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(Back in Adelie-Land)

  • Lovelace: So Mumble, your birthday is tomorrow, what do you want for your gift?
  • Mumble: Wait! My birthday is today! It revealed that my birthday is today!
  • Roy the Elder: IT'S TRUE!
  • Xever the Elder: Impossible!
  • Kathleen: Happy Birthday Mumble.
  • Gloria: Oh my boy, you didn't tell me that.
  • Memphis: Believe in me son, you did everything good when the world needed you.
  • Mumble: Yeah, the Dark 'Guin is gone and Antarctica is safe forever.
  • Arbert: So, the party is fun for everyone.
  • Montay: What you wished for?
  • Will: Your not getting a gift?
  • Mumble: Ummm........The Great 'Guin will be coming here and the bad one which is the dark is gone who gives us bad hope.
  • Raul: You know that.
  • Mrs. Astrakhan: You are feeling good.
  • Gloria: So, any plans?
  • Sven: Ladies and Gentleman, we made a delicious huge cake that everyone want to get.
  • Esequiel: It's so big and HUGE!
  • Josesito: You're gonna like it.
  • Lovelace: Here it goes.

(The ice lake was melting and making the huge box come out when the penguins are moving a bit. It open to be a huge cake with 3-layers with yellow, red and green icing in it)

  • Mumble: Woah!
  • Montay: How are we gonna fit there?
  • Principal Indigo: It's not a place, it's food.
  • Montay: Oh.

(Kathleen sings "Birthday" by Katy Perry)

"I heard you're feeling nothing's going right

Why don't you let me stop by?

The ice is breaking, making water fall

So we should party all day"

(Gloria, Mary, Dorcena and Kathleen come out by giving stuff to Mumble as Gloria sing to him)

"So cover your eyes,

I have a surprise

I hope you got a healthy appetite

If you wanna dance,

If you want it all

You know that I'm the girl that you should have"

(The chours join in by singing)

"And when you are with me

I'll give you a fish

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet

So you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate"

  • Gloria: *singing*

"So make a wish

I'll make it like your birthday everyday

I'll be your gift

Give you something good to celebrate"

(Bryan, Shane and Darren underwater looked at the party from here)

  • Kathleen: *singing*

"Pop your happy feet

Pop your ice cube snacks

So fluff and softy

'Til dawn

I got you spinning

Like a disco ball

All night they're playing

Your song"

(Baby penguins are also dancing to this)

"We're living the life

We're doing it right

You're never gonna be unsatisfied

If you wanna dance

If you want it all

You know that I'm the girl that you should call"

(The chours join in again by singing)

"And when you are with me

I'll give you a fish

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet

So you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate"

(The Great 'Guin appears by looking in at the party)

  • Gloria: *singing*

"So make a wish

I'll make it like your birthday everyday

I'll be your gift

Give you something good to celebrate"

  • Lovelace: Happy Birthday Mumble!
  • Mumble: Thanks Lovelace. You are my hero.
  • Phoenix: Happy Birthday to you big brother.
  • Ramón: Tomorrow, it will be a new day.
  • Carmen: *singing*

"So let me get you in your birthday suit

It's time to bring out the big balloons

So let me get you in your birthday suit

It's time to bring out the big, big, big, big, big, big balloons"

(The chours sing one more time)

And when you are with me

I'll give you a fish

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet

So you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate"

(Bryan, Shane, Darren, Arbert, Bill and Will are floating and splashing in the water as the chours continue singing)

And when you are with me

I'll give you a fish

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet

So you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate" "So make a wish

I'll make it like your birthday everyday

I'll be your gift

Give you something good to celebrate"

(Montay poped out of the screen to you)

  • Montay: Happy Birthday Happy Feet!



Mumble's Birthday Bash Chapter 3/Epilogue
Happy Birthday Happy Feet! Eight years of seeing you in peace. Now next is the Happy Feet Two 4th Anniversary coming in 2015.

(In Penguin-Land)

  • Kathleen: Gloria, where the kids.
  • Gloria: I don't know, they should be back here by Mumble.
  • Miss Viola: Sometimes, it happen and sometimes, it not.
  • Seymour: Gosh, Atticus ran off again?
  • Principal Indigo: No, but he will be back soon.
  • Seymour: Oh.
  • Terry: It's the truth, we can't lose the kids on Mumble's birthday.
  • Mary: I know.
  • Gloria: Maybe later, go to sleep by now.

(The adults return to their places and meanwhile with the group, they made it to Snowy Plains by cracking the lake and making it to the land as it is night time)

  • Arbert: Yes!
  • Bo: We found air.
  • Atticus: Just for fun.
  • Montay: Yeah.
  • Mumble: Nothing here is such boring.
  • Bill: I believe, the krills are going to find out about this.
  • Montay: Are we there yet?
  • Mumble: No, we are not there yet.
  • Montay: Cape Adare is far away, i want to go back their to meet with other people.
  • Arbert: So, don't complain no more and act like a hero.
  • Montay: I will.

(Many miles later, they found a way to Cape Adare)

  • Montay: We found it! We made it!
  • Shippo: Wow.
  • Mumble: Alright, let's go.

(The penguins, two krills and Arbert made it to Cape Adare)

  • Arbert: So this is where you live.
  • Montay: Yes, this is my home.
  • Fastino: Montay.
  • Hersila: Oh my boy, you saved him.
  • Arbert: He ran off, but we defeated the predators together.
  • Bo: It's the true.
  • Montay: You believe on me.
  • Angelo: So, you ran off by yourself?
  • Montay: Yeah, no one likes me here.
  • Ramón: Let me tell something to you, everyone in the world loves you than me, when i was your age, the skuas attacked my village and everyone in the village was hiding in a hole and there's like not enough room for everyone to fit in.
  • Montay: How could?
  • Ramón: I was not as brave like my father was. The Boss Skua was very powerful and dangerous.
  • Bo: The leopard seal we faced was very awful.
  • Raul: I know that Leopard Seals are very strong and mean.
  • Roy the Elder: You ran him off? TELL ME THE TRUTH!
  • Ramón: I didn't do it.
  • Carlos: Not me.
  • Montay: No! He's lying, they are the one that send me out of this place.
  • Dylan: Wut?
  • Ting-Ting: He left by himself.
  • Blazer: I think, he's too old for that.
  • Xever the Elder: So your TELLING ME THAT?
  • Mumble: I don't live here!
  • Arbert: Not for a old one.
  • Atticus: Come on, fight all you want.
  • Adelie Penguin #1: Are you kidding me?
  • Adelie Penguin #2: He's a meaner.
  • Adelie Penguin #3: Believe on him.

(Everyone started to argue)

  • Xever the Elder: EVERYONE QUIET!

(Mountain breaks)

  • Roy the Elder: Lovelace?

(Everyone from Adelie-Land has arrive to come and tell the news to everyone)

  • Mumble: Sven!
  • Sven: Hello guys.
  • Erik: Hi Sven.
  • Sven: You weddell seal, where do you live?
  • Atticus: His name is Arbert, he lost his home so he have to stay with us for a month.
  • Sven: Oh.
  • Carmen: Ramón.
  • Ramón: Carmen.
  • Rimon: So everyone is all here.
  • Montay: Whoa, that's too much of them.
  • Bill: Magellanic, Chinstrap and Little Penguins living on this land? That's so awesome.
  • Will: It's way too crowdy for them to live.
  • Hugh: So guys listen up! There is a few changes coming to Antarctica, a crack has hitted into the snow and breaking all the ice to our beautiful home.
  • Montay: *whisper to Bo* My secret is worth it.
  • Lovelace: Everyone, during that time, we have to stay in a group to keep away from predators.
  • Mumble: What? My birthday is in two days away.
  • Lovelace: Mumble, your birthday is coming and we got all the stuff for you in Hugh's Ice Cave.
  • Mumble: Yeah.
  • Ramón: So we don't have to die.
  • Lovelace: Attention everyone, listen up! We are going to play the Happy Belly Bounce game, all you have to do like me, is jump on your belly. Then, hit your belly to another person like your doing it and last, it contains singing.
  • Everyone: Awwwwwwww.
  • Lovelace: Guys, don't be shy, it's easy.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Carmen: Erik, Bo and Atticus, you're going to be with me.
  • Erik: No.
  • Atticus: I want to go home.
  • Bo: Guys, one more rule is quiting is not allowed.
  • Sven: Try it Atticus.
  • Atticus: I could.
  • Sven: And you too Ear-rik.
  • Erik: Okay.

(The song "Yellow Belly Bounce" from The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends begin to play when a Adelie penguin and four Chinstrap penguins were singing it as Erik, Bo and Atticus watched over)

"Dum di dum di doo wah!

Dum di dum di doo wah!"

  • Carmen: *singing*

"Come on come on and dance,

Come on and move your feet.

Come on swing your tail around to the happybelly beat!"

  • Angelo, Estefan, Enrique, Raphael, Amigos, Elian and Estevan: *singing*

"Come on come on and dance

come on and shake a leg

Now is the time to take a chance"

  • Fastino: *singing* Don't be a scaredy egg.
  • Sven: Erik?
  • Erik: I can't not dance.
  • Rimon and Tamón: Come on and try!
  • Erik: *singing*

"And i tried to dance once

But i hit myself on the ground"

  • Hersila: Bo?
  • Bo: I only jump.
  • Atticus: And only rap at home.
  • Montay: You look so silly.
  • Limon: Thanks, silly's what we do!

(Limon hugs Montay)

  • Lovelace: SO, LET HIT IT TO THE MAMBO!
  • All: MAMBO!
  • Sven: Papa oom mow mow.

(Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo, Nestor, Lombardo and Shippo danced to each other as Magellanic, Chinstrap and Littles are dancing to their mates)

  • Black: So White, are you dancing with Hugh?
  • White: Ummmmm....sure.
  • Hugh: This place is awazing, it has the cool stuff in it.
  • Adelie Chica 1: So, what do you have in here?
  • Adelie Chica 2: A girlfriend?
  • Hugh:
  • Adelie Chica 3: It's okay to have that.

(In the pond)

  • Arbert: Come on guys, dance to the fun and more.
  • Carlos: I believe so.
  • Will: *silde on the pond* Weeeeeeeee.
  • Bill: What a blast.
  • Dylan: Hool!

(With Mumble and Montay)

  • Montay: Mumble, thanks. Thank you for helping me find my home.
  • Mumble: Sure.
  • Montay: So, all of your friends are here but, where the others from Penguin-Land?
  • Mumble: Ummmmm.........Bo was captured first, but we went to Cape Adare for a short and we're sleeping over here.
  • Montay: Cool, but my mom can't let me sleep over with strangers.
  • Mumble: Strangers are skuas and leopard seals. Boss Skua must be planning on taking over the penguin lands.
  • Montay: I'm aware of that.
  • Mumble: I'm worried that my birthday is in two days.
  • Cho Cho: Well I got one. "Stop worrying about tomorrow and come on and dance!"
  • Mumble: But i can't sing.
  • Montay: Your sore throat is gone and sing whatever you want.
  • Mumble: Memphis made a mistake and alright!
  • Three Adelies and Three Chinstraps: *singing* Dum di dum di doo wah!
  • Montay: Whoa, i would not want to do that.
  • Six Magellanics: *singing* Dum di dum di doo wah!
  • Cho Cho: *singing*

"Come on, come on and dance

come on and move your feet

come on and swing your tail around

to the Happy Belly beat"

(Carlos, Blazer, Dylan and Ting-Ting are seen dancing in the Cape Adare hut with Carsten's rock statue)

  • Carlos: Look at me dance!
  • Blazer: I dance okay.
  • Dylan: I can jump with my best.
  • Ting-Ting: (oof!) Think i dance the other way.

(Cho Cho sings)

"Don't be sad and glooby"

  • Mumble: Glooby?!
  • Montay: Don't be mad and glum.
  • Little Penguins: No glum!.
  • Montay: Take a hint from Lovelace!

(Lovelace plays with his ice guitar)

  • All: Lovelace!
  • Roy the Elder: He know all the best that he do.
  • Xever the Elder: And has a puffin named Sven.
  • Mendi: Everything will be good.
  • Limon: Tomorrow will be beautiful!
  • Adelie Penguins: *singing*

"So come along and sing!

Come on, come on and dance

come on and flap your feather"

  • Phoenix: Take a spin!
  • Mumble: Tap your feet.
  • Rimon: Be happy as you can.
  • The Chours: *singing*

"Come on and tap your toes

Come on and click your beak

Bounce your belly on the ground

and give a great big shriiiiiieeeeek!"

  • Black and White: Boadicea!
  • Bo: Squeeeaak! (laughs)
  • The Amigos: Atticus!
  • Atticus: Squeeeaaak?
  • Lovelace: Erik!
  • Erik: Peeeeeeeep!
  • Sven: She-po!
  • Shippo: *did some sort of short shriek* Yeah right.
  • All: MAMBO!
  • Lovelace: Very good.
  • Sven: If you want it, you must will it, if you will it, it will be yours.
  • Everyone: *cheers*

(Everyone started to sing)

"Come on come on and dance,

Come on and shout hooray!

Come on and be a mambo penguin

Come on, come on, come on

Come on, come on, come on come on, come on, come on

Come on, come on, come on come on, come on, come on come on, come on, come on

Come on and dance!

Come on come on and dance!"

  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Montay: I love this song, i wish we can do it again.
  • Phoenix: YAAAAYYYYYYY!
  • Lombardo: Conga! Conga! MAMBO!

(Meanwhile in the underwater cavern, the leopard seal growls and wake up as he see a hole out of the ice cavern. He swims there and escape to find Mumble and his friends. Back in Cape Adare, everyone was sleeping)

  • Mumble: I love the party, my birthday wish would come true as a mambo thing.
  • Lovelace: Well, everyone here have fun.
  • Mumble: So, is there a problem?
  • Lovelace: Well, i'm not sure, everyone find a way and some don't find a way out of this.
  • Mumble: We went to the creepy ice cavern where the leopard seal live. And somehow, he might escaped though the hole.
  • Lovelace: Well, since our adventure to the Forbidden Shore, the skuas blocked our way when they wanted us for revenge.
  • Mumble: I know.

(Flashback starts when Mumble, The Amigos and Lovelace are going on their journey to the forbidden shore when there almost there)

  • Mumble: How long are we taking?
  • Ramón: I don't know, we look for the fish and then, stop the skuas for victory.
  • Raul: We're at the mountains but it kinda cloudy in here.

(Boss Skua, Dino, Frankie and Vinnie fly though the entrance and put some ice cubes in the cave blocking the whole entrance there)

  • Ramón: SKUA BIRD!

(Leopard seals cane out of nowhere to attack the penguins as the skuas laughed evily)

  • Mumble: Guys, Lovelace can't talk and run away from them!
  • Rinaldo: AHHHHH, LONG TEETH!

(Lovelace walked all the way here founding the forbidden shore)

  • Mumble: Lovelace No! Everyone, hide to the other hole!
  • Lovelace: So you and the Amigos are hiding to the other entrance when the three leopard seals run away. It was the worst journey i had in my life.

(Flashback ends)

  • Mumble: So, i was exiled at Emperor-Land and then, went to Adelie-Land to get your help to find the problem.
  • Lovelace: I know, your teenhood should sound a bit different.
  • Mumble: Yeah, we have a few problems about my birthday tomorrow.
  • Lovelace: Yes, go to sleep.

(Meanwhile' the leopard seal saw his minions sleeping on the ice floats)

  • Leopard Seal: Attention everyone!
  • Male Leopard Seal: Huh?
  • Female Leopard Seal: What was that.
  • Leopard Seal: Guys, we are in a group, tomorrow, we will hunt down Penguin-Land, that emperor penguin with fluff is there somehow.
  • Male Leopard Seal: Can we kill him?
  • Leopard Seal: Until TOMORROW!
  • Male Leopard Seal: Okay, okay, we're fine.
  • Leopard Seal: Follow me everyone.

(The leopard seals follow their leader looking for Penguin-Land underground, the next day)

  • Roy the Elder: Listen up! Since Mumble's birthday is tomorrow, put your wrapped presents in Esequiel's big ice bucket and GET IN LINE!

(Everyone got in line)

  • Esequiel: I loved birthday parties.
  • Arbert: *growls*
  • Erik: Good morning.
  • Arbert: Hi sugar.
  • Bo: So, your staying with us in our new home.
  • Erik: We can also bring you some food.
  • Atticus: Fish will only be better for you.
  • Shippo: Sven is here to asked you some questions.
  • Montay: The fun you get, the more you will have.
  • Mumble: So, i got you some fish.
  • Arbert: Thanks.
  • Montay: Thanksgiving is coming and we are going to have a BBQ here.
  • Phoenix: He's going to be alright.
  • Mumble: Yeah.
  • Arbert: So, i really like it here.
  • Mumble: So, our adventure continues where we can go back home.
  • Arbert: The leopard seals are very creepy and dangerous.
  • Mumble: Better watch out for them. Alright?
  • Arbert: Yes.
  • Mumble: Now, we focus on everything.
  • Arbert: Mmm-hmm.

(Back outside in the ice cavern, the walls are cracking, seeking water to come out and flood everything around the mountains, back in Skua-Land, there is skuas talking, fighting, and playing)

  • Brokebeak: If we kill that emperor penguin with fluff, he will be no more.
  • Dino: He even has a son named Erik.
  • Furry: So, tell Yellowleg about it.
  • Brokebeak: Yeah, he is the Boss Skua.
  • Dino: Let's go.

(Back in Penguin-Land, the parents are looking for Erik, Bo, Atticus, Ashley and Lauren)

  • Gloria: Erik.
  • Miss Viola: Boadicea, where are you?
  • Seymour: Atticus!
  • Terry: It no use Seymour, we even lost Mumble too.
  • Mary: Maybe, Mumble take them on vacation.
  • Edwin: Is that true?
  • Dorcena: Not really.
  • Mary: It false, we can't find them in the caves anywhere.
  • Gloria: Don't worry, we find Mumble and Phoenix too when Catherine finds out.
  • Catherine: No matter what. Nothing here will be resolved.
  • Gloria: Oh my Mumble. You're lost.

(Back in Skua-Land)

  • Boss Skua: I should stop him by now!
  • Dino: Mumble?
  • Boss Skua: Attention everyone! We're out to kill Mumble HappyFeet. Come out now and come with me!

(The skuas are flying with their wings to follow Boss Skua looking for Mumble, meanwhile in the Ice Cavern, the walls were cracking and break the ice to make water goes out and flood the whole land causing Snow Hill Island to flood apart)

  • Male Emperor Penguin: What that sound?
  • Male Emperor Chick: It's coming toward us!
  • Female Emperor Penguin: WATER MONSTER! RUN!

(All the emperor penguins were running when the water flood by them causing to swim, their home was cracking when Antarctica started to crack and make water come by their homes causing the world to flood everywhere. Two Killer Whales are coming to find Lovelace and Mumble. Back at Cape Adare)

  • Sven: Forget it! We will never make a good cake!
  • Roy the Elder: Don't worry. I got the recipe done.
  • Xever the Elder: You don't need to get worry by then.
  • Arbert: After now.

(The Elders are in their binoculars seeing that the leopard seals are coming to eat them)

  • Elder 1: Leopard Seal!
  • Elder 2: There a lot of them coming at us.
  • Elder 3: We have to tell Xever about this.
  • Lovelace: Everyone has a good day.
  • Elder 1: Xever! Leopard Seals are coming!
  • Xever the Elder: What?
  • Roy the Elder: That's terrible!
  • Sven: What the worse that can happen?
  • Hugh: You recognizing everything we have.
  • Montay: Not a chance.
  • Erik: Blah, blah, blah, we can do something we want.

(The leopard seals appear from the beach and ready to eat the penguins)

  • Xever: RUN!
  • Everyone *sceams*
  • Lovelace: What can we do?
  • Sven: I don't know, we have to stop the seals coming at us.

(The Leopard Seal leader was sniffing and saw Arbert at first)

  • Leopard Seal: This isn't Penguin-Land, i found my enemy.

(The Leopard Seal moves and Sven hit him by protecting him)

  • Arbert: SVEN NO!
  • Sven: AHHHHHH!

(The Leopard Seal was biting too much to catch Sven)

  • Mumble: Gosh, the leopard seal colony is taking over Cape Adare.
  • Raul: It's the end, *worried and hug* GOODBYE MUMBLE!
  • Mumble: Relax Raul, no one is gonna die.
  • Phoenix: If this was on your adventure, we should stop them.
  • Mumble: No, we can be eaten by them.

(Back at Penguin-Land)

  • Gloria: Did you find my son?
  • Alfie: No, i am still looking by digging in the snow.
  • Gloria: Kids don't live underground.
  • Alfie: Oh my, Gloria look.
  • Gloria: Where?
  • Alfie: The Water.

(The huge wave of water is coming at Penguin-Land)

  • Noah the Elder: By the mother of guin. It can't not be once again.
  • Memphis: Oh boy, look at that.
  • Norma Jean: Why would water come at out land.
  • Maurice: I don't know, their dreams come true.
  • Michelle: Maybe, the water in Antarctica was flooding.
  • Terry: THERE IT GOES!

(Everyone scream when the water was flooding over Penguin-Land, causing killer whales to come and eat them)

  • Terry: I'll stop them.
  • Mary: Terry No!

(Terry jump to attack the whales, the first killer whale hits Terry on the ground as the ice began to crack everywhere)

  • Gloria: Terry!
  • Terry: I'm okay.
  • Edwin: Those beasts will die at my fins.
  • Terry: We don't have hands like humans, we have to use our fins to fight them.
  • Edwin: Let's go.

(Meanwhile in Cape Adare, the huge big wave is coming to flood Cape Adare next)

  • Roy the Elder: Hit the leopard seals and fight back!
  • Ramón: Hey big one, you can't eat me.

(The male leopard seal roars and run after Ramón)

  • Leopard Seal: Here a taste penguin, you will die at my hands.

(Arbert hit the Leopard Seal leader)

  • Will: You can't beat us.
  • Arbert: Guys, go and find a way to bite him.
  • Bill: We will, let's go Will.
  • Arbert: Now, you will handle this for attacking my colony.
  • Leopard Seal: Why could you.

(Skuas were flying to attack the penguins also)

  • Montay: More predators?
  • Cho Cho: We have to stop them.
  • Carlos: Stay in a group.

(The Boss Skua was flying over Mumble and fight off him)

  • Boss Skua: What have you done to my favorite snack!
  • Mumble: There is no favorite snack around here!
  • Boss Skua: I wouldn't find a way to kill you if i wanted some revenge.

(In the map view of Antarctica, there is over 5 spots that are water flooding everywhere, back at Penguin-Land)

  • Gloria: The ice is cracking and we can't see a thing ether.
  • Dorcena: KILLER WHALE!

(A killer whale spoted at Gloria trying to eat her on chasing)

  • Gloria: Hide under the cave.

(Gloria, Terry, Mary, Dorcena and Edwin hide under the cave as the killer whale hit himself by failing)

  • Seymour: Everyone including your kids, stay back and don't go near the water.
  • Noah the Elder: IT'S DANGEROUS IN HERE.

(Back at Cape Adare)

  • Will: Bill, we have a plan, we are going to bite him at once.
  • Bill: Our lunch time will be completed when we go to the top of the food chain.
  • Will: Here i go.

(Will bites the leopard seal leader and try to bite Arbert harder)

  • Arbert: Ah ha!

(Arbert hit the leopard seal)

  • Will: Watch it!
  • Bill: I don't want to die.

(Mumble slaps the Boss Skua)

  • Boss Skua: Hey! Only girls can slap people.
  • Mumble: Boys can do it to predators too dummy!
  • Phoenix: You leave my big brother alone and stop eating people chicks.
  • Boss Skua: You will never forget that.

(The big wave is coming when the sky view is going dark)

  • Dino: What is that?
  • Brokebeak: I don't know.
  • Francesco: We're gonna die.

(All the leopard seal are being defeated by Adelies, Chinstraps, Magellanics and Little Penguins)

  • Leopard Seal: I hate when there krill in my back.
  • Montay: Krill in your back for what?
  • Leopard Seal: NOTHING!
  • Lovelace: You will never get away with this skuas.

(In the cave of Penguin-Land)

  • Gloria: Okay, here's the plan, we get out of here. The Killer Whales are taking over our home. Last, we saved Mumble's Birthday.
  • Terry: But how are we gonna do that?
  • Gloria: I know, we break out of here. And then, saved the world.
  • Edwin: Come on, let's do that.

(When they got out of the cave, their home got destroyed by the ice when the whole world is causing to flood when the elephant seals are moving out of the way)

  • Gloria: Oh no.
  • Noah the Elder: Stand back everyone, the water is coming at us.
  • Seymour: Hold your kids, they don't want to go to the fun water they like.

(Two Killer Whales are breaking the ice making emperor penguins to move back)

  • Alfie: Hurry guys, move!
  • Gloria: Guys, escape.
  • Terry: But it dangerous, there sea monsters everywhere taking over Antarctica.
  • Edwin: No, there no sea monsters, only leopard seals and killer whales are monsters.
  • Terry: Swim fast!

(Back in Cape Adare, the dark was filling into shadowness when the big wave is getting closer to them)

  • Leopard Seal: Today, Antarctica ends here.
  • Arbert: You monster!
  • Boss Skua: Guys, the wave monster is coming at us.
  • Esequiel: Here it goes!

(The big waves crashed down everything making Antarctica into a flooded continent. Leopard Seals are seen swimming going after Mumble, Phoenix and Ramón)

  • Ramón: Swim!
  • Mumble: Hurry!
  • Leopard Seal: I'm gonna get you!

(The south pole is the only place left to be flooded when Antarctica come to an end)

  • Gloria: Penguin-Land, go after Mumble!
  • Catherine: Snow Hill Island, go after Phoenix!

(Two Emperor Nations are going after Mumble and Phoenix as the killer whales are coming to go after them)

  • Montay: Gosh, we're icewrecked.
  • Cho Cho: Well, Alpha, Brokebeak, Furry and Dino are the only ones left.
  • Boss Skua: Not so fast!
  • Montay: Oh no!
  • Boss Skua: When the world changes, it changes back for us to die.
  • Montay: You're lying! Your a faker!
  • ???: Hey you!
  • Boss Skua: What the?
  • ???: Pick on somebody your own size.
  • Montay: Josesito!
  • Cho Cho: He came for help!
  • Josesito: Yep, LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!
  • Boss Skua: Fly away!
  • Furry: We fleet away!

(When the skuas leave, Josesito throw some snowballs at them and make the skuas fall out of the water)

  • Josesito: I did it! Heroes Rules!

(The penguins, two krills, Sven and Arbert wakes up and they go after Ramón. Suddenly, the sky is changing into dark blue)

  • Montay: Oh no.
  • Josesito: Come on, a storm is coming at us.
  • Cho Cho: Let's swim.

(All the penguins from Cape Adare and Adelie-Land are going after Ramón, in the south pole, there is a huge circular iceberg as Mumble, Phoenix and Ramón lands)

  • Mumble: We made it!
  • Phoenix: We did it at once.

(The Leopard Seal leader appear at them)

  • Mumble: Oh no!
  • Phoenix: We're not done!
  • Leopard Seal: Penguins, you will die by me.
  • Mumble: Come on, there is a way to stop him.

(Two Emperor Nations has arrive for help as they arrive on the south pole iceberg)

  • Seymour: Get out of here.
  • Leopard Seal: I show something perfect.

(The leopard seal went under the water and tilt the iceberg moving)

  • Noah the Elder: What is that?
  • Ramón: Biggest iceberg in the world.
  • Mumble: Everyone hold together!
  • Terry: Mumble your back! Where's my daughter?
  • Mumble: There coming by now, there also here to help.

(The Two Killer Whales arrive seeking on helping the leopard seal move the iceberg)

  • Leopard Seal: You guys will die by me.

(All the people from Cape Adare and Adelie-Land arrive as Sven is flying towards the emperors and Ramón)

  • Mumble: Sven!
  • Sven: Hey Mumbly!
  • Raul: Ramón!
  • Nestor: We miss you!
  • Angelo: Everyone is here to help!
  • Erik: Mommy!
  • Gloria: Erik.

(All the clouds are creating the darkness as the Earth is tremble to make Antarctica dark)

  • Leopard Seal: What is that?

(The Dark 'Guin has appeared from the clouds creating the dark)

  • Noah the Elder: This is Mumble's idea to take all the fish away! What have they done.
  • Noah the Elder: Oh no. The Great 'Guin is evil!
  • Leopard Seal: Yes, i love the show.
  • Arbert: Guys, we have to do something.
  • Norma Jean: Guys, reach your necks and kids, watch out for the light because, they burn your eyes.
  • Atticus: We have to do this.

(The Light and the Dark was creating snow and ice)

  • Seymour: Praise the real Great 'Guin for everything.

(The Dark 'Guin was losing power when the penguins put their fins up and make him spirit away)

  • Noah the Elder: YOU ARE NOT!
  • The Dark 'Guin: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The Dark 'Guin explode himself when the killer whales swim away and the dark rock hit the leopard seal and die when the rocks hit him. The whole continent was unflooding everywhere and Antarctica is now back in its normal size when the water is all gone for good)

  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Montay: The Penguins has saved the world.

(As all of the penguins are getting out, everyone is returning to their familes)

  • Erik: This adventure is great.
  • Mumble: I wish, the real Great 'Guin would come to my birthday.
  • Atticus: Yeah.
  • Bo: At least, you did something perfect.
  • Mumble: I know.


Mumble's Birthday Bash Chapter 2
Our birthday bash continue here with Mumble and his friends from Antarctica.

(In the Adélie Inventions Corp host room)

  • Esequiel: Hello everyone and welcome to Happy Peep Short Stuff! Today episode will be about is Adélie Feeding Battle, with Alternate Endings!
  • Josesito: And it's gonna be fun.
  • Esequiel: So on Adélie Feeding Battle, Montay was trying to win a race with Carlos during the feeding chase. And after he land as Carlos lost, he got food from his dad and win a prize!
  • Josesito: And Montay want to be a hero like Mumble HappyFeet.
  • Mumble: Hey!
  • Esequiel: So there are 6 alternate endings around this episode. How would everyone win if someone want to win a prize.
  • Josesito: And the "Happy Birthday Carlos" song is pretty catchy.
  • Esequiel: No! He almost make Cape Adare flooded like in "The Fish Job".
  • Josesito: Okay, let's begin with Esequiel.


  • Esequiel: If Carlos get to win the Adélie Feeding Battle, we would find out.

(Ending Number 6 begins when Carlos is winning againist Montay, Cho Cho and his friends)

  • Blazer: He can't listen to you.
  • Dylan: Oh, the game is done.

(Carlos reached the ending line)

  • Announcer: AND THE GAME IS DONE!
  • Montay: NO!
  • Cho Cho: We lost.
  • Ting-Ting: Hooray for Carlos!
  • Blazer: You did it!
  • Dylan: Oh yeah.
  • Ting-Ting: So, you did it Carlos, you did everything you did good.
  • Carlos: Cake for us and not for MONTAY.
  • Montay: No!


(Back to the show)

  • Esequiel: Well, it seems that Montay didn't get a chance to win because, Carlos' birthday wish worked.
  • Josesito: Your joking for this. Let's try Blazer's ending.


  • Blazer: Ha ha ha! I'm winning!
  • Carlos: Come on Blazer, give dad some food and beat it for everyone!
  • Montay: Darn darn darn!
  • Dylan: Hool!
  • Montay: That unredarneck!
  • Carlos: Sorry Montay, but you have to lose for this.
  • Blazer: No one give it a shot.
  • Montay: You tried on stopping me?
  • Blazer: Um.........yeah.
  • Carlos: You can't beat us Montay.
  • Montay: And i hope you die!
  • Blazer: Super speed!

(Blazer goes fast and win the race when he got food from his dad)

  • Announcer: BLAZER IS THE WINNER!
  • Blazer: Yes!
  • Montay: NO!
  • Carlos: His skills are perfect.
  • Dylan: Yeah!
  • Cho Cho: Sorry Montay, we lost.
  • Montay: Awwww.


(Back to the show)

  • Esequiel: Blazer is fast as lighting?
  • Josesito: Well, more of.
  • Esequiel: Penguins are named Blazer? I don't know why this happen in a episode.
  • Josesito: Now let's go hooling with Dylan's ending.


  • Dylan: Hooooooo!
  • Montay: You can't jump when you're at a race.
  • Dylan: No fair. I can do whatever i want.

(The kids are almost making it to the land where the event was set)

  • Montay: Don't stay on tight.
  • Dylan: In the Hool!

(Dylan made it to the finish line and wins by playing basketball)

  • Montay: What?
  • Cho Cho: No!
  • Carlos: Dylan? You won.
  • Dylan: I'm good.

(Dylan made a hoop on the basketball and make a shot)

  • Announcer: Dylan, what are you doing? You just win the feeding battle and you suppose to win your prize, not just play basketball.
  • Dylan: No, it's my prize.
  • Announcer: That's it, COACH ORO! GET HIM!
  • Coach Oro: DYLAN!
  • Dylan: No!
  • Carlos: Hit him with dodgeballs.
  • Coach Oro: *blow whistle* DODGEBALLS, ATTACK!

(The chicks throw dodgeballs at Dylan and ended up laying down)

  • Montay: *laughs*
  • Carlos: What a kid.


(Back to the show)

  • Esequiel: Wait a minute? Did i saw that Dylan guy from Black-footed land?
  • Josesito: No, it's the other one.
  • Esequiel: Oh, Dylan the African Penguin has the same name as Dylan Corlier. So Ting-Ting would get his own ending.


  • Ting-Ting: Yes, 10 points in a row.
  • Montay: You cheated.
  • Ting-Ting: Why would i care?
  • Dylan: Don't listen to him Ting-Ting, he's bad.
  • Montay: I'm not!
  • Carlos: Yes you are, my birthday wish will work for this.
  • Montay: Your birthday wish will broke for this!
  • Ting-Ting: SUPER ON THE TING! *jumps*

(Ting-Ting made it to the finish line)

  • Montay: What?
  • Carlos: You win if your in any place but not first.
  • Blazer: We lost.
  • Ting-Ting: Alright, yes!
  • Montay: No, no, no.
  • Carlos: He will pay for this.
  • Blazer: Yeah.

(Montay walked all the way sad when he lost the feeding battle as the dads leave)

  • Montay: I really, hate this event.
  • Cho Cho: Montay? It's okay, we can always do that.
  • Montay: Don't talk about it, i'm blowing up the school tomorrow.
  • Cho Cho: What? But everyone will die here.

(Cho Cho left)

  • Carlos: Hey Montay.
  • Montay: Huh.

(Carlos, Blazer, Dylan and Ting-Ting were singing "Rude" by Magic! to Montay on having a bad day)

"Why you have to be so rude?

Don't you know I'm penguin too?

Why you have to be so rude?

They alway sometime try to win."

  • Montay: Blah, blah, blah, cut it off. *leaves*
  • Carlos: Okay.


(Back to the show)

  • Esequiel: How many endings do we got?
  • Josesito: Four, two more left and one is the secret and real ending one.
  • Esequiel: Oh.


  • Cho Cho's Mom: Go Cho Cho Go!
  • Hersila: We're counting on you.
  • Cho Cho: I know.

(Cho Cho runs fast to beat all the boys including Montay and Carlos)

  • Carlos: Hey!
  • Montay: Ah ha!
  • Cho Cho: Get to the finish line, get to the finish line. *goal it to the finish line* Made it!
  • Montay: Yes!
  • Carlos: No!
  • Montay: I KNOW!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Montay: Yes my baby.
  • Carlos: But why?
  • Dylan: We were slow.
  • Blazer: I think, the water we crack was flooded on us.
  • Ting-Ting: I'm lazy.
  • Cho Cho's Dad: You did it darling, you beat Carlos and everyone.
  • Cho Cho: I know.
  • Montay: You did very well, you didn't let Carlos to win the match.
  • Cho Cho: I know.
  • Montay: So, everyone is counting on me next time.
  • Fastino: You bet.


(Back to the show)

  • Josesito: No crack? No landing?
  • Esequiel: So all of the endings were fake! *moving CDs away from the endings*
  • Josesito: The real and TRUE ending will be for Montay and your just waiting for it to appear.
  • Esequiel: It's coming! It's true!
  • Josesito: Carlos, Blazer, Dylan, Ting-Ting and Cho Cho were all just wrong.


  • Montay: You try to bother me?
  • Carlos: Yeah.

(The rock is cracking the mountain up and blocking the finish line for everyone)

  • Fastino: No.
  • Montay: Come.
  • Carlos: I can do whatever i want.
  • Montay: Then, stop it!
  • Carlos: You stop too!

(Montay and Carlos went to the other way when there is parts cracking from the mountains)

  • Fastino: You gotta hit from swag.
  • Carlos' father: You won't get away with this.

(The crack is spliting from two pieces with Montay and Carlos' father)

  • Montay: No!
  • Carlos: Yes!
  • Carlos' father: Come on son, let's win.

(Carlos' father feeded food from his son and move along as Fastino stopped racing to see his son sadly from being splited apart)

  • Montay: This is all my fault, i made Carlos move along and started a crack in here.
  • Fastino: It's okay Montay, we lose sometimes and you will be in second.
  • Montay: No i won't, i will destroy that mountain for sure.

(Montay uses his stomp power and crack everything move as the cliff moves up from Montay and land to his father place to move and get feeded)

  • Carlos: They won't get away!
  • Carlos' father: Run faster boy!

(High cliffs begin to break as Montay and Fastino jump from the pointy rocks and jump over Carlos and his dad)

  • Carlos: HEY!
  • Montay: I got you!
  • Carlos: You pay for that!
  • Montay: Fastino Run! Fastino Run!

(Everyone made it to the finish line as the mountain got destroyed when Carlos and his father loses and Montay and Fastino land to feed perfectly)

  • Montay: Dad, we did it. We won.
  • Fastino: I know son.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Announcer: THE WINNER IS MONTAY!
  • Cho Cho: Yes!
  • Blazer: No!
  • Dylan: So sad, i'm mad.
  • Ting-Ting: Good game.
  • Montay: Carlos? Are you okay.
  • Carlos: I'm sorry Montay, i like Esequiel.
  • Montay: Really?
  • Carlos: Yeah. But this feeding battle is pretty fun.

(Carlos and his dad stand up and remove dust all over)

  • Carlos: Cape Adare is dusty once again.
  • Esequiel: HE WON! HE REALLY WON!
  • Josesito: Why this place smell bad? It used to smell nothing when Carlos touched that ice and made everything cracked apart.
  • Esequiel: I don't know.
  • Roy the Elder: So, the mothers and fathers are returning to their kids.
  • Xever the Elder: That what we used for this.
  • Cho Cho's Dad: Anyways, the wall of that mountain got destroyed from the team.
  • Announcer: Really?
  • Fastino: Let's go everyone, have some cake.
  • Montay: Alright!
  • Cho Cho: Let's go.
  • Carlos: Yes.

(There was a party going on when everyone is eating cake)

  • Blazer: Montay your the man.
  • Montay: Very strong.
  • Carlos: You're one cool guy.
  • Esequiel: Hey Josesito, remember your first Adélie Feeding Battle?
  • Josesito: Yeah, i would pray my father on this.

(Flashback begins when Josesito was participanting in the Adélie Feeding Battle running)

  • Joselito: Come on son, run faster!
  • Josesito: I will dad!
  • Joselito: Your getting it, let's go. And you made it.

(Joselito feed his son some fish and the flashback ends)

  • Josesito: The cake is the prize.
  • Esequiel: More like the cake is a lie.
  • Roy the Elder: Let's go boys, clean up the ice pieces.

(The elders are cleaning up the ice pieces that was broken from the water-break flood)

  • Montay: My goal is to become a hero someday.
  • Cho Cho: You bet Montay.
  • Montay: I know.
  • Carlos: It's lucky for me.


(Back to the show)

  • Esequiel: THE TRUE ENDING IS 100% AWESOME!
  • Josesito: These are alternate endings, there are not even that real. Just made up from a parallel universe.
  • Esequiel: As you know. Montay would use his power to stop Carlos.
  • Josesito: Even not.
  • Esequiel: Just rude like every adelie was.
  • Josesito: But, time to go.

(Black screen fades)


Adelie Feeding Battle (Alternate Endings)
Welcome to Happy Peep Short Stuff! Starting with the first episode with Adelie Feeding Battle (Alternate Endings). 6 alternate endings are included of which the real one is.

(On a morning day, Erik, Atticus and Bo sneaked up to wake up Mumble)

  • Erik: Hey Atticus, i think, we should tease him.
  • Atticus: That's a great idea.
  • Bo: Come on, let's go.

(Erik, Atticus and Bo arrive at Mumble's bed and pushes him over)

  • Erik, Atticus and Bo: BOO!
  • Mumble: AAAHHHHH!

(The kids laughed)

  • Mumble: *laughs*
  • Erik: Good morning dad.
  • Mumble: Good morning Erik.
  • Atticus: Did you have fun?
  • Mumble: Yeah, it was yesterday, but last year.
  • Bo: So what's coming up?
  • Mumble: My birthday is coming, you have to make me a cake.
  • Erik: What? A Snow Cake You Wanted?
  • Mumble: No, it's something to do about it.
  • Atticus: Even, we can invite some friends to the party.
  • Erik: You hate them. Right?
  • Mumble: Yeah. There a bunch of monsters around here to save.
  • Erik: You don't have to listen to them dad.
  • Mumble: Right.

(At Adelie-Land)

  • Angelo: Ramón! Mumble's birthday is coming!
  • Ramón: Really?
  • Angelo: Yeah, he told me before that his birthday is coming up.
  • Ramón: We gotta see it so badley.
  • Raul: Yeah.
  • Rinaldo: It's gotta be fun.
  • Nestor: It has to be an epic party than the Mighty Sven show.
  • Lombardo: And a lots of fun.
  • Lovelace: So Angelo, you came here for a visit, any plans for Mumble's gift?
  • Angelo: I don't know?
  • Hugh: He can really try it out, but no one can be peeking on the gift when it is someone birthday.
  • Sven: *acts like a soilder* Correct! It's what we do.
  • Hugh: Yeah, but there is a snowstorm coming.
  • Lovelace: Guys, go home.
  • Ramón: Ummmmm........... We go to Cape Adare for a visit with Angelo's friends.
  • Lombardo: I want to hang out with my third cousin.
  • Lovelace: Okay, just go.
  • Lombardo: Thanks.
  • Hugh: We need to talk about it in my house.

(In Hugh's Ice Cave)

  • Lovelace: Mumble needs a gift. His birthday is coming soon.
  • Sven: So, the very important creature would be me.
  • Hugh: So, what will eventually happen.
  • Lovelace: Make Mumble a cake.
  • Sven: Well sort of.

(The song "Very Important Creature" from The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire begin to play)

  • Sven: *singing*

"I've never needed anyone

I'll go my way alone

I'll use my own intelligence

to make that magical cake"

  • Hugh: So, keep away from any birds, like seagulls or skuas.
  • Lovelace: With help, we can work together and save our lifes.
  • Hugh: We have a puffin who lost his home, but now, he's with us like me.
  • Sven: *singing when he is flying in a flashback to Svenland*

"Yes, I'm a very important creature

Tremendously brave and strong

I find that I am frequently right when others are often wrong

Instead of arguing blindly

They should open their eyes and see

that the one who will bring them paradise

is the very important me"

  • Hugh: He sure is hard on himself, ain't he?
  • Lovelace: Yes.
  • Sven: *singing when he is trying to survive from polar bears catching him*

"I'm a fabulous, fearsome puffin

I handle life with finesse

When others say "No, it can't be so"

my answer is always "yes"

I was born to be their saviour

That is my destiny

Why do they despise, not recognize

the truly fantastic me?

Some of us are born to lead

while the rest of you must follow"

  • Hugh: *singing* I'd like to fly him off his back.
  • Lovelace: *singing* This is getting hard to swallow.
  • Sven: *singing*

"Look at these wings

Look at this beak"

  • Hugh: I guess you can say you're quite unique.
  • Lovelace: One penguin nation will stop the skuas.
  • Sven: What did you say?
  • Lovelace: I said "Stop the skuas."
  • Hugh: If Boss Skua is alive, i would hit him with my fin.
  • Lovelace: I know, I know, but be patient. He would get revenge on his nerves someday.
  • Hugh: Oh, yeah, yeah, I get ya. Then, it'll be time to make a few changes in the peckin' order.
  • Sven: *singing* We've a very important mission.
  • Lovelace: *singing* Truly impressive quest.
  • Sven: *singing* They think we mean to do them harm.
  • Hugh: *singing* When we only want what's best.
  • Lovelace: *singing* And we will finally make a cake.
  • Sven: *singing* Then at last, they'll see.'
  • Hugh: *singing* How lucky they are to know.
  • Lovelace: *singing* As they watch us from down below.
  • Sven: *singing*

"What reverence they will show

The very important"

  • Lovelace: *singing* Very important.
  • Hugh: *singing* Very important.
  • Sven *singing* Me.

(Lovelace and Hugh joins in)

  • Sven, Lovelace and Hugh: *singing* The very important we.

(After the song end, in Cape Adare, Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo, Nestor, Lombardo and Angelo arrive to see what happening)

  • Angelo: So this is where i live.
  • Ramón: We went there like many times.
  • Raul: Sound dumb to me.
  • Angelo: Now, i need to find Estefan and Enrique.
  • Ramón: Enrique need you for trouble?
  • Angelo: No, he don't need me for trouble. It's something for Mumble's birthday.
  • Nestor: The ultimate powerful feet.
  • Angelo: NO! Think of something else.
  • Rinaldo: He wants tickling.
  • Angelo: That was many months ago.
  • Ramón: Ohhhhh, we can't learn.
  • Angelo: Fine, let's go.

(In the main land)

  • Estefan: Enrique, what's up?
  • Enrique: Good.
  • Estefan: Everything fine?
  • Enrique: Yeah. I know.
  • Estefan: Sound a fun.
  • Enrique: You may know about it.
  • Estefan: Uh-huh.
  • Angelo: Hey guys.
  • Estefan: Hi Angelo.
  • Angelo: Anything okay?
  • Enrique: Yes.
  • Raul: Sound like fun to me.
  • Ramón: Mumble's birthday is coming up.
  • Estefan: Cool.
  • Enrique: That's nice of you Ramón.
  • Ramón: Thanks.

(Back at Penguin-Land)

  • Ashley: So Erik? Your father's birthday is coming and what are you gonna give him?
  • Erik: I don't know.
  • Ashley: I believe in you.
  • Lauren: Like she's saying.
  • Atticus: Is everything alright?
  • Bo: Yeah.
  • Erik: This will be fun anyway.
  • Atticus: Yep.
  • Erik: So, wanna play penguin in the middle?
  • Bo: Yes.
  • Ashley: Sound fun to me.
  • Lauren: Let's do this.
  • Atticus: Alright!
  • Erik: Let's play.

(The penguins are now playing "Penguin in the Middle")

  • Erik: We will use a bouncy snowball for this game.
  • Atticus: Do it.

(Erik bounce the ball to Atticus, Atticus bounce the ball to Bo, Bo bounce the ball to Ashley, and Ashley bounce the ball to Erik. They kept on repeating)

  • Erik: Yes!
  • Atticus: Very cool on the rounding thing.
  • Bo: This is so fun.
  • Mumble: What are you guys doing?
  • Erik: We're just playing for fun.
  • Atticus: I have to be in the middle and we're playing "Penguin in the Middle".
  • Mumble: Oh, like "Monkey in the Middle".
  • Erik: I get it.

(Meanwhile in the cliff of Penguin Land, Boss Skua, Dino, Frankie, Vinnie, Francesco, Brokebeak and Furry are sneaking and planning to get a chick)

  • Boss Skua: Well, well, well. I will get revenge.
  • Dino: Mumble has a birthday? Everyone is born in August.
  • Francesco: I think, he changed his birthday from August to November.
  • Brokebeak: *slap Francesco head* That's impossible Francesco! It's true.
  • Dino: No one change a birthday when your born.
  • Boss Skua: I see.

(Back on land)

  • Mumble: So Erik, is there any problem around here?
  • Erik: No, I don't see a thing,
  • Boss Skua: My time has come to this.
  • Mumble: Well, I would believe that skuas don't come to this land that much.
  • Boss Skua: *flys* BOO!
  • Erik: And what the point?
  • Mumble: Nothing, but...HERE IT GOES!

(The Boss Skua captures Bo and skuas were chasing after him)

  • Male Emperor: Skuas!
  • Female Emperor: There going after the chick!
  • Atticus: Bo!
  • Ashley: There back for more!
  • Mumble: YELLOWLEG!
  • Noah the Elder: The Boss Skua has returned, someone has to stop him.
  • Erik: I do it.
  • Mumble: No, your not going anywhere. You already run away before when i teached you to dance that bad.
  • Erik: No, Bo is counting on me!
  • Atticus: Erik! You can't do this on your own. Only Adults can go on adventures.
  • Erik: Well, i grew up many days ago and i'm still a chick.
  • Mumble: Fine kids, go and save your friend but watch out for strangers.
  • Erik: Okie-dokie.

(Back at Cape Adare)

  • Angelo: So in this basketball court, we play everything?
  • Ramón: Well, Montay, what is this place?
  • Montay: This is where people go and play. It just for fun.
  • Angelo: I get it.
  • Cho Cho: Angelo, do you know everything?
  • Angelo: Yeah.
  • Montay: I do.
  • Carlos: Let it alone!
  • Montay: Carlos!
  • Ramón: Hey, your name is Carlos. I have a name that is part of my full long name Carlos.
  • Carlos: I know man.
  • Montay: Ramón! Don't listen to him.
  • Blazer: Be quiet you. Pick on someone your own size.
  • Montay: My BODY?
  • Carlos: *laughs* No.
  • Montay: I'M OUT OF HERE!
  • Lombardo: Montay, wait!
  • Raul: Leave him alone Lombardo.
  • Cho Cho: Montay, your leaving?
  • Carlos: He care about us.
  • Blazer: There is nothing to do about it.

(Montay left when he moves his way to Snow Hill Island, he saw 7 skuas flying with Boadicea)

  • Montay: Bo? I have to tell everyone about this.

(Montay run to find the skuas with Bo. In the cavesite)

  • Boss Skua: Finally, a chick i just wanted.
  • Dino: Mumble's birthday is ruined for all.
  • Frankie: Not until his real birthday is here.
  • Vinnie: You got to be kidding me.
  • Bo: Guys,
  • Boss Skua: Never, you're stuck with us.
  • Furry: I hope, she can taste great.
  • Francesco: Let me try.
  • Brokebeak: Not now.

(Back in Adelie-Land)

  • Hugh: So everything is just perfect.
  • Sven: But it just Mumble's ice statue.
  • Hugh: We're gonna need more of these for Mumble's birthday party. Starting in Adelie-Land.

(Back in Snow Hill Island)

  • Erik: I need Shippo help.
  • Atticus: Shippo need you? Why did he wanted to help?
  • Erik: Because he is my cousin.
  • Atticus: But we have to find Bo quick before the skuas eat her.
  • Erik: I know we do!

(Erik and Montay both made their way to Phoenix's)

  • Erik and Montay: Hi Pho- *look at themselves* What?
  • Montay: Ahhh!
  • Erik: Ahhh!
  • Montay: Erik? You found me?
  • Erik: Montay? What are you doing in here?
  • Montay: I run off from Carlos and Blazer, i hate those guys.
  • Phoenix: Woah, kids, don't you have a dad yet?
  • Shippo: Montay, your one of a kind.
  • Montay: So, the skuas went the other way.
  • Erik: Those skuas won't stay a chance.
  • Shippo: I can help you find them.
  • Montay: But it hard.
  • Erik: All you gotta do is survive like Bo.
  • Montay: When the mountains were cracking during the Adélie Feeding Battle, i survived.
  • Erik: Really.
  • Montay: Yeah.
  • Shippo: What do you guys need?
  • Erik: Saving Bo.
  • Montay: They went to the mountains, and let's go.
  • Erik: Alright.
  • Phoenix: Guys, there predators out there and watch out for them like my father said.
  • Erik: We will.
  • Montay: Let's go.

(In the cliffs of Snow Hill Island)

  • Erik: I wish, the fathers can beat the skuas.
  • Montay: Where's Bo?
  • Atticus: You mean Bo Boadicea Viola?
  • Montay: Yeah, but that her full name.
  • Ashley: Guys, i saw her going to the cave.
  • Lauren: Let's go.

(Phoenix appear with Mumble checking on the kids)

  • Mumble: Guys, i went so fast to check on you guys. Is there any problems fighting?
  • Montay: No.
  • Mumble: Montay, why are you there?
  • Montay: I run away from my enemies, Carlos and Blazer, i am helping to get Bo back in their side.
  • Phoenix: Those skuas will get some feathered-fury!
  • Mumble: Okay, good luck.
  • Phoenix: Ok guys, let's go show those skuas who's boss.
  • Montay: I'm the boss.
  • Atticus: Erik is a boss.
  • Montay: I AM BOSS!
  • Mumble: Boys, calm down.

(Bo went to the ice cave where she is looking for a way out from the skuas, she found a poor weddell seal that is trying to find a way out)

  • Bo: Hi there.
  • Poor Weddell Seal: Hello.
  • Bo: Are you lost?
  • Poor Weddell Seal: Yeah, no home, no water.
  • Bo: Come on, the skuas are looking for me and defeat the leopard seals as you can.
  • Poor Weddell Seal: Okay, but what's your name?
  • Bo: My name is Bo. Bo Boadicea Viola. My parents gave me that name when i was little.
  • Poor Weddell Seal: My name is Arbert. I lost my family many years ago when the leopard seals are attacking the weddell colony during the ocean war.
  • Bo: That's bad.
  • Arbert: Let's get out of here.

(Back with the penguin group)

  • Montay: We made it at last!

(An snowquake blocks the way to the cave with snowpiles falling)

  • Montay: No!
  • All: Montay!
  • Montay: My bad.

(In the cave)

  • Bo: Oh no, we're trap!
  • Arbert: Blast it! We're never getting out of here.

(Back with the penguin group)

  • Atticus: Guys, let's dig and see what we can find.
  • Montay: Right, start digging.

(The penguin group starts digging through the snow pile)

  • Montay: Are you kidding me? It's like digging dirt since our prehistory adventure.

(Back in the Ice Cavern)

  • Bo: Are we gonna find anything else?
  • Arbert: No.
  • Bo: Well, the ice pieces are just like holes that are creepy like cheese.
  • Arbert: We don't eat human food. We eat Antarctic food.

(Underground the Ice Cavern, Will and Bill are finding a way out)

  • Will: Gosh, i'm scared.
  • Bill: We we're looking for food for like 2 hours already, can we stop for now?
  • Will: No, this is my plan, and I have to find food.
  • Bill: Darn.

(Back outside the Ice Cavern)

  • Montay: Snow is melting and the summer is coming.
  • Erik: Summer pasted already.
  • Montay: Oh.

(Back in the underground ice cavern, Will and Bill are looking for something to escape)

  • Bill: Man, i wish, this place was gone.
  • Will: The water has to be melted to escape.
  • Bill: So?
  • Will: What?
  • Bill: I don't know.

(Will begin to sing "Don't Be Scared" from The Land Before Time TV series)

  • Will: *singing*

"Don't be, don't be scared

Don't be, don't be scared"

  • Bill: *singing* It's easier to say than do.
  • Will: *singing*

"But singing help

I know it true"

  • Bill: *singing* Then I will try to sing with you.
  • Will and Bill: *singing* And not be scared.

(The screen changes when Will and Bill are walking down of finding a way out of the ice cavern)

  • Bill: *singing*

"Oh, it's awfully dark

way down here

in the Ice Cavern"

  • Will: *singing*

"It very Too dark

Maybe it not so bad

if we find

that easy way out"

  • Bill: Hey, let's just find any way out, okay?
  • Will and Bill: *singing*

"D-D-D-Don't be, don't be scared

Don't be, don't be scared"

(After seeing a Tyrannosaurus skeleton, Will continue to sing)

"Pretend that you be brave and strong

You know the tune, so sing along"

  • Will: *singing* Hope I don't end up wrong.
  • Will and Bill: *singing*

"Not being scared

Being scared"

(The song ended when the krills hear a growl sound)

  • Bill: Uh oh, he's coming.
  • Will: Relax, it just going to be fine.

(The leopard seal wake up and see Will and Bill walking to his spot)

  • Will: I think, i should try eating the-
  • Bill: WILL NO! RUN!
  • Leopard Seal: *roars*
  • Will and Bill: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

(Will and Bill run away as the leopard seal begin to chase after them)

  • Bo: Did you hear something?
  • Arbert: Come on, they need some help from leopard seals.
  • Bo: Leopard seals are bad! They attacked your home when you tell me that.
  • Arbert: What?

(Will and Bill went into the water when the leopard seal found them, he goes speed and crashes into the ice wall, an earthquake started to occurs)

  • Montay: Keep digging!
  • Mumble: Quiet Montay! Everyone far away is sleeping!
  • Montay: Forget it!
  • Bo: What was that?
  • Arbert: It cracking on us.

(The walls, the floors, and the frozen ice begin to break apart as Will and Bill and running fast from the leopard seal)

  • Leopard Seal: Oooooh, baby penguin.
  • Arbert: STAND BACK!

(They land into the water and Arbert block the leopard seals' way)

  • Bo: Huh?
  • Will: Listen, he will take care.
  • Bill: Come on, let's go.
  • Bo: But we can't leave.
  • Arbert: GUYS, GO! I'LL STOP HIM!
  • Bo: Fine.

(Bo, Will and Bill continues on as they find a land out of this)

  • Montay: Gosh, why it isn't melting?

(Montay dig a hole though)

  • Montay: Guys, i did it.
  • Phoenix: Go on Montay, we continue to dig more out of this.
  • Montay: Right sir.

(Montay went to the snow hole and saw a cilff that was collapsed from a earthquake)

  • Montay: *jumps* CANNONBALL!

(Montay swims underwater and find a way that Bo and the krills are going to)

  • Bo: Are we there yet?
  • Will: We're at Snow Hill Island, we're finding a way out of this.
  • Boss Skua: AH HA!
  • Bo: Ahhh!
  • Bill: We're trap!
  • Brokebeak: You won't get away with this.
  • Furry: No one is moving though the way.
  • Montay: STOP RIGHT HERE!
  • Boss Skua: Oh Montay, you came to see along.
  • Bo: Montay?
  • Will: What a montay?
  • Bill: It's Montay the Adelie Penguin.
  • Will: Oh, chicks can be powerful than ever.
  • Francesco: Your animal friends?
  • Frankie: It has nothing to do with the krills.
  • Montay: *run off the other way* I WILL KILL YOU ALPHA!

(Montay jump over the ice tops and hold himself on the icicle sharp)

  • Montay: Oh no! What have i've done?
  • Boss Skua: *flys to Montay* You're next, my little penguin friend.
  • Montay: *ice sharp fall over* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *lands on holding the icicle sharp)

(Another crack appear coming closer to the tunnel)

  • Montay: A hint on the search?
  • Boss Skua: What? You're down?
  • Dino: Impossible.

(Back on digging)

  • Erik: Are we done yet?
  • Mumble: Still close to Boadicea.

(The mountains were breaking from the crack and the snowpile goes all the way to the cliff. The cliffs from the outside are breaking as the penguins went inside the ice cavern)

  • Mumble: No! How are we gonna find a way out of this!?
  • Ashley: I don't know, we're doomed.
  • Phoenix: There is only one way out is jumping on the water.
  • Erik: No, it just creepy to jump there. Montay is brave like Bo.

(Back at the fight, the leopard seal uses his tail to hit Arbert's face and hit back at him)

  • Leopard Seal: You tried stopping on me?
  • Arbert: Listen Scar-Face, i hate to say that your blocking our way out.
  • Leopard Seal: You have no excuses from me and the whole cave.
  • Arbert: Then, i should stop you!
  • Leopard Seal: TAKE THAT! *his tail hit the cliff*

(The cliff was cracking when the penguins are finding out)

  • Mumble: What is that?
  • Phoenix: The crack! It's heading towards us!
  • Arbert: Chase me into that hole.

(The cliff was collapsing when the leopard seal and Arbert are chasing into that hole and the ice cavern begin to break into a huge wide place)

  • Bo: RUN!

(After cracking everywhere, the light come from the hole and give some air to the penguins)

  • Mumble: Wow.
  • Lauren: That's so beautiful.
  • Ashley: There's land, but there no way out.
  • Phoenix: Guys, we have to swim to get there.

(Underwater in the hole, Arbert was being chased by a leopard seal while he break some ice to make another crack)

  • Arbert: Feel it now?
  • Leopard Seal: NO!
  • Mumble: What that noise?
  • Erik: An earthquake!

(The ice pieces move up and make the cliff ice pad move to the land with a cave entrance in it)

  • Erik: Yes!
  • Mumble: Let's go.

(The underwater cavern was cracking when all of the crabs begin to move away from the ice rocks falling)

  • Arbert: GO! GO! GO! I WILL STOP HIM!
  • Leopard Seal: You tried to kill me.
  • Arbert: My herd is on the loose and you won't get away with this.
  • Leopard Seal: Bring it on.

(They continue to fight, when the penguins begin to look for them)

  • Mumble: So that ice shard made a crack and it's Boss Skua fault for doing this.
  • Erik: He is such a killer like Leopardy once from the Polar Bear Squad.
  • Ashley: My father also hate leopard seals and blue whales.
  • Mumble: Well, blue whales don't eat penguins.
  • Phoenix: Come on, the ice cavern is cracking apart.

(The penguins move on and see that Bo, Montay and the krills are being trapped by the skuas)

  • Mumble: That Boss Skua over here!
  • Phoenix: Hey Bossy! Try to fight us now!
  • Boss Skua: I hate this ice cavern. I'm fighting here.
  • Brokebeak: No one will move on the penguin nation.
  • Boss Skua: *break a ice wall leading a way out to the mountains* NO!

(A crack Boss Skua made was heading towards underground)

  • Boss Skua: Oops!

(The skuas fly away from the ice cavern)

  • Bo: Yes.
  • Will: Shoot.
  • Montay: My dad is gonna kill me about this.
  • Mumble: Guys, what a blast.
  • Bo: Arbert! Where is he?
  • Phoenix: Arbert? You need him?

(Arbert was fighting back at the leopard seal and defeated him with ice rocks)

  • Arbert: Boo-yah!
  • Mumble: Guys, follow me. Bo know that Arbert guy is.

(The penguins follow Mumble and Bo and went underwater to see Arbert the Weddell Seal)

  • Arbert: Oh hi there.
  • Atticus: A weddell seal! We remember those.
  • Arbert: Oh my boy, i'm so glad to see you with your brothers.
  • Atticus: I don't have brothers, there my friends.
  • Arbert: Oh.
  • Mumble: The ocean blocked each path from the earthquake. Arbert, find us a way out.
  • Arbert: I know since i was there, follow me.
  • Will: Follow him guys.

(The penguins, two krills and Arbert follow their way out of the underwater cavern, they saw a block saw with rocks in the hole)

  • Arbert: My time has come, I will......LEAVE THIS CAVE!

(Arbert break the rocks and finally made his way out of the underwater cavern)

  • Bill: We did it, we did it, we did it! We save the day!
  • Arbert: Never talk to predators ever again.
  • Will: So, the secret of predators is worth it.
  • Phoenix: Don't talk to them. They're evil.
  • Will: I know Mumble.
  • Phoenix: I'm Phoenix, Mumble is my brother and you met me before on Downpour Lake.
  • Will: Yeah, it was a water end to me.
  • Shippo: Gosh, we can't lose some air before we can go back.
  • Arbert: So where do you want to go this time?
  • Montay: Ummm........Go back to Cape Adare and i will show you to my beautiful home.
  • Arbert: Okay, Cape Adare, here we go!
  • Mumble: Let's go! It time for Cape Adare!

(Everyone is swimming to Cape Adare and finding a way to land)


Mumble's Birthday Bash Chapter 1
Happy Birthday Mumble HappyFeet! Our seventeen Happy Peep episode begins with Mumble's birthday adventure. Starting with Chapter 1.
Death Battle Ideas: Ichy vs. The Mighty Sven by SuperMarioFan65
Death Battle Ideas: Ichy vs. The Mighty Sven
"Well you couldn't get it without me. I'm the eyes." - Ichy

"If you want it, you must will it, if you will it, it will be yours. All rights reserved. Copyright me." - Sven

So, two birds characters would end up in a flying DEATH BATTLE! As Dil and Lovelace watched the fight, Ichy and Sven battles on flying.

Ichy (c) Universial, The Land Before Time

The Mighty Sven (c) Warner Bros., Happy Feet Two

Base/Template: Create your own Death Battle by :icondeath-driver-5000:
Happy Birthday Nintendo. I really love your games like Mario and i can't wait for SSB on the 3DS.
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