  • Erik: I know you.
  • Hugh: I remember when we were together on stoping Beny.
  • Esequiel: Ladies and Gentleman, here come your favorite sport player named SHAD!

(Shad appears when he is looking like a tour guide)

  • Shad: Hey everyone!
  • Female Chinstrap: SHAD!
  • Male Little: Hey Shad.
  • Male Magellanic: Looking good Shady.
  • Terry: It's you!
  • Edwin: Hey hey hey!
  • Montay: Hey awesome man.
  • Shad: Hi little one.
  • Montay: I'm Montay.
  • Shad: Nice to meet you.
  • Montay: Feeling okay for the trip?
  • Shad: Yeah.
  • Angelo: So guys, this trip is gonna be awesome than the last one when Beny is stealing all the fish he want.
  • Enrique: Yeah.
  • Estefan: It has to be cooler than this one.
  • Josesito: Okay guys, our prehistory trip will start right now.
  • Esequiel: Here we go!

(Esequiel press the green button on his time machine and take everyone to the future from 145–66 million years)


Tickle Torment Future 2: Stuck in Prehistory C1
Due to the f**king title lines, i have to reffer Chapter 1 to C1.

The 14th episode of Happy Peep is finally here that leads to the sequel of "Tickle Torment Future". But this is Chapter 1, not Part 1.
Happy Birthday Nintendo. I really love your games like Mario and i can't wait for SSB on the 3DS.
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