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Hello guys, this is SuperMarioFan65 here, my new rant series on DA was delayed since i went to Burger King, later during the days, the laptop freezes and turn off again. But still. The laptop will work on the plugger since there is something wrong with the servers. I am using my IPad but i can also edit Wikia at school. But sadly, DA is blocked there. The same goes with YouTube.

Peace :)
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Scooby Doo Meet Mumble HappyFeet by SuperMarioFan65
Scooby Doo Meet Mumble HappyFeet
A meme i made up with Scooby Doo meeting Mumble from Happy Feet. This picture is a promo for my upcoming crossover fan-fiction Scooby Doo Meet Mumble HappyFeet.

Fan characters are also included.

Happy Feet and Scooby Doo are owned by Warner Bros.

Base used: Who Does Scooby Doo Meet by :icontandp:.

(In the cracked lake, the fishes were swimming away from Glory's ship)

  • Glory: Now, Antarctica is breaking so i can get everything back to normal.
  • Will: You can never sent us to the aliens!
  • Glory: The Aliens? I will sent you guys to the aliens when i have the power to eat all of the fishes.
  • Bill: The sky is pink! What happen?
  • Glory: When i got out of the Heart Stone, the sky changed to pink and now, Earth will become pinkness when i rule all of the states and continents. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Back at Adelie-Land)

  • Mumble: Glory is one of the mystic beings, we can change him to bad to good.
  • Raul: Don't blame us Lovelace, and don't exile us because, we rule.
  • Lovelace: Glory must be a legend of love.
  • Phoenix: Glory is nothing but a jerk. He shot a love arrow at Mumble, and now Gloria does not love him anymore.
  • Mumble: He made the sky even pinker.
  • Ramón: If we can turn him to the good side so yes. His bad side has to be stopped.
  • Phoenix: He's trying to get our mates to not love us, and so far, it's working. We have to stop him before it's too late.
  • Carmen: It made me not want to love Ramón.
  • Ramón: Carmen!
  • Carmen: Sorry.
  • Mumble: Okay, we need to focus on our adventure.

(Parts of Adelie-Land were falling as the penguins move back as Glory arrived with his ship)

  • Mumble: There it is! The mystic being is here.
  • Lovelace: Glory?
  • Glory: Lovelace, it is nice to meet you since you were a chick. I wanted revenge for the legend of the Heart Stone.
  • Mumble: Your Heart Stone is not a home! Antarctica is your home!
  • Glory: Even i got exiled from another Adelie-Land, i can get revenge on many Adelie-Lands like East Adelie-Land, South Adelie-Land, North Adelie-Land or West Adelie-Land.
  • Will: Yeah! You can't do that Glory!
  • Glory: Slience! You mother of krill.
  • Bill: Can you get us out!
  • Glory: No! My revenge has come true. I will make Lovelace become a super villain and destroy Adelie-Land for good.

(Glory uses his arrow and shot it at Lovelace)

  • Sven: Lovelace!
  • Glory: Sven, your coming with me.

(Glory shoot a arrow on Sven and joins with Glory)

  • Ramón: OH NO!

(Lovelace flies and uses his plasma power to destroy the mountains of Adelie-Land as everyone run in panic)

  • Mumble: What can we do?
  • Phoenix: We have to run! Lovelace is in the bad side!
  • Glory: Yes! My master will be so proud of me doing this.
  • Bill: No!
  • Will: My friend Mumble since Club Penguin Island is causing any trouble!
  • Glory: Now, it is my chance to rule the lead!

(Glory's ship grows wings and fly to break the glacier of Adelie-Land)

  • Sven: Oh boy Glory, it is a nice day.
  • Glory: Thanks, flyers will all die by the hands of the Terror of the Forbidden Shore.
  • Mumble: The sky is going super pink!
  • Lovelace: Glory, i'm back.
  • Glory: Thanks for coming Lovelace and Sven, we can rule Antarctica together and end every place on Earth to smash and rumble.
  • Glory: No! The Heart Stone will reveal my true form. The Forbidden Shore is next!

(After escaping Adelie-Land, Adelie-Land is destroyed and become a graveyard instead)

  • Ramón: gone.
  • Mumble: Don't worry Ramón, we will stop Glory, Lovelace and Sven and release the krill back into the water.
  • Phoenix: We need to hurry before Antarctica is no more! Glory must be taken down!
  • Mumble: They are going to the forbidden shore! We have to go after them.
  • Phoenix: Let's go!

(In the Forbidden Shore)

  • Mumble: This is it, the Heart Stone has to be somewhere.
  • Phoenix: No matter what, it got broken out from the seal.
  • Raul: Everything is creepy out there.
  • Mumble: Come on, it getting dusty here.

(In the Forbidden Shore, everything was broken and abandoned from the houses)

  • Ramón: I remember last time when we were suppose to return home from Adélie Village.
  • Raul: Yeah, this and Adélie Village are private.
  • Nestor: Come on, we're wasting some time.

(In the cave of the Forbidden Shore)

  • Glory: Now, i had completed everything, i will rule Antarctica for all!
  • Lovelace: I'm sorry for exiling you Glory, you ruled Adelie-Land once.
  • Glory: I first created Adelie-Land when i was planning to have a full group of them.
  • Lovelace: So, your an older penguin like everyone else.
  • Glory: I am souled. My halo is no more. No one can beat me now.
  • Sven: All Hail Glory the Love God.
  • Glory One Piece for all, in my backstory.

(In a flashback, Lovelace was leading many lovestones as Glory watched in anger)

  • Glory: What are you doing?!
  • Lovelace: Glory!
  • Glory: Don't think of everything you had in your mind.
  • Lovelace: I am the next leader of Adelie-Land!
  • Glory: I am halo! And no! Your a rockhopper penguin!
  • Lovelace: You CAN'T TRY STOPPING ME!
  • Glory: Listen! This is my place. You leave me ALONE!
  • Lovelace: First, i met five Adelie penguins without a parent five days ago and LEAVE ME ALONE!
  • Glory: Exile me if i created this place as the leader and i'll banish you.
  • Lovelace: Elders, you came from Rockhopper-Land and exile him!
  • Elders: EXILE!
  • Glory: But what?
  • Elder 1: Exile.
  • Elder 2: For yes.

(Glory throw his lovestone in the statue of him as it breaks out and leaves Adelie-Land as the Adelie penguins sing a song for him)

  • Penguins:



Evil as plain as the halo on his head

  • Elders:


An outrage!

  • Penguins:


For shame!

  • Lovelace: He asked for trouble the moment he came.
  • Penguins: He can't change his minds!
  • Elders:


An outrage!

  • Penguins:


For shame!

  • All Penguins:

You know he created this place!

Evil as plain as the halo on his face!

See you later, leopard seal!

Just leave us alone!

  • Penguins:


An outrage!

  • Elder 3:


For shame!

  • Penguin #1: Traitor, go back with your own!
  • Lovelace: He asked for trouble the moment he came.
  • Penguin #2: See you later, leopard seals!
  • Chorus:

Born in grief

Raised in hate

Helpless to defy his fate

Let him run

Let him live

But do not forget

What we cannot forgive

And he is not one of us

He has never been one of us

He is not part of us

Not our kind

Someone once lied to us

Now we're not so blind

For we knew he would do what he's done

And we know that he'll never be one of us

  • Penguins: He is not one of us.
  • Elder 5: Deception.
  • Elder 6: Disgrace.
  • Penguin #3: Deception.
  • Penguin #4: Disgrace.
  • Elder 1: Deception.

(When the song ended, Glory has run off on his own to find a journey. The flashback ends.)

  • Glory: Everyone is in my control.
  • Lovelace: Man, best friend.

(Back with Mumble)

  • Mumble: Okay, this is where we fight the killer whales since the past.
  • Phoenix: Glory has to be taken down. For what he has done, he has even taken not only our mates, but most of our friends away from us.

(Back with Glory)

  • Glory: Now, the Forbidden Shore will be new and it will restored back the way it was.
  • Bill: No!
  • Glory: Oh yes, the aliens are coming for you and this will get MY ATTENTION. But we do it, My Way.
  • Lovelace: How did you manage to get exiled?
  • Glory: Lovelace, i talked to the Adélie God and gave me this halo to rule Adelie-Land once more, but no, you taked over me as the new leader.
  • Sven: It was in the old Adelie-Land, we moved there when we were retiring from ruling.
  • Glory: Roy ruled Old Adelie-Land to try out, later on, he moved to Cape Adare with his elders to move on, a new leader will now take over whatever Adelie-Land has done.
  • Sven: Tell me one good reason you came here?
  • Glory: I was a outsider on my own.

(When another flashback begins, Glory was looking on his own journey to find his soul mate, the Adélie God ghost shows up)

  • Glory: I'll fail. Lovelace exiled me. Some penguins get exiled.
  • The Adélie God: No matter what, your wings can be appearing by now.

(Glory finally earned some wings)

  • Glory: Heaven wings?
  • The Adélie God: Yes.
  • Glory: *fly up* YAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

(The Adélie God ghost spirited away when Glory was flying into space)

  • Glory: I was flying but, i saw the Heart Stone which is a legend to anyone, i became one of the mystic beings.

(The Heart Stone was turning dark when Glory was about to go inside the Heart Stone)

  • Glory: No! Help Me!

(Glory went inside the Heart Stone forever)

  • Glory: I became a bad guy of my own along you guys. Now *flashback ends*, This is our new home.
  • Lovelace: Sure.

(Back with the group)

  • Ramón: Let me careful Carmen.
  • Carmen: Alright.
  • Mumble: I hope, the kids are okay.
  • Phoenix: Now everyone, stay in a group.


Happy Feet: The Valentine's Special Chapter 3
This story is not one of us! Just kidding XD The third chapter is ordered by me.

Note: The song "One of Us" is from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
Happy Feet OC: Principal Indigo by SuperMarioFan65
Happy Feet OC: Principal Indigo
Principal Indigo is a male emperor penguin who is the principal of Penguin Elementary (Penguin-Land), the mate of Miss Viola, and the father of Bo (Boadicea).

(In Penguin-Land)

  • Mumble: Leopard Seals, killer whales and anything.
  • Erik: Why would leopard seals eat anything they want?
  • Mumble: There predators. Like the leopard seal i chased from saving Bryan.
  • Erik: How could?
  • Mumble: I wonder if someone like me can be anything else.
  • ???: Or, something like the Heart Stone.
  • Shippo: Yeah right.
  • Erik: Huh?
  • Mumble: You may look like me as a chick and- Phoenix?
  • Phoenix: Mumble!
  • Erik: Um....Hi.
  • Shippo: I'm Shippo.
  • Erik: I'm Erik.
  • Catherine: I'm Catherine.
  • Mumble: Phoenix! It's you.
  • Phoenix: Hi there Mumble, i never knew you lived here.
  • Mumble: This is our new home, Penguin-Land.
  • Phoenix: Wow, i missed Emperor-Land in many ways. We used to have a pool and a playground, but it's gone.
  • Mumble: Yeah, i know.

(Meanwhile in the Frozen Lake, Bill and Will were searching for something)

  • Bill: We're finally here. Aliens must sneak for them.
  • Will: I'll read the paper once, but it was from the aliens.
  • Bill: Aliens.
  • Will: You got that.

(Glory lands on the frozen lake)

  • Will: Ahhh!
  • Glory: Who goes there?
  • Bill: *worried* Me...........Bill.
  • Glory: Bill?
  • Will: Yes, i'm Will and he's Bill.
  • Glory: Brothers?
  • Will: Friends.
  • Glory: Interesting. I want to know where the penguins are?
  • Will: You want penguins? But your a penguin.
  • Glory: I don't cate about *stomp his feet to the crack* NOTHING!
  • Will: Woah!
  • Bill: Careful!
  • Glory: Now, you fear something in my watch!
  • Will: Well, you give it a try.
  • Glory: Take it.

(Glory captures Bill and Will and put them in a jar)

  • Will: Ahhh!
  • Bill: We are trap!
  • Glory: Yes! Valentine's Day will be destroyed by the god of love and soul.

(Glory flies into Penguin-Land and back at Penguin-Land)

  • Mumble: Atticus, i want you to meet someone.
  • Atticus: Who?
  • Mumble: This is my brother Phoenix, my ex-mate Catherine and my nephew Shippo.
  • Atticus: Hi.
  • Shippo: Glad to meet you.
  • Phoenix: It's nice that our kids are getting to know each other.
  • Erik: Hey Shippo, it's good to see you.
  • Shippo: So, anything going well?
  • Erik: Yes.

(The Amigos and Carmen were arriving as well)

  • Ramón: So, this is where our friends are.
  • Raul: Wonderful.
  • Nestor: Now, we need to find the tallboy and- What? Two tallboys?
  • Lombardo: There can't be two. He must be the impostor.
  • Rinaldo: Yeah.
  • Mumble: And Phoenix, this is Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo, Nestor and Lombardo.
  • Carmen: I'm Carmen.
  • Phoenix: Wait a minute, that must be the guy who is talking about the Heart Stone.
  • Ramón: Yeah. We must go to the Forbidden Shore to find the Heart Stone that is beyond the killer whales and the leopard seals.
  • Phoenix: We can find where the Heart Stone is.
  • Ramón: And we will get everything love since the sky has changed to pink.
  • Phoenix: Wait, when Mumble crossed the forbidden shore, he got washed up on Miami Beach in the USA and taken to a zoo, which soon, he went mad. Going to the forbidden shore is not safe. It's too risky to go there.
  • ???: Too risky to go there?
  • Mumble: That's him! It's Glory the Love God!
  • Glory: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Very well you foolish penguins! You will never stop me! Antarctica is mine and i will take over Penguin-Land as a new home.
  • Phoenix: Um..... Noah own this place, not you.
  • Glory: QUIET! You may know something about the Terror of the Forbidden Shore. I am one of the mystic beings.
  • Nestor: Hey! Lovelace know them too.
  • Glory: Love Lace? Ha ha ha. That is the stupidest name i had ever heard.
  • Mumble: DON'T SAY THAT!
  • Glory: Now, your heart is broken!

(Glory uses his love arrow on Mumble and loses his heart on Gloria)

  • Mumble: Gloria!
  • Gloria: What? I'm not with you.
  • Glory: Yes! It's working!
  • Phoenix: You monster!
  • Glory: After i turn everything pink, Penguin-Land is going down!
  • Raul: He had escaped the Heart Stone!
  • Glory: Heart Stone? No! Not that! I'm going after Adelie-Land!

(Glory flies off to Adelie-Land)

  • Carmen: That heart god is gonna pay for this!
  • Mumble: Like Boss Skua, he had wings.
  • Phoenix: That was unfunny and unawazing.
  • Mumble: We have to go after him, who will go after him?
  • Lombardo: I don't know.
  • Phoenix: I'm on it!

(Phoenix begins to chase down Glory)

  • Glory: Never: Take this.

(Glory created a earthquake to make a trap on Mumble, Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo, Nestor, Lombardo and Carmen)

  • Carmen: What the heck.
  • Glory: Oh yes! I escaped the Heart Stone, it was a cold fire of something that i know.
  • Phoenix: No! Your brain is getting everything from the love of yourself.
  • Glory: You know. Men love Men. And Women love Women.
  • Glory: Never! You can never stop me for everything i done!
  • Mumble: Show us your true personality.
  • Glory: Chase after me in Adelie-Land!

(Glory files off to Adelie-Land)

  • Mumble: We're trap.
  • Phoenix: Yeah, we can think of something.
  • Ramón: I know, there is water in the crack and jump in the water to swim there.
  • Phoenix: Alright, let's go.

(When the penguins jump in the water, they were swimming in a underwater cave)

  • Mumble:
  • Phoenix: Yeah, there is alien stuff there.
  • Ramón: This is real scary, my mother swim there to check out the alien stuff, along with Rimon and Roy.
  • Raul: Roy is the 37th elder of Cape Adare after Xever.
  • Mumble: Come on, there is a way out, in the tunnel.

(They enter the tunnel, but they saw crabs living here)

  • Mumble: Crabs?
  • Phoenix: Watch out, they may hit you.
  • Ramón: Like in Antarctica, they live in tropical islands.
  • Mumble: Catch along guys, we don't want to get hurt.

(The penguins stay in a group as not getting hit by the crabs. Meanwhile with Glory)

  • Glory: This place stinks, i will change the ice-
  • Glory: QUIET YOU LITTLE KRILL! I will change the iceberg to a ship.
  • Bill: Um........ the iceberg is frozen on a lake.
  • Glory: Who cares? Your in a jar and now, i'm gonna change Antarctica the way it could be.

(Glory unfroze the lake as the ice begin to break and split the iceberg into two pieces. The two pieces of iceberg put back together and transform into a ship)

  • Glory: Yes! I will sail to Adelie-Land to stop Lovelace!

(Glory sails hos ship to Adelie-Land and meanwhile there)

  • Mumble: There it is. Welcome home amigos.
  • Ramón: Thanks Tallboy for getting us home.
  • Mumble: Glory will pay for what he did to me.

(In the main section of Adelie-Land, they can see Lovelace)

  • Mumble: Hey Lovelace.
  • Lovelace: Hi- Mumble? Which one is the real one?
  • Phoenix: No, i'm Phoenix and this is my brother Mumble.
  • Lovelace: Nice to meet you.
  • Raul: Do you know what is love?
  • Sven: Love?
  • Mumble: Glory is planning to end all soul mates and rule Antarctica.
  • Carmen: Me and my mate learned about the Heart Stone in the Forbidden Shore.
  • Lovelace: No! The Forbidden Shore is a dangerous place. Killer Whales are here to eat you alive.
  • Ramón: But no sir, we need to learn what is love.
  • Lovelace: Oh, *singing*

"What is love?

Penguin, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more"

(The Magellanic, Chinstrap and Little penguins are watching Lovelace sing)

"Penguin, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more"

(The penguins were about to dance as they celebrate for the water to unfroze)

"What is love?

Yeah, yeah

I don't know why you're not there

I give you my love, but you don't care

So what is right?

And what is wrong?

Gimme a sign"

(The Chours join in except Mumble was tap-dancing to it)

"What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more"

  • Phoenix: *singing*

"Oh, I don't know, what can I do?

What else can I say, it's up to you

I know we're one

Just me and you

I can't go on"

  • Ramón: *singing*

"What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

What is love?

What is love?"

(The Chours except Mumble sing one more time)

"What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

Don't hurt me

Don't hurt me"

(They spread around in a circle)

"We all have to do

Find the Heart Stone

We all have to do

Find the Heart Stone

We all have to do

Find the Heart Stone

We all have to do

Find the Heart Stone"

(They hold fins together with Sven flying around)

"What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

(Huh-huh, huh-huh)

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

(Huh-huh, huh-huh)

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me no more

What is love?"

(The song ended with the penguins cheering)


Happy Feet: The Valentine's Special Chapter 2
What is love Lovelace? Do you know?
Hello guys, this is SuperMarioFan65 here, my new rant series on DA was delayed since i went to Burger King, later during the days, the laptop freezes and turn off again. But still. The laptop will work on the plugger since there is something wrong with the servers. I am using my IPad but i can also edit Wikia at school. But sadly, DA is blocked there. The same goes with YouTube.

Peace :)
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Hello Amigos, i am Terry the Penguin who lives in Emperor Village before moving to Penguin-Land. My real name is Axel and living in Florida.

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